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    Buy Luxury Homes in Turkey | Full Guide

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    Buy luxury homes, do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of the privileges and chances along with having a powerful investment and great standards in Turkey! There are luxury brands to buy luxury homes for sale in Turkey presenting comfortable living standards for the home-buyers and having high investment value.

    Find out the payment terms, the most up-to-date prices, layout plans, location information or eligibility for obtaining Turkish citizenship for luxury homes! Let’s find the Turkish house that best suits your definition of luxury in a short time!

    Discover to buy luxury homes and modern homes in Istanbul drawing great interest in the whole world. Find the answer to this question: ‘Why should I buy a luxury home in Turkey?’ Find out the advantages and privileges you will have!

    But first of all, what does the concept of luxury mean for you? Buy luxury homes and make a strong investment for domestic and foreign investors.

    Last but not least, get Turkish citizenship without wasting your precious time! 

    Buy Luxury Homes: At first, Meet Modern and Luxury in Turkey!


    Buy luxury homes, design your future with confidence by knowing all the needed steps! Take firm steps to strengthen both your capital and increase your comfort. Participate in a major transformation of Turkey.

    Take unfaltering steps to meet your expectations more than buying a dreamy home in Turkey…

    But, How?

    There are regional developments along with the social and cultural transformation in Turkey. Before deciding to buy a home in Turkey you should set all your criteria and living standards!

    Buy luxury homes for sale that are suitable for every standard, budget, and lifestyle. Choose among the alternatives of reliable and professional consultancy services and portfolios in Turkey. Leave the rest to the privileged cooperation of the expert international luxury real estate agent consultants to buy luxury homes!

    Luxury Homes in Turkey: Can Foreigners Buy a Home in Turkey?


    Buy luxury homes without wasting time with the best and fastest solution! With the help of international real estate experts and consulting services providing numerous luxury real estate options, find the home you have dreamed of… 

    Projescope is a consultancy service offering full of privileges in Turkey serving more than 13.5 happy clients. By benefiting from our consultancy service for Turkish and foreign clients, you can find your dreamy house to buy luxury homes.

    You can buy luxury homes without any preconditions! If you haven’t met us yet, you can contact us right now!

    Receive free Turkish real estate agents consultancy to buy luxury homes! By taking advantage of the reliable and professional consultancy service for pre-sales and post-sales of the housings, you can open the doors of privileged living in Turkey!

    More than 1.500 housing projects in different cities in Turkey,

    With 5 different language alternative… Expert sales consultants providing exceptional service! Moreover, completely FREE!

    You will find all the details you need to know when you buy the luxury estate. We guarantee that you’ll keep your investment and time safe by taking advantage of our extensive luxury real estate portfolio!

    Emaar Square | Uskudar
    Kasr-i Ala Cengelkoy | Uskudar
    Buyukyali | Zeytinburnu
    Denizistanbul Marina Houses| Beylikduzu
    Vadistanbul | Maslak
    Taksim 360 | Taksim
    Mesa Cubuklu 28 | Beykoz
    Emirgan Apartments by Seba | Emirgan

    Is it Right to Invest for Housing? Follow!


    Buy luxury homes, it is the sector with the highest demand for investment! Investing in housing is among the investment trends especially in 2020.

    You can access detailed information about the housing prices in Turkey and the housing price index. Buy luxury homes, there are lots of options for both living and investing in Turkey. Setting your standards before buying housing is the hardest part of the process. After deciding what you want, we will find you the best option with our professional consultants.

    Let’s discover the most suitable one for you with the highest investment value.

    What Exactly Does Luxury Homes in Turkey Mean?


    The first question that needs to be answered is which features a luxury property Turkey has. Or what is the most luxurious house? What exactly is a luxury property Turkey? There is one question: “what is luxury?”…

    Luxury pool or smart home system? Large and spacious apartments for sale in Turkey sea view? Decide which features define the luxury for your real estate!

    It means a high-level complex that is privileged with its interior and exterior architectural features…Comfortable with its functional structure and rich facilities, for example, transportation facilities… Its proximity to shopping centers, restaurants, and art galleries to meet all of your social needs.

    Housing firms in Turkey have been developing premium luxury villas in Turkey, modern luxury homes for sale in Turkey and cheap luxury apartments for sale in Turkey. Besides, they aim to improve your business operations with housing projects with commercial units.

