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    Bodrum Property Market | Luxury Seaside Homes

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    A luxury seaside home you will buy in Bodrum will be the most profitable investment you will make for the property market as a personal living area or holiday home for Turkish Riviera. Whatever your purpose is, you will have a house that will change the atmosphere of your life while your investment is getting stronger with the ever-increasing value of the property you’ve bought. Do not wait to buy a home in Turkey, and save time because the Bodrum real estate market will always make a profit for you!

    This hot spot, where tourists from all over the world come in for the purpose of vacation, will be an indispensable part of your life. The dream of living in Bodrum, which is the dream of everybody, local or foreign, appeals to every walk of life with new housing projects that are constantly rising. Bodrum property market offers various possibilities for every budget. Let’s get to know Bodrum property market and contact us, let’s choose the most suitable Bodrum real estate or property projects and for your budget together…

    Let’s get to know Bodrum Property Market !


    Turkish property market is constantly appreciating in value under the effect of the changing global economic volatility, and Bodrum real estate and new property projects is shown as one of the most accurate locations to benefit from this situation. Bodrum, which is a district of the province of Mugla, has 10 highly popular towns, which makes it a region that appeals to everyone. The value of Turkish lira continually changes, which highly positively influences the property investments to be made in Turkey by both locals and foreigners.

    Bodrum is a special place with luxury real estate and property projects for both locals and foreigners . If you have not visited Bodrum before, it will be a great surprise for you to see it. Bodrum property market has been famous for its beautiful and elegant properties. The properties on the shore of the sea, which is as clear as a crystal, will fascinate you and you will want to buy a property here. Each region of Bodrum is beautiful but we have compiled some of the most special areas you can choose when buying a property…

    Yalikavak | Most Exclusive Villas for Your Investment

    Yalikavak, the most special and preferred popular region of Bodrum, is very valuable for Bodrum luxury real estate and property market. Villas with private gardens have hosted world-famous people. Reflecting the most modern state of luxury concept with villa architecture, Yalikavak hosts new rising luxury housing projects with its piers and marinas.

    The rental income of the Yalikavak region, which is of great value for the Bodrum property market, is progressively increasing rapidly. White houses with traditional architecture and villas with breathtaking panoramic views on the hills on the back of the marina in Yalikavak region will impress you…

    Turkbuku | A Natural Yacht Harbor

    Turkbuku, which is a favorite holiday region for Turkish and foreign celebrities and the elite clientele, is one of the most prestigious regions for Bodrum property market. Turkbuku, one of the most expensive locations of Bodrum for real estate, is Turkey’s tourism paradise. Many foreign celebrities have a summer residence in there. Turkbuku functions as a seasonally preferred location compared to other regions. Although the property use for the winter season varies by preference, its rental income will be very high in the summer season, so it’s a location where the rate of earnings is very high.

    Ortakent | The Best Sunset Spot


    Ortakent, which is known as the best sunset spot you reach after you pass the roads filled with the smell of citrus fruits and listed among the top properties in Bodrum property market and real estate sector, will fascinate you as your investment or holiday home. It is a region that appreciates in value with its intact historical texture, developed sectoral activities in the fields of citrus fruit growing and animal husbandry. Having the longest beach in Bodrum, Ortakent is an ideal holiday destination especially for families with children. It is also a lively town that lives around the clock, day and night. Holiday season starts in April and the region generally maintains its vitality until November.

    If you want to reserve your place among people who prefer to buy a holiday home in Ortakent, which fascinates its visitors with the sea, it will be enough to contact us. While you are making your holiday plans, we will be preparing your portfolio with the most suitable options for your budget.

    Why Should You Invest for Bodrum Property Market?

    bodrum-property-market2 (1)

    Bodrum, the district which has become Turkey’s brand, has recently become a favorite of local and foreign investors. It is known as the most profitable investment tool with not only tourism but also luxury and housing projects suited to every budget, detached houses with extraordinary sea views. When we do a general market research for Bodrum property market, it provides great opportunities in every sense for those who plan to buy a holiday home.

    High domestic demand for Bodrum Property market has caused a difference in the market for real estate investment. It is the favorite location of those who dream of buying a 2nd house or plan to invest, with luxury villas with a magnificent sea view, luxury housing projects, detached houses for every budget, traditional white stone houses or mill houses.

    4 Projects for Every Budget | Bodrum Property Market


    Bodrum, a district in the province of Mugla, which is one of Turkey’s most valuable towns, has earned a reputation with its resorts having housing projects suited to all walks of life, ranging from famous or distinguished families to moderate-income or low-income groups. Bodrum, a tourism paradise, has become a brand of Turkey.

    We have chosen 4 projects in Bodrum that stand out for each income group for you. Please contact us for more options or information.

    1. Sakli Koru Bodrum | Yalikavak
    2. Frame Suites | Bodrum
    3. Qarma Yakakoy | Ortakent
    4. Alysia Bodrum | Yalikavak

    If you want to buy property in Turkey, you can prefer Bodrum for luxury and comfort. Ask our consultants for Bodrum real estate sector is asked from us!

    Saklı Koru Bodrum | Enjoy All Seasons!

    The “hidden” project in Bodrum Yalikavak rises on an area of 65 decares. The project, built for its lucky and distinguished buyers, while preserving all the beauty of nature and without causing any harm, has been designed with a modern understanding.

    It contains 4 options for those who want to buy a two-storey detached house, as well as three-storey properties for 22 elite families. You can enjoy living in Bodrum for 12 months by buying a house from this project built with the unique architecture of the Aegean, and you can have a quality life surrounded by natural beauties offered by nature. You can contact us and get detailed information to achieve this comfortable and quality life.

    If you want to buy property in Turkey, you can prefer Bodrum for luxury and comfort. you should contact with us for your good because Bodrum real estate sector is asked from us!

    Frame Suites | Amazing Sea View Will Take Your Breath Away!

    Take a deep breath! One of the projects that offers you the most privileged opportunities has come to life in Bodrum property market and real estate sector. In these projects where you can fully watch the Bitez and Gümbet bays of Bodrum, you will feel like you are living in the sea.

    Built with quality materials, Frame Suites has natural beauties and extraordinary sea views and will provide comfort to your life with smart home technology. Each point of the project, which includes 60 residences, has been carefully thought out and designed to bring the sea view to your home that will drag you to eternity.

    Apart from noise and crowds, it has a Turkish bath and saunas as well as private beaches for the distinguished people who will live on the site. You can also enjoy Bodrum all year with its indoor pool, which is also available for use in the winter months.

    If you want to buy property in Turkey, you can prefer Bodrum for luxury and comfort. you should contact with us for your good because Bodrum real estate sector is asked from us!

    Qarma Yakakoy | Bring Karma Philosophy to Your Home!

    Qarma Yakakoy, a project that proves that development and innovation has no limits, is waiting for its distinguished owners! The design of the project was established on the return of energy from nature and was built to preserve cultural values. Projects that blend stone houses and green have been designed to turn your life into comfort for 12 months. The project, which has 17 units, has 5 detached villas, 8 flats and 4 semi-detached villas. The most important of the many opportunities provided by the project is that it is very close to schools, hospitals or shopping centers. Each house in the project has its own garden.

    Qarma Yakakoy is a project designed for you, if you want a peaceful life away from noise and hustle and bustle of the crowd and if you also want to join nature lovers who offer their thanks to nature. If you want to get detailed information about the project, you can contact us.

    If you want to buy property in Turkey, you can prefer Bodrum for luxury and comfort. You can ask our consultants for Bodrum real estate sector!