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    Istanbul Bosphorus Apartment for Sale: Special Offers!

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    March 11, 2021 

    Bosphorus apartment for sale represent special advantages and strong investment opportunities for domestic and foreign homebuyers in Istanbul. You can find the glamorous Bosphorus view apartment for sale. We will be able to find Istanbul apartments for sale. If you want to get Bosphorus view apartment in Istanbul, check out the options that offer special deals for your budget on our project pages. There are hundreds of homes that are rapidly increasing in value in the Istanbul housing market along with special payment options.

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    8 Advantages of Bosphorus Apartment for Sale!


    Bosphorus apartment for sale are attractive properties, especially for foreign investors. Bosphorus view apartment for sale options that are within walking distance of the Istanbul coastline will charm you!

    Here are 8 advantages of Bosphorus Apartment for Sale!

    # 1 You will watch the Bosphorus view all day long. The lights of the bridge at night will carry a dynamic atmosphere into your home!

    # 2 You can earn for a lifetime due to their strong investment value. Earn the highest level of earnings for your capital, benefit from rental income. Also, you can guarantee to earn by benefiting from popular rental methods such as Airbnb!

    # 3 You will have a house in the living center, your energy will increase in social living areas!

    # 4 You will definitely have a prestigious property and privileged life!

    # 5 The locations of the Bosphorus properties are important centers of Istanbul! Transportation facilities and being close to bridges will be important advantages for you!

    # 6 You will live in one of the most popular places in the world!

    # 7 You can get spoiled because you own a house in one of the most prestigious regions in the world!

    # 8 Beach houses with a view of the Bosphorus are the right choice to get rid of the fatigue, stress, and chaos of the city.

    Average Prices Bosphorus Apartment for Sale Istanbul, Turkey


    If you are looking for a Bosphorus apartment for sale in Istanbul, affordable modern sea view apartments will mesmerize you. You will have no reason to worry about their prices.

    There are luxurious and affordable apartments facing the Bosphorus. The sparkling sea between the two sides of Istanbul is a world-wide famous asset! One of the features that add value to the houses in the city is this fascinating view of the sea and the Bosphorus Bridge.

    If you check luxury Bosphorus view apartment for sale, you will see that the prices start from approximately TL 2,000,000. If you want to buy a villa or an ultralux flat by the sea, you will find options for TL 10,000,000 or even TL 50,000,000.

    Is your budget limited for Bosphorus Apartment for Sale?

    We can assure you that we will find the ideal Bosphorus apartment for sale. There are house options suitable for every budget in the Istanbul housing market. Apartments for sale with Bosphorus view are attractive with houses that are more expensive than other districts of the city.

    You can buy a luxury and new sea view apartment instead of the old Istanbul architecture Bosphorus houses.

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    We recommend you to choose newly-developed housing projects with the Istanbul Bosphorus view. New housing projects can offer affordable prices and special opportunities in the Istanbul Bosphorus real estate market.

    Of course, the distance of your home from the Bosphorus Bridge and how much sea view it presents will set the price!

    Where to Buy an Apartment for Sale in Bosphorus Istanbul?


    If you are looking for Bosphorus apartment for sale in Istanbul, find out about the most ideal locations in the Istanbul real estate market where affordable special payment options are offered. We will find several sea view apartments for sale in Istanbul.

    Also, popular locations or places where you can find hidden private houses with Bosphorus views will be provided for you.

    The Most Valuable Places in Istanbul Bosphorus:

    Here are impressive places where you can watch the Bosphorus Bridge linking two sides of Istanbul and find houses overlooking the sea!

    • Beykoz (Istanbul Asian Side)
    • Uskudar (Istanbul Asian Side)
    • Besiktas (Istanbul European Side)
    • Kadikoy (Istanbul Europan Side)
    • Tarabya (Istanbul European Side)
    • Sariyer (Istanbul European Side)
    • Sisli (Istanbul European Side)

    Amazing Sea and Bosphorus Bridge View Apartments in Istanbul


    We can offer hundreds of alternatives if you are looking for Bosphorus Apartment for sale in Istanbul sea view.

    The prices of the apartments for sale with the Bosphorus view are determined according to their location, but the interior and exterior features of the houses are also significant.

    If you are going to buy a house to watch the Bosphorus from your home, we can show you 5 important points to consider:

    ∇  Distance to the coastline
    ∇  View
    ∇  Neighborhood
    ∇  House facade
    ∇  Transportation facilities

    6 Most Valuable Bosphorus Apartment for Sale


    A wide variety of opportunities are offered for homebuyers who want to buy Bosphorus view apartment for sale. If you want to buy centrally located Istanbul apartments for sale, you can check out the special opportunities. We have listed the Bosphorus apartment for sale in Istanbul at different prices.

