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    How to Get Turkish Citizenship for Russians

    How to Get Turkish Citizenship for Russians?

    Turkish citizenship for Russians is generally applied through simple investment programs and procedures. Significantly, the Turkish citizenship program is given the same conditions for all countries. In accordance with Turkish citizenship laws, the same procedure is applied equally. Furthermore, services on education, health and many more rights are given in Turkey.

    Projescope Turkish Real Estate

    All About Turkish Real Estate for Investment

    Turkey is a large peninsula country surrounded by seas on three sides. This place will draw you in with its young population, colorful culture, and unique shores. Connecting Europe and Asia, these lands open the doors to various investment opportunities. Whether it’s a summer property, a rental income, or a solid living option, this place is excellent! If you are looking for a new investment value and have yet to review the properties for sale in Turkey, you still need to complete your search. Let’ learn about Turkish real estates!


    Uskudar | Historical, Valuable and Mesmerizing

    Being one of the central points in Istanbul, Uskudar attracts attention with its magnificent history and amazing scenery. Uskudar is one of the most valuable regions in Istanbul. Not only with its historical elements and places that still remain, but also with its high investment value and potential according to regional transportation advantages.
    Uskudar fascinates with its mesmerizing history. By means of history, it was an important spot for transport and accommodation. The history still remains… You can visit the mosques and structures with amazing architecture and atmosphere.

    Sapanca as Your New Spot for Serenity

    Sapanca as Your New Spot for Serenity…

    We present you one of the most popular spots that is close to Istanbul yet full of calming elements. If you are looking for a place to visit that is not far from Istanbul but still close to nature and serenity Sapanca is the best spot for you! Sapanca has become one of the most popular touristic spots so far. With its famous lake and forests, Sapanca provides everything you need for a comfortable and relaxing environment. As the region got popular the facilities around it increased. For accommodation, there are various opportunities.

    Tersane Istanbul Project

    Tersane Istanbul – New Favorite of the City With Marvellous Elements and Unique Style

    The project, Tersane Istanbul has a huge plan which will renovate the whole area located in the Golden Horn, with various types of properties and social facilities, as well as cultural elements. The project will comprise the recreation of the Golden Horn, which will include facilities and structures with luxurious elements. You will not only own property here, but you will also see history turn into the future… It will feature five world-class hotels and 600 apartments. However, there will be a 20.000 m² office area, four museums, and two marinas with a capacity of 280 yachts.

    Galataport Istanbul Travel Guide

    Galataport Istanbul | Travel Guide

    Galataport Istanbul is a destination project aimed at revitalizing ports that have been inactive for nearly 200 years. The construction of this project, which started in 2016, was opened to the public in October 2021. Galataport Istanbul provides all of the possibilities and cutting-edge technologies that, thanks to digitalization, make daily life easier.