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    Projescope Advantages

    Your trusted partner for real estate investment in Turkey!
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    Advantages of Our Consultancy Services

    Here are 12 advantages we provide through our industry-leading experts to meet our customer's demands!

    Save Time


    Do not waste time planning... You can contact us to invest in your future or to reach better living standards. Give us keywords for your goals or needs, and we will make the best service and investment plan for you. Enjoy practical service while saving your time…



    Take your first step without hesitation while carrying out property purchase transactions in Turkey. We continue to improve our services for you with our recognition and experience in the property market. Just contact us to get answers to all your questions. If you're dreaming of becoming a property owner in Turkey or if you are targeting a strong investment, take advantage of our high standard services and let us help you achieve your goals with the highest profit.

    Online Power


    Today's technological developments are revolutionary. Through the online platform designed by Projescope team, you also can reach all details about properties in Turkey as well as all the latest news and information that will make your life easier in order to make your own revolution.

    Multinational Sale Team


    With our well-trained experienced sales consultants who speak Arabic, English, Russian, Turkish and many other languages, we aim for the highest efficiency during your purchases. Our team, believing that experience and education constitute the greatest power, is a community that has come together with a blend of different languages and cultures. We continue to improve our quality standards for you and serve in every language in order to understand and meet your demands better.

    Diverse Portfolio


    We have a long-lasting work network with our experience from various sectors. Our strong and diverse portfolio provided by our strong infrastructure in Turkey makes us a leading authority in the property sector. Our top priorities are to provide exclusive purchase conditions, prices and most importantly to ensure customer satisfaction.



    Regardless of the conditions, we take care to continue to provide the best service to you by adding strength to our market power with our experienced staff. It is our greatest passion to meet our customers' expectations and we are deeply committed to proceed on our path in line with this goal.

    Strong References


    With our long lasting experience in Turkey on our side, we continue to go up the stairs. Beyond being an industry leader due to the high reputation we have, we aim to provide the most efficient service to you. The references we have gained continue to help us become stronger, and the cycle we have created with our high motivation enables us to establish long-term relationships.

    High Standard Service


    You can benefit from the fascinating effect of our work atmosphere. The dynamic structure we have continues to become stronger with the unique team spirit of Projescope. While our efficiency is constantly increasing with our young and well-trained team, we also include our service quality in our high-energy atmosphere.

    Maximum Efficiency


    Our unique passion is to provide maximum benefit to anyone aiming to buy property in Turkey and render pre- and post-sales services. We have determined achieving outstanding results for our customers as a common vision and goal. We thought of your needs before setting off, and we are constantly working to continue thinking about how to improve them along the way. As a dynamic structure which aims to increase the level of our skills and performance even when providing our customers with a profitable investment or living service, we keep on providing highly efficient services.

    Projescope only discount codes


    Another privilege offered by Projescope to its customers has been determined as the discount code system. Please get your discount code on selected projects and experience the difference of earning more than anyone at any time.

    Projescope Tv


    For your convenience, we have launched our platform, where you can get free information from real estate experts about fields, criteria, etc. Before you make any property investment in Turkey, please start following our Youtube channel. We continue to offer and improve all possibilities for you.

    Transparency for cooperation


    We see cooperation as the secret of a strong company structure. The true source of Projescope's power in the Turkish market is based on its strength in its internal structure. The organizational structure of the company is based on a modern structure, open to development, in collaboration with managers and employees, in which hierarchical rules are excluded. Projescope, whose service standards are constantly improving with its modern, dynamic and young team, continues its services for you in the Turkish property sector.