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    Ankara, the capital city, is winking at those planning to make a real estate investment in Turkey or looking for a property for sale that suits their particular lifestyle. New property projects in Ankara for sale that emerge bring up the luxury residence understanding to the top thanks to properties with the private beach as well as large and spacious interior characteristics.

    Preliminary information really matters for those looking for property for sale in Ankara, ones who are to travel to or wish to reside in Ankara. Ankara is the capital city of Turkey and is also the second-largest city. Located in the Central Anatolia region, Ankara neighbors cities like Bolu, Eskisehir, Konya and Kirsehir which we strongly recommend you to visit. Ankara is considered an important commercial region due to its location. Apart from its importance for diplomacy, Ankara bears characteristics of being the capital owing to its climate, steady improvements in its infrastructure activities, means of transport and job opportunities.

    Let’s Get to Know Ankara Area!


    Before starting to look for property for sale in Ankara for investment purposes, getting to know Ankara will be the right first step. Ankara, the capital of Turkey, is a center for transport and culture thanks to its ever-growing and increasing business, shopping and life centers, natural parks, universities, popular avenues. According to data of TUIK, Ankara consists of 25 districts. The district of Altindag is the district that has seen the highest population increase in Ankara which has ’1425 quarters.

    Districts such as Cankaya, Mamak, Yenimahalle, Golbasi, Gaziosmanpaşa are the places which your investments for property for sale in Ankara will appreciate and bring you a long-term return.

    The Most Populous District | Cankaya


    Cankaya is one of Ankara’s and even Turkey’s most populous cities and is among the most remarkable places in terms of property for sale in Ankara. The real estate investment you’ll make here will be rapidly appreciated. Because this place has all activities it takes to be the center of life. This is a popular location due to the wide range of shopping centers, popular avenues, education centers and means of transport. Tunali Hilmi Avenue, Kugulu Park or Atakule, the city’s oldest shopping and life center, are among places that will render Cankaya district valuable which you may choose for your luxury housing investment.

    A Natural Life Among Luxury Property Projects | Golbasi


    How about exploring a luxury life amid beauties offered by the nature in Ankara? If you’re sick and tired of the rush among multi-storey houses or longing for natural life, buying a property in the district of Golbasi will be the right choice for you. You’ll have enough greenery thanks to lakes and forests surrounding Golbasi, One of Ankara’s large districts, and bring the peaceful ambiance of nature to your house.

    The Most Correct Choice for a Luxury Life | Gaziosmanpasa


    Gaziosmanpasa district of Ankara is one of the most luxurious places of the capital. This district will be the right choice for those wishing to elevate their living standards and feel the luxury in every piece of their life. This region that has a prominent place within Turkey’s real estate market will be the most correct choice for life and property investment owing to its new housing projects that emerge. You should take action to choose that house that suits your standards the most within Ankara real estate market which offers luxury projects that suit every budget.

    Why Should you Choose Ankara for Buying a Property?


    If you think to yourself that you should buy a property in Ankara or I would not even think about that city with the presence of sea in Istanbul, reading this letter will break the prejudice you have, change the misperception and serve as real guidance for you.

    First of all, you can buy a property in a district with a sea view, yet environmental factors and living standards may not be suitable for you. Many factors such as conditions of accession, the internal structure of the house or external characteristics may fail to satisfy your expectations. And, most importantly, it may not be that easy to choose a house that suits your budget. It is possible to find a luxury house in Ankara that suits every budget. New housing projects that emerge in Ankara offer a lake or pool view.

    The most important factor to buy a property in Ankara seeing an influx of travelers due to its historical architecture is the power it has in the field of industry. Ankara which has a great value for foreign investors in particular is both a great investment value for the real estate market and a center in terms of manufacturing operations. Both Turkish nationals and foreigners immigrate into Ankara, seeing a great deal of immigration, for business reasons.

    University Education with High Standards | Property in Ankara for Sale


    One of the most important factors that add value to Ankara is education. Turkish citizens or foreigners line up to buy a house or to make an investment in Ankara. However, the number of people lining up for education is increasing day by day. The city is home to some universities that rank in the world standing such as METUBilkent and University of Ankara. Apart from manufacturing facilities that would change your life, climate conditions, accessibility of commercial activities, and extraordinary gain to be derived from investment in real estate, Ankara is one of the leading cities in Turkey when it comes to education.

    Manufacturing Activities | Property in Ankara for Sale


    One of the most important factors for life, manufacturing is considered an indispensable factor for life. Buying a house or making an investment in Ankara would help you derive a financial gain on its own, yet may change your point of view in order to completely change your life. Manufacturing conditions Ankara has due to its position is supported by its climate. In order to buy a property in Ankara or in any other city, first of all, we recommend you to analyze demographic and geopolitical conditions, or contact us so that we can find the house which suits your life together.

    Persons who are to buy a property in Ankara will continue to derive revenue, throughout their lives, thanks to this agricultural power. One more thing that needs to be known about Ankara is the breeding of sheep and goats. Also, another factor that adds agricultural power is being suitable for the growth of products such as wheat, barley, sugar beet, and 60% of the city’s land is used for agriculture.

    Ankara which is at least as popular as Istanbul is home to luxury property projects for sale which constantly emerge and increase in number. Moreover, Ankara is one of the leading provinces in terms of the real estate market for those who are, in a sense, lost in the fast and dynamic structure of Istanbul and seeking a calmer life with the same standards.

    Featured 4 projects | Property in Ankara for Sale


    If you’d like to make the best decision while making a choice among property projects for sale in Ankara for investment or living, here are 4 projects we picked up for you. We’d be more than happy if you contact us if you want to have further information about the investment you’re to make.

    1. Akkent Paradise Gardens Residence | Batikent Ankara
    2. Akadia Modern | Mamak Ankara
    3. Park Hayat Incek | Golbasi Ankara
    4. Bılkent Nazende | Cankaya Ankara