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    Buy Apartment in Istanbul | Best Istanbul Apartments

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    Buy apartment in Istanbul, have an investment tool that will make you earn you a lifetime! You can gain a lifetime income by purchasing apartments for sale in Istanbul. Istanbul properties offer lifetime opportunities that are full of privileges. Istanbul housing projects that provide special payment options offer powerful opportunities for investors. If you are looking for Istanbul apartments, you can choose to live in the most popular locations of the city. Check out cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul. You can also take a look at sea view apartments in the city center along with several facilities.

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    Is your budget limited to buy apartment in Istanbul? Do not worry!

    There are many affordable housing options for sale in Istanbul. You can get more information from our professional sales consultants to find and buy the apartment that best suits your budget and living standards. We ensure you that we will find the most suitable residence for you in the most popular locations of Istanbul in no time.

    If you wish, you can look for an apartment in the city center. Also, you can request an appointment for an affordable but luxurious apartment for sale in Turkey away from the city center. We have professional sales consultants to offer you cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul!

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    We have created an extensive portfolio due to the agreements we have with housing developers in Istanbul. Now, request an appointment from our professional sales consultants who will offer the most ideal housing options through our wide portfolio.

    Our professional consultants ensure that they will find the most ideal property in Istanbul. Through their strong bargaining powers and agreements…

    Buy Apartment in Istanbul: 2021 Avarage Prices


    Buy apartments in Istanbul and get Turkish Citizenship. You can get citizenship by purchasing a residence or more worth a minimum of $ 250,000. You will have a glamorous apartment for this price in the most valuable locations of the city. You can even buy more than an apartment. Buy apartment in Istanbul, and have both a valuable living space and a strong Turkish passport.

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    By purchasing an apartment in Istanbul, you will not only have a house but also have privileged living standards.

    The data of the Turkish Statistical Institute and Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey are provided for homebuyers who want to buy property Turkey. According to the data;

    Average housing widths in Istanbul are determined as 114 m2.
    Average housing prices are determined as TL 4,171 (m2).
    The average House Price is determined as TL 475,494.

    Average prices may vary. Housing prices can greatly differ in the city’s most popular locations or more humble living areas. If you want to buy apartments for sale in Istanbul, be sure to examine your living conditions and your budget accordingly.

    If you want to have apartments in Istanbul, you can find the most suitable home for your budget. Moreover, you will have strong real estate investment Istanbul Turkey opportunities.

    The average return on investment: 21-22 years

    You can have both privileged living opportunities and a house with a rental guarantee.

    The Best Residential Areas in Istanbul


    Buy apartment in Istanbul! Firstly, you should examine real estate Istanbul sale. Hundreds of valuable apartments for sale wait for locals and foreigners in Istanbul. Find the best apartment option and take the firm steps before you buy it.

    You don’t need to search a lot to buy a house in Istanbul without feeling foreign. Projescope international real estate consultancy service has professional sales consultants who will find the right house in addition to feeling at home.

    You can buy the most glamorous house in the city just by requesting an appointment. Furthermore, while the housing prices in Istanbul are rapidly increasing, new housing projects offer attractive opportunities by offering great alternatives. To take advantage of special offers in the city center, examine the flat options we have listed for you. You can also take advantage of the purchase opportunities. You can buy the most popular residences in the city along with special opportunities.

    Buy apartment in Istanbul Kagithane, Beylikduzu and Bahcesehir!

    The districts might be the right step for your life and budget. You can benefit from strong investment opportunities by making the right choices among the best settlements in Istanbul.

    Apartments for sale Istanbul, especially in regions with rapid appreciation, might be the right choice for you! However, before buying apartments for sale in Turkey, you should do the right analysis. However, in order to buy the best property in Istanbul and to find the right one, you must contact the best real estate agent in this fascinating city. Projescope, as the best real estate consultancy, will offer you the most ideal housing options for sale according to your demands and expectations.

    Buy Apartment in Istanbul and Get Turkish Citizenship!


    Buy apartment in Istanbul, and have a strong Turkish passport! A property worth a minimum of $ 250,000 that you will buy in Istanbul enables you to get Turkish Citizenship. You can quickly and easily obtain a second citizenship.

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    Buy apartment in Istanbul to obtain Turkish Citizenship allows you to gain lifelong. You both own a property whose value increases rapidly and you get citizenship.

    With a strong Turkish passport, you will have privileges such as visa-free or entry point visa application. You will have both a rapidly gaining value home and privileges when traveling.

    Apartment for Sale Istanbul City Center


    The first options to buy apartment in Istanbul are those which are developed in the city center. Residences in the city center are rapidly gaining value. Buying an apartment in locations close to shopping malls, means of transportation, hospitals, education centers and valuable living spaces in the city center of Istanbul will add value to your life!

    You can find apartments for sale in different widths and types. It would be the right choice to buy homes for sale Istanbul Turkey. Especially in the most popular locations in the center of the city in order to make strong investments and to have privileges! Powerful alternatives are offered for students, employees, or those who want to invest.

    In Istanbul, you can easily find an option for sale suitable for every criterion in the city center. You might have different budgets and living conditions. Turkey’s metropolitan city, Istanbul provides many different alternatives for your life!