    Luxury properties can be defined as the structures that offer the most convenient facilities for your needs, in our opinion. We guarantee that your capital will be strengthened in the long or short term. According to your preferences as well as your life thanks to these structures…

    International Luxury Real Estate Overview


    Living in Paris, Ibiza, Italy, Los Angeles or London may be in everyone’s future plans and dreams. Or you can dream million dollar homes for sale in Cape Town. You may be living in Europe, Asia, USA or Africa. It doesn’t matter what country you live in.

    There is a country with icons that fit the luxury perception of everyone who dreams of living abroad. What does the concept of luxury houses represent in the country that decorates your dreams …

    Country houses, tall towers, penthouses or treehouses? Or luxury and prestigious mega luxury mansions for sale? If you are dreaming and planning to buy luxury homes, you must find the answer to this question.

    The concept of luxury homes in the housing sector is rapidly developing Turkey. And it is in high demand as it reaches international standards. You should check out the fascinating dream properties that are in high demand around the world.

    Are you planning to live abroad and you turned your route to Turkey.

    Luxury or modern, you can buy one of the dream homes that fit different definitions of luxury for every lifestyle.

    We are leveraging our evolving over the world consulting service with homebuyers to reach, you can find your own luxury homes in Turkey.

    You can examine the websites that exhibit the most luxurious properties in the world for you, and search for the house that suits your definition of luxury all over the world.

    But remember, Turkey is a strong residential investment, luxurious and modern prestigious houses and most importantly, Turkey will be the right choice for obtaining citizenship with property investment!

    And Projescope real estate consultancy services,

    with its own deep-rooted history is Turkey’s most valuable real estate platform and service. Our sales consultants who perform services with 5 different language options, taking about Turkey luxury homes, raise your standards!

    High level of service our understanding and cooperation with Turkey and we established with the leading companies in the domestic as well as foreign citizens choose, we guarantee that we will find the option you want to buy the luxury homes in Turkey.

    Find Out Average Prices of Luxury Properties!


    Buy luxury homes requires strong capital in Turkey! You can have an investment opportunity with affordable prices for a luxury home under construction. If you have a plan to have a luxury real estate investment in Turkey, you should make research.

    There are many questions for buyers in Turkey: How much does the richest house cost? or How much do mega-mansions for sale cost? How do I get into selling luxury real estate? 

    The research should be about the average cost you need to spend and should be determined by a reliable real estate agency. Do not forget, not only foreign housing investors but also Turkish citizens can benefit from our real estate consultancy service before making a housing investment.

    You can get the investment value as a return by living in the home you bought in the long term. Or, if you desire you can buy one of the Istanbul luxury rental-guaranteed properties and strengthen your investment. Yet, we guarantee you that you can buy luxurious and exclusive and luxury real estate for more affordable prices.

    Buy Luxury Homes in Turkey, It is Very Easy!


    There are hundreds of options full of privileges in the Turkish real estate sector. A suitable housing option for every demand and budget will be easily found.

    To get detailed information about average prices, contact the professional real estate consultants of Projescope. Find the most favorable home for yourselves. Buy luxury homes for your budget in Turkey. Take the first step to strengthen your investment!

    Get Acquainted with the Luxury Districts in Turkey!

    Best Place to Buy Luxury Homes in Turkey


    It is crucial to get acquainted with the luxury districts in Turkey in parallel with your standards before buying home!

    If, where are the luxury homes near me? If you ask the question, you will find the answer from our wide portfolio!

    Are you planning to live? Are you planning to make a strong real estate investment? You have to decide which one you should do. Deliver your questions and requests to us before making real estate investments in Turkey.


    Choosing the most suitable home according to your questions and requests will be the easiest part!

    Average Turkey Villas and Luxury Homes and Flats Prices


    Before buying a house the first question is that “how much does it cost to buy homes in Turkey?” or “How much does a villa cost?”

    The concept of luxury and luxurious housing prices in Turkey shows continuous change and development.

    It is an undeniable fact that the concept of luxury depends on the demands of the people planning to buy luxury homes. You should have information about luxury apartments options for sale in Turkey, Istanbul and average prices. It would not be right to generalize housing prices that depend on the regions and housing types.

    Average housing prices in Turkey substantially depend on the widths, facilities and locations of the housing projects.

    Istanbul luxury apartments for sale with sea or Bosphorus view… Or beachfront villas for sale in Turkey?

    A remarkable prestigious villa with a private garden?

    We always say you should decide which home meets your requests and suits your demands at first. And, consider your social life! After deciding as a result of these evaluations, you can contact us about home prices and have your dreamy home.

