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    How to Buy Property in Turkey

    Power of Attorney means authorizing a lawyer or a professional consultancy company on your behalf when buying a property in Turkey.
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    How to Buy Property in Turkey?

    In our guide, you can find more information on how to buy property in Turkey step by step. Now, send your contact details to our expert sales consultants with the form. Let’s start working as soon as possible in order for you to purchase the property of your dreams.

    We conduct further research through our wide real estate portfolio for you to find apartments, villas, offices, hotels and commercial properties in Turkey. As your solution partner in Turkey, we will help you at every stage. We enable you to complete your purchases with reliable payment transactions, the most advantageous offers and methods. You can benefit from our services at every stage of your purchasing process.

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    How to Buy Property in Turkey? | Property Purchase in Turkey

    It is very easy to know how to buy a property in Turkey. Choose a property and quickly complete all stages through the real estate consultancy of Projescope. There is no precondition. In order to purchase a property, the only thing to do is to determine the property of your dreams.

    Buying property in an overseas location might seem risky. You may have concerns about your capital or investment value. However, property purchase and payment processes are safe in Turkey. Every year, hundreds of investors buy property in Turkey without confronting legal process problems. We can ensure you that we will complete your transactions in a simple way without facing the problem of language difference.

    Step-by-step Property Purchasing Process in Turkey:

    You can review all the stages in our guide on how to buy a property in Turkey:

    Let’s find the best property at your pleasure and demands in the Turkish real estate market in a simple way. Thanks to our collaborations with the leading construction developers in Turkey, we share detailed information, service processes and current price lists with our customers. We can ensure you that we will find the most suitable property for you in every corner of Turkey. We will present you the Turkish property of your dreams or investment goals in Istanbul, Bodrum, Izmir, Marmaris or Trabzon. You can take online tours with the help of our experienced staff.

    Let’s suppose that you have chosen the property of your dreams in Turkey and decided to buy it. At this stage, it is important that you visit Turkey. We can make a final presentation for you in our sales office. In this way, we can discuss all the details about the property and check it for the last time.

    If you are sure that you have chosen the right agent in Turkey, we will have another offer for you. We will provide detailed data analysis about the region where the property you decide to buy is located. We can also talk about the return on investment or the background of the property. If you desire, we can explore educational centers, shopping and living centers, hospitals and other important places around the property. Working with the right agent, which is an important step, and communicating efficiently is significant at this stage. Our sales consultants speaking in Arabic, Russian, English, Persian and Turkish will be your solution partner beyond consultancy.

    Before buying property in Turkey, the price offers and the terms of purchase should be negotiated. Thanks to our extensive international connections and property developers, we don’t just represent you. You even become a member of our family and we guarantee we get the best deal for you. Let’s set your budget correctly to buy property in Turkey and customize the financial plans.

    We have come to the final stages of how to buy property in Turkey. You have chosen property with sea view or a flat with city view in Turkey. Or you have decided to purchase a commercial property. How do payment transactions take place? We reserve your dream property for you. We abide by the deposit set for the property or the terms set by the property developer. If the deposit is paid, the deposit fee is deducted from the negotiated sales price.

    You have come to the final stages of buying a property in Turkey. The easiest method is to give a power of attorney to a lawyer when making the deal. During the purchasing process, your transactions are smoothly and legally dealt with without having to wait in the country. Projescope can provide legal advisory services for you during the purchasing process. If you wish, you can choose your attorney to bring to a successful conclusion.

    Final checks are made by your attorney to complete the purchasing process. The title deed checks and municipal checks of the property are performed. At this step, your attorney confirms that the property is registered in your name.

    It will be good for you to have information about property purchases. Until this stage, we carry out all the procedures together with your attorney. Getting your title deed in Turkey is that easy and rapid. You will acquire your Title Deed in an average of 4 weeks. Registration to the Land Registry, which is the last stage of purchasing a property, must be accomplished. After the parties (buyer-seller) discharge their contractual obligations, they are entitled to receive Title Deed-TAPU.

    Let’s Say Congratulations, Now You Are a Property Owner in Turkey…

    Our article on buying property in Turkey will guide you during your purchase process. If you wish, you can request more information from our expert sales team. Send your contact information with the form to buy the Turkish property of your dreams. You can request an e-mail/phone or face-to-face meeting. We will contact you as soon as possible through the communication channel you prefer.