    Here are 6 most valuable Bosphorus view apartment for sale:

    • Kasr-i Ala Cengelkoy
    • Uskudar Prestige Konaklari
    • AcarBlu Rezidans
    • Nevbahar Uskudar
    • Mesa Cubuklu
    • The Ritz Carlton Residences

    Luxury Bosphorus View Apartment for Sale in Beykoz


    (ACARBLU Rezidans)

    Residential Type: Residence
    Company            : Acarlar
    m²                        : 99 – 1253 m²
    Delivery Date     : Ready

    AcarBlu enables you to watch the 360-degree view of the Bosphorus among Bosphorus apartment for sale. Quality and privileged living standards in Beykoz are waiting for the buyers. The project has a green area of 10.000 m². Also, the project has a walking trail and special living areas for children.

    Life in the twin towers in the Beykoz Acarkent where is one of the most valuable living spaces of Istanbul is very attractive!

    Ambulance services, health services, and commercial areas will add privilege to your life. The towers are developed and designed with flow and transparency!

    You can get information about this special project from the real estate consultants of Projescope. Have the Bosphorus view of your dreams!

    This valuable Bosphorus view housing project offers luxurious living conditions in Istanbul. AcarBlu offers not only a Bosphorus view in Istanbul but also life opportunities in the city center.

    The twin towers in the Bosphorus view Istanbul housing project for sale consist of 24 floors and 240 flats. The project which stands out as one of the most valuable projects in Istanbul has a green area of 10,000 m². The compound offers a walking track and playgrounds. It is a special living space for big families!

    AcarBlu has remarkable features, especially for foreign home buyers. The project has been developed with 3 different options of decoration. Do you want to have quality living conditions intertwined with nature and the Bosphorus view? This special life project offers dreamy living conditions for your whole family.

    Just send your contact details with the form. And, say hi to your glamorous life in the Bosphorus through Projescope real estate consultants!

    Bosphorus and Forest View Housing Project in Uskudar


    (Uskudar PRESTIGE Konaklari)

    Residential Type  : Apartment
    Company              : Prestige Yapi
    m²                          : 185 – 584 m²
    Delivery Date       : Ready

    Prestige Konaklari project stands out among Bosphorus apartment for sale. It is the only residential complex of the Bosphorus. Its total land area on the Asian Side of Istanbul is 2,200 m².

    Uskudar Prestige Konaklari consist of 4 blocks. There are 20 Bosphorus view apartment for sale in this luxurious Bosphorus compound.

    Flat widths:
    5 + 1
    6 + 1

    There are 3 different types of houses in Prestige Konaklari:

    Garden duplex (293m²)
    Penthouse duplex (305m²)
    Medium-sized apartments (362m²)

    This luxury area which is developed in the Istanbul Bosphorus has a big lobby. The apartments are accessed from this lobby area. These houses for sale in Bosphorus Istanbul are fully luxurious and privileged.

    You can watch the Bosphorus view from above in the Prestige Konaklari project. The project is developed on the hill where you can see the Bosphorus completely on the Asian Side of Istanbul.

    Uskudar Prestige Konaklari stands out among Bosphorus apartment for sale. The houses are also remarkable with their social facilities. Every social facility will increase your living comfort ranging from car washing service to smart home systems.

    You can watch Topkapi Palace, Ciragan Palace, Dolmabahce, Eminonu, Hagia Sophia, and Maiden’s Tower from your home. You will have decent and quality living conditions. It will be the right choice for you to feel special and privileged!

    In order to feel the real Istanbul with both the Bosphorus view and advanced transportation facilities in the city center, send your contact information with the form.

    Glamorous Istanbul Bosphorus View Apartment in Kandilli



    Residential Type : Apartment
    Company             : NEF
    m²                         : 158 – 413 m²
    Delivery Date      : June 2021

    Bosphorus apartment for sale in Kandilli offers unique opportunities to investors with its modern architecture with Bosphorus view and other facilities. In addition to the enchanting Bosphorus view from your home, you can feel the peaceful green atmosphere of the forest.

    NEF Kandilli will add value to the lives of housing buyers with its historical lines and modern architectural features. Now, it is waiting for homebuyers in one of the most valuable locations in Istanbul.

    While presenting the unique atmosphere of Istanbul, the project opens the doors of a privileged life with its social facilities. 407 apartments offer privileged living opportunities in the 155 thousand square meter project area.

    NEF Kandilli project, which belongs to the NEF brand, was designed by the famous Turkish architect Emre Arolat. NEF Kandilli project, which belongs to the NEF brand, was designed by the famous Turkish architect Emre Arolat. NEF has developed the most valuable of homes in Istanbul, Bodrum.