    Buy Luxury Homes: Mega Mansions and Villas in Turkey


    Buy luxury homes, our extensive portfolio will be your reliable guide when making the right choice. No need to get lost among hundreds of housing options. By deciding on the most suitable housing alternative for your demands, you can make use of your gains for a lifetime.

    Buy luxury homes will both offer living and investment opportunities beyond your expectations in Turkey.

    There are thousands of alternatives we have specially gathered for you! There are lots of convenient housing projects in Turkey for your demands. The only thing you should do is to deliver us your communication details with the form. And finally, find the most suitable one for yourselves among these housing projects without wasting time!

    You will not waste your valuable time making a decision after being informed about the projects we have gathered for you! You can choose among the Turkey luxury villas.

    You can find modern luxury homes for sale of your dreams to buy luxury homes.

    As we said before, no need to waste your time making a decision! 

    We have brought together Istanbul luxury house options suitable for different standards and budgets for you. You can contact us for more and take the first step towards luxury life.

    Choose the home providing a strong investment opportunity and privileged life. Buy luxury homes Istanbul through our wide portfolio!

    IstanbulBursaBodrumIzmir or Ankara, the capital city … If you want to buy a luxury  and modern home in Turkey, our expert luxury real estate sales agent consultants can get detailed information about the cities where the most valuable residential development project.

    Especially Istanbul is one of the most ideal locations to buy a luxury home in Turkey. If you wish, you can find detailed information about the prominent cities.

    Seba Suites | Kagithane


    Residential Type      : Residence

    Company                   : Seba Holding

    m2                              : 57 – 198 m²

    Delivery Date            : December 2020

    Do not get lost among the numerous housing options to buy luxury homes in Istanbul! Seba Suites project offers a strong investment opportunity, rental guarantee, central location and many other opportunities in Istanbul Kagithane. Seba Suites offers housing options that can be described as sustainable luxury, for the future and present. It is a special project with reasonable payment conditions!

    You can definitely find the home meeting your demands within 2 blocks with 144 apartments and 23 stores!

    Seba Suites project is the definition of luxury with its location among Istanbul housing projects. Cheap luxury homes for sale also accessible with its affordable prices! We suggest you examine the projects developed by Seba Insaat when buying a home in Turkey! Outstanding with modern housing projects, Seba structures are shown as valuable buildings with their architectural features and central locations.

    Housing sizes varying between 60-180 sqm, social facilities within the complex, large apartment designs are among the features that make them valuable! But the most important thing is the transportation opportunities the project has!

    3.7 km to Kanyon Shopping Mall which is the most popular shopping center in Istanbul,

    7 km to FSM Bridge which is one of the most important connection roads,
    7.5 km to Dolmabahce Tunnel,

    400 meters to Kagithane Metro, Seba Suites is described as a fully accessible luxury.

    There are many reasons to buy luxury homes and there are many alternatives to have!

    (You can find details about the project here)

    Taksim 360 | Taksim


    Residential Type  : Residence/Office

    Company               : GAP Insaat

    m2                                : 53 – 239 m²

    Delivery Date        : September 2020

    Here is the housing project you are looking for if you want to buy luxury homes in Istanbul! Taksim 360 project can be shown as the definition of luxury houses in Turkey for sale and it will fully embellish your dreams. Buy luxury homes with its great functions!

    Taksim 360 has 918 apartments in Taksim district which is visited by hundreds of tourists every year. Buy luxury homes and strong investment opportunities with office and housing projects! As the best urban transformation project in Europe, Taksim 360 is the best choice for you to feel the nostalgic atmosphere of Istanbul with its historical exterior and interior architecture! Old houses for sale in Istanbul are outstanding.

    The project has a parking area for 1000 vehicles. It stands out as a very special project for your investment and your living!

    You will be within the walking distance of Nisantasi that is the shopping and living center of Istanbul, and Cihangir which is the center of social life! Open the doors of an amazing life with the project that will fully integrate the definition of luxury into your lives!

    Now, send us your contact information with the form and carry the luxury to your life and check out luxury homes pictures!

    (You can find details about the project here)

    And other riveting housing projects!

    Referans Bahcesehir | Bahcesehir


    Residential Type  : Apartment

    Company               : Kiler GYO

    m2                          : 65 – 199 m²

    Delivery Date        : December 2021

    Referans Bahcesehir is a housing project where you can easily reach all private areas for your life. Bahcesehir district hosts many branded housing projects in Istanbul recently.

    Bahcesehir in Basaksehir has the features of being a mini-city. Referans Bahcesehir stands out as a special building in this mini-city.

