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    Get Turkish Title Deed

    You probably know important information such as how to get a Turkish Title Deed and what it does. We can say that a title deed is one of the most important things buying a house in Turkey.
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    Get Turkish Title Deed – What is Turkish TAPU

    Get more information about the Turkish title deed (TAPU) which officially certifies that you purchase a property in Turkey. The first Turkish word you need to learn in Turkey when buying a property is TAPU. TAPU is the document showing that you purchase a property in Turkey and is registered in your name upon completion of all transactions. Furthermore, it is also an official proof of ownership of the property. One of the most important pieces of information you should have before signing a contract is the importance of the deed. Significantly, if you don’t own a Title Deed (TAPU), it means you don’t own the house. Actually, title deed in Turkey, the legal document showing the purchase of a property, is the only proof that you purchase full ownership. Finally, when the purchases are done, it is prepared in your name and delivered to you.

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    How to Get Turkish Title Deed?

    The most important step to closing a property sale is to get the deed. Here are the steps for the Turkish title deed which is the legal document showing your ownership:

    Make an appointment with the Turkish Land Registry Office. At this stage, you must send the necessary documents.

    A real estate value statement is made between the parties for the application of stamp duty for the transaction. It is paid by the buyer.

    Turkish Title Deed is signed by the seller for the customer to receive the sales receipt. Thus, the transfer approval has taken place.

    The customer (buyer) signs the Turkish Title Deed.

    The Documents Required for Turkish Title Deed

    • Copy of your notarized and certified passport
    • Tax number acquired from the tax office
    • Identity form filled by the foreign investor
    • Valuation report of the property Turkey
    • Former title deed of the property belonging to the seller
    • Identity document showing that the seller is the person/company or agent of the property
    • Earthquake Insurance Policy (Provided that it is an apartment)
    • Power of attorney if the applicant is the representative of the property owner
    • 2 photographs of the seller and the buyer
    • Sworn translator for foreigners if not Turkish

    Need-to-knows For the Deed Acquisition Process

    • For the Turkish title deed, there is nothing for the foreign investor to do except the property and expense payments.
    • A formal power of attorney is required if you plan to give a power of attorney for the transfer of ownership and title deed.
    • You only need to provide the necessary documents.
    • Several names can be registered in the same Land Registry. Share details should be shown.
    • You can register the title deed in your family members’ names.


    Is it safe to buy property in Turkey? Yes, it is! That is why we have listed the necessary documents and the steps in line with the Turkish Tapu Laws. Through our expert sales team, you can get the details of your property purchase process in Turkey and more information about the Land Registry.