    You can prefer to buy an apartment on the coastline or in the most valuable locations of the city. You can buy a house close to the Belgrade Forest or the city’s most valuable parks. You can purchase a three-bedroom luxury sea view villa for sale in Turkey. Besides, you are able to enjoy an uninterrupted view of the sea or financial center of Maslak.

    Unique opportunities are offered for homebuyers in Istanbul European and Anatolian Side.

    Buy Sea View Apartment in Istanbul


    Buy apartment in Istanbul because it is the simplest way to add value to your life! You can buy apartment in Istanbul Bosphorus view!

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    You will find different types of flats for sale with sea view in Istanbul European or Anatolian Side. You can look at an apartment far from the city center. Besides, you can take a look at a house right by the sea in the city center. Or, just take a look at the fantastic and splendid apartment options where you can watch the sea view from every room of your house from a slope.

    Sea view apartments in the city center may not be suitable for your budget! However, you can find both luxury and prestigious apartments for sale close to the marina in regions such as Beylikduzu in Istanbul. You can find homes for sale Istanbul with sea views in areas that are far from the city center but rapidly gaining value. You can find and buy apartment in Istanbul for sale that best suits your budget and living conditions with the help of our professional sales consultants.

    Buy Commercial Property in Istanbul


    It will be crucial to set your demands to buy apartment in Istanbul. There are housing projects with high signboard value in the most precious locations of the city.

    Properties for sale that will strengthen your activities with commercial units will add value to your life and budget. Check out the most popular mixed-use projects in the city! Furthermore, choose the most suitable property for sale among the alternatives that will strengthen your commercial activities.

    You can strengthen your commercial activities if you buy apartment in Istanbul. In industrial centers or a location close to business centers in Istanbul!

    You can add value to your life with mixed life projects in Istanbul. Buy commercial apartment for sale in a location close to transportation networks or on the busiest street of the city. So, increase the value of your business!

    Buy Luxury Apartments in Istanbul


    The perception of luxury houses in Istanbul changes day by day. Homebuyers who want to buy luxury houses turn to prestigious housing projects in order to gain both life and financial benefits.

    Housing projects in Istanbul are sold at high prices and create major transformations in the real estate sector. In addition to providing high profits for homebuyers, the highest standards of comfort are offered. As Projescope real estate consultancy services, we will provide remarkable luxury housing projects.

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    Luxury houses in Turkey might be away from the city center or downtown. Also, you can get a glamorous luxury apartment in the city center if your budget is not an obstacle for you when buying luxury housing. You can choose to buy apartment in Istanbul with forest view or Istanbul real estate Bosphorus view for sale. A few steps from the coastline or you can take look at a prestigious life project.

    We can offer hundreds of home alternatives for you. To live in the same location with celebrities, you can choose a private living space far from the crowd of the city. Moreover, you can prefer a place away from the city center. Just set your budget and living conditions! Send your contact information with the form. We will contact you in no time and find the house of your dreams.

    Buy Cheap Apartment in Istanbul


    Buy apartment in Istanbul but first set your budget. To buy property Istanbul that fits your budget and living conditions. If you are looking for a one-bedroom or two-bedroom, it will be easy for us to find you a cheap property. A relatively small apartment in the city center is easy to find. You should buy it as soon as you find the house that best fits your budget. Houses for sale are rapidly being sold and their value is increasing.

    Housing values are increasing rapidly in Istanbul real estate. If you are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, you need to hurry up. While land stocks are rapidly being depleted, rental rates rapidly increase. Buying a property while it is still under construction is the easiest way for purchasing a cheap and valuable property.

    If you have a shoe-string budget, make sure to look for a property that is still under construction. Or, you can look at the housing projects offered for sale with discount codes. There are some important points to find the housing option that best fits your budget to buy apartment in Istanbul. Cooperate with professional real estate consultants. We ensure that we will find cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul.

    Where are the Fastest Value Gaining Apartments in Istanbul?


    Buy apartment in Istanbul and allow it to be a tool that will constantly add value to your budget. Housing projects for sale on both sides of Istanbul are outstanding. You will own a property that will add value to your budget in the most valuable locations of the city.

    1. Beylikduzu
    2. Taksim
    3. Maslak
    4. Kadikoy
    5. Bomonti

    If you want to buy apartment in Istanbul, you should examine the figures of the value increment for choosing the house that will add value to your budget. There is a rapid increase in value in almost every district of Istanbul.

    There is an extraordinary social transformation in Istanbul. In addition to the social and cultural value increase, extraordinary transformations take place in the city along with urban transformation activities. If you want to buy apartment in Istanbul Turkey, be sure to examine the periodic change of housing values in the city.

    You can look at the luxury living sites in Beylikduzu or Buyukcekmece away from the city center in Istanbul. You can also buy a villa in Bahcesehir.

    If you want to buy apartment in Istanbul, we will easily find options for your needs or demands. We have an extensive real estate portfolio! We will list apartments for sale in Istanbul for domestic and foreign homebuyers. To buy apartment in Istanbul that is constantly gaining value, check out the housing options that we will provide!

    Send your contact information with the form right now. And, start earning by taking advantage of our professional consultancy services from this day forth!