    Provided that you want to buy luxury homes in Turkey, Referans Bahcesehir is a living and investment project just for you.


    The housing project provides 465 apartments and 34 stores/shops. You can strengthen your brand in one of the stores having high signage value. The project bears the signature of Kiler GYO which is one of the most valuable housing developers in Istanbul. This valuable luxury life project offers privileges to your life with its rich social facilities.

    A very special life full of privileges in Istanbul, Referans Bahcesehir draws attention with its location close to metro and Marmaray public vehicles. This special living complex is valued with the schools, shopping centers and all the facilities located around it. It stands out as a strong investment and a comfortable living area!

    You can send your contact details with the form to get more detailed information about this special project that will raise your living standards. Buy an apartment from Referans Bahcesehir which offers to buy luxury homes, and earn for lifelong!

    (You can find details about the project here)

    Prime Istanbul | Bahcelievler


    Residential Type : Apartment/Hotel

    Company             : Sarayli Group – Eren Holding

    m2                              : 71 – 322 m²

    Delivery Date      : Ready

    Prime Istanbul is one of the most advantageous options to buy luxury homes in Istanbul!

    This valuable life and investment project is developed in Basin Ekspres that is the second financial center of Istanbul. It offers 488 apartment options!

    488 luxury apartments add value to the project. It offers a life full of privileges on the European Side of Istanbul with its transportation opportunities. You can buy luxury homes in Istanbul Turkey among the housing projects located in the middle of TEM Highway, E-5 Road, Atakoy-Cobancesme and Yesilkoy Coast Line. Have a comfortable and privileged life!

    This valuable complex developed in Bahcelievler Istanbul, is shown as a luxury housing project with its functions for investing and living. The pool, security measures, card entrance system, open kitchen, sound insulation and many other facilities add value to the complex. If you want to buy luxury homes in Istanbul, Prime Istanbul is a special project for a strong investment for you. It is the definition of luxury with its affordable prices and rich facilities!

    (You can find details about the project here)

    Denizistanbul Marina Houses | Beylikduzu


    Residential Type  : Villa

    Company              : Kelesoglu Holding

    m2                          : 208 – 620 m²

    Delivery Date        : Ready

    Deniz Istanbul Marina is a housing project that will be your choice to buy luxury homes! If you want a privileged life in your private garden in your sea view villa, do not hesitate! Deliver your contact information with the form at once. We will give you detailed information about this special and privileged project.

    Add value to your dignified life with the whole units in the complex!

    Luxury homes for sale in Turkey will be the right choice for you. Buy a beachfront villa from this complex that is very close to schools, hospitals, private housing compounds, shopping centers and many other amenities! Learn about your privileges without overthinking and getting lost among hundreds of luxury Turkish housing projects! Have the opportunity to make a strong investment with our luxury real estate companies consultancy!

    (You can find details about the project here)

    Avangart Istanbul | Maslak


    Residential Type       : Apartment
    Company                   : Gul Project
    m²                               : 45 – 399 m²
    Delivery Date            : 2021 April

    Do you think of living in one of the most valuable locations in the financial centers of Istanbul? Buy a home from Avangart Istanbul housing project which is one of the first projects that come to mind when talking about luxury Turkish homes! Have a special life full of privileges! You don’t need any other reason to live in one of the most affordable and cheap luxury homes for sale. Get a home in one of the most important locations of Istanbul.

    Avangart Istanbul project provides housing options with a high investment value with payment options suitable for your budget. The project is developed by Gul Proje which has developed the most special projects for Istanbul. It will amaze you with its luxurious and modern architecture! Gul Proje develops cheap luxury homes for sale in addition to large housing projects in Istanbul. Even the most valuable shopping centers of Istanbul offer luxury life to buyers at affordable prices with opportunities beyond your dreams.

    We should mention the transportation facilities!

    Riveting with its location features, Avangart Istanbul is a pure living and investing project!

    Avangart Istanbul is a luxury and modern mixed-life project that includes 11 blocks and 935 apartments along with 18 commercial units. Located right next to the TEM Highway, the project will keep you away from the traffic with its advantageous location! Avangart Istanbul is only a few minutes away from FSM Bridge which links the Asian and European Sides of Istanbul. Housing projects rising in the Maslak district have been vigilantly designed and developed. For you to integrate high quality into your whole life.

    It aims to add higher standards to your precious life. With its location, in-house functions, walking trails around it, parks, playgrounds for children and special facilities will add value to your life.