    Great social opportunities are offered in the luxury project developed on the Asian Side of Istanbul. Property buyers are provided with rich opportunities with playgrounds, swimming pools, sauna and gym.

    NEF Kandilli whose flat options vary between 2 + 1 and 5 + 1 draws the attention of foreign investors who want to live in Istanbul. The project is also close to the city center of Istanbul. Luxurious living space will embellish your dreams.

    If you are looking for Bosphorus apartment for sale, you can find attractive alternatives. Glamorous houses for sale in Istanbul with Bosphorus view wait for the home buyers and investors.

    Fascinating Sea View Housing Projects in Sisli


    (The Ritz Carlton Residence)

    Residential Type  : Apartment
    Company              : Tekeli-Sisa Architects
                              : 110 – 807 m²
    Delivery Date       : March 2022

    Bosphorus apartment for sale offer dreamlike living opportunities for homebuyers. If you are looking for spacey apartments for sale in Istanbul sea view, Sisli Ritz Carlton will be ideal for you.

    Ritz Carlton has modern and historical symbols in Istanbul while offering privileged living opportunities for home buyers. Offering living facilities in the comfort of a hotel, Ritz Carlton brings the deep blue sea of the Bosphorus to your home as well as the fascinating city view of Istanbul.

    The project has 243 flats and suites, offers unique opportunities for home buyers. You can buy one of the Bosphorus apartment for sale options. These options offer the comfort of a five-star hotel! You can dine, participate in concerts and events in the event area while watching the Bosphorus view!

    Ritz Carlton project which has the first open-air spa in Istanbul is located in the city center. The Ritz Carlton, which adds value to the lives of residents with its Turkish Bath and meeting rooms, consists of 34 floors. You can watch the most beautiful view of Istanbul in the project which provides 110 housing options.

    Sisli is the most central location in Istanbul. Sisli might be one of the best settlements to live in. If you are looking for Bosphorus apartment for sale, take a look at this comfortable option! You will have a swimming pool, sauna, restaurant, and many other social facilities.

    You will also live within walking distance of Istanbul’s most valuable shopping malls and shopping streets. Houses for sale in Istanbul will enable you to make profitable investments.

    Now, you can get more information from our expert sales consultants about other houses for sale in Istanbul Sisli. By sending your contact information with the form, you can learn about sale Bosphorus apartments and take advantage of special opportunities.

    Bosphorus and Islands View Houses for Sale in Emirgan


    (Emirgan Apartments by Seba)

    Residential Type : Apartment
    Company             : Seba Insaat
    m²                         : 51 – 288 m²
    Delivery Date      : Ready

    Bosphorus apartment for sale are the dreams of all home buyers. The Bosphorus has a worldwide reputation. You can buy a residence to watch the sparkling Bosphorus Bridge and the deep blue sea all day long. You can both watch the Bosphorus view and buy a house in Emirgan where is one of the most valuable regions of Istanbul.

    Emirgan Apartments by Seba is a special housing project to live in both the most valuable location of the city and the city center. If you are looking for Bosphorus Apartment for sale on the European Side of Istanbul, you should check the Emirgan Apartments by Seba.

    You can choose from loft flats and penthouses.

    Standing out with its extraordinary view, Emirgan apartments for sale is ideal for being close to the Bosphorus and the city center. The project includes a cafe, gym and many other facilities. It will be the right choice not only for Bosphorus Apartment for sale but also to live in!

    The apartment sizes vary between 50 and 257 m² in Emirgan Apartments by Seba project. The project has 53 flats and 14 commercial units. It offers special payment options.

    Offering privileges to residential buyers with modern interior and exterior architectural features, Emirgan Apartments fascinate with Bosphorus view. The project, which offers special payment options, has advanced features.

    With an investment value of 100 million, Bosphorus view Emirgan apartments for sale are located only 1 km away from the Bosphorus.

    Find Bosphorus View Apartment for Sale


    The way to find Bosphorus apartment for sale is easy. Don’t get confused! We guarantee that among hundreds of Bosphorus view apartment for sale, we will find suitable options. We will also consider your budget and living standards.

    Through the real estate consultants of Projescope, you can see the houses for sale in Istanbul, either by the sea or Watching The View From a Hill!

    If you wish, you can evaluate the online purchase or participate in a virtual tour. In order to find the most suitable one among Istanbul Bosphorus apartment for sale, you can send your contact information to our expert real estate consultants with the form. By visiting the project pages, you can learn about Bosphorus apartment for sale. As your solution partner, we will present the best options and special offers for you.