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    Category: Education in Turkey

    Education in Turkey, the most debated and researched topic in Turkey, is implemented using various policies worldwide. Its implementation varies by state and city in some countries, whereas Turkey has a centralized schools and a single authorized institution laying down these policies. The period determined for compulsory graded education applicable for the Turkish education system is 12 years and consists of 3 levels.

    After compulsory education, there are further programs depending on career choice. If foreign nationals wishing to study in Turkey have an insight about the education system in Turkey, they will have the opportunity to make a more conscious choice and foreign students will be able to obtain citizenship in Turkey.

    According to the existing conditions in Turkish education system, foreign students are required to meet certain conditions to be able to receive undergraduate education. There are internationally recognized exams.

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    International Schools in Istanbul: Foreign Students Guide

    International schools in Istanbul provides an education system with a curriculum that is globally accepted for those planning to educate in Turkey. There are 27 international schools in Istanbul. International institutions offering high-quality education and training for those planning to have an academic career and live in Turkey. In this way, they will be able to achieve reach their career goals rapidly.


    Foreigners Student Guide: How To Apply Undergraduate in Turkey?

    Today, the number of foreigners has increased in Turkey, and foreigners frequently apply for citizenship, work permit, education and especially to undergraduate. Turkey has ranked among the top countries as  the country preferred the most by foreigners who want to receive undergraduate and graduate education in foreign countries through exchange programs in recent years. According to data from 2020, there are 203 universities and academies in Turkey.