    If you want to get more detailed information and want to see more luxury Turkish home options, send us your contact details. We will offer the most suitable luxury Turkish properties for you!

    (You can find details about the project here)

    Or you Can Choose to Live in Izmır, Ankara or another city in Turkey… 


    Buy Luxury Homes in Turkey, Discover Them!


    The most ideal luxury homes in Turkey have a Bosphorus view or are developed along the seashore! High residence towers in Maslak that is the second financial center of Istanbul, and apartments present a sparkling life. Luxurious forest or sea view villas for sale in Sariyer or Zekeriyakoy where you will breathe the oxygen-filled air of Belgrad Forest in Turkey!

    Just make a decision! An apartment offering wide and social opportunities in Basaksehir, Bahcesehir or Beylikduzu districts where affordable luxury compounds are located. What about smart houses in spectacular complexes with a high investment value in Kagithane or Kucukcekmece!

    Explore them within our extensive portfolio, we have hundreds of them!

    Houses for Sale in Bosphorus Istanbul: Buy Luxury Homes


    Buy luxury homes, Bosphorus view housings might be your priority. The newly-developed sea view housing projects will be the right choice for you to have a dreamy living in Turkey!

    Imagine living in an Istanbul home that brings the unique glow of the Bosphorus to your home! You will watch the tremendous Istanbul view all day long!

    Believe us, it will be enough to contact us to realize your dreams. Do not get lost among the numerous luxury real estate companies’ options! It will be enough to take advantage of our professional sales consultancy service!

    Sea View Apartments for Sale in Turkey: Buy Luxury Homes in Turkey


    You can research to buy a sea view home in both Anatolian and European Sides of Istanbul.

    There are changes in housing prices with the rapid increase in sea view housing alternatives. Benefit from the change in Turkey housing prices! You can buy luxury homes, especially by choosing one of the under-construction housing options. Or you can immediately have a comfortable life by choosing one of the ready luxury housing options.

    You will have high standards with urban renewal activities in your area in Turkey. Luxury buildings or interesting city apartments are continuously developed by housing developers. These structures are offered to home buyers as properties that fully reflect the luxury mentality.

    You can buy luxury homes thanks to our wide portfolio. The homes with sea, Bosphorus, forest views.

    Buy Real Estate in Turkey with A Minimum Worth of 250.000 USD, Get Turkish Citizenship!


    Buy luxury homes in Turkey and get Turkish citizenship! Get a Turkish passport quickly and easily! It is enough to buy only one real estate to become a Turkish citizen in addition to a comfortable life full of privileges!

    Buy one or more luxury homes with a minimum value of 250.000 USD in Turkey. Have a comfortable life and make a strong investment! Above all, have a Turkish passport!

    You can visit our Turkish Citizenship by real estate page or send your contact information to learn the details of Turkish Citizenship. We will present the most ideal luxury Turkish homes for you to buy luxury homes. The only thing you have to do is to buy!

    You can get detailed information about all projects and benefit from our services for pre-sales and post-sales.

    Most importantly, make your decision and buy luxury homes. Add the opportunities in your life by investing strongly!

    Well, What Does the Luxury Mean for You? Projescope Real Estate Consultancy Service


    Buy luxury homes and gain continuous income with your strong housing investment! Add value to your life with advantages such as the return period and Turkish citizenship of which you will easily get!

    Buy luxury homes where do you want to live! Istanbul, Izmır, Ankara, Bursa or another city… So that you can both examine your living space and integrate all the advantages of the houses with strong investment opportunities into your life.

    Projescope -your real estate consultant- provides an extensive real estate portfolio and expertise in Turkey. You can increase your profits with the opportunities we have and your dreamy home.

    You can choose a villa project with a sea or forest view or a luxury villa! It will be enough to choose a complex that will strengthen your investment with its commercial units to shape your commercial activities! Istanbul hosts very special projects which are improved by branded housing developers. The pioneer steps are taken for the transformation.

    A property in Istanbul Sariyer, Sisli, Buyukcekmece, or Beylikduzu… It does not really matter. It’s easy to find a property suiting your standards and budget all over the city. Or you will be able to find your luxury homes corresponding to your luxury mentality!

    You will definitely find a luxury home with the help of a real estate agency in Turkey and check out luxury homes pictures!

    As Projescope, we will be glad to cooperate through our extensive portfolio and professional sales team for you to buy luxury homes in Istanbul.

    Deliver your contact information details, contact us. We’ll call you back as soon as possible. Find your dreamy luxury home right now. Strengthen your capital with strong investment opportunities.