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    Why Invest in Turkey

    The simplest answer to this question is the global value and power of the real estate industry. The rapid increase in the value of the houses and sectoral developments increase the value of the Turkey real estate investment.
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    Why invest in Turkey?

    Why invest in Turkey? Because while Turkey offers rich opportunities to investors, it shows the conditions of the country. Turkey offers many advantages such as geopolitical and strategic location, young population, big domestic and regional markets, competitive workforce, incentive programs, sectoral opportunities and many more. Opportunities and advantages offered in many sectors increase the power of investment in the country.

    A World of Opportunities

    Turkey is full of advantages and opportunities to invest. So, why? Turkey offers great opportunities for Turkish and foreign investors. Turkey is valuable for doing business due to its position with constantly improving conditions. While the volume of trade and foreign investors is rapidly increasing, our banking and capital markets stand out as a rapidly growing market in Turkey. Being the central country for all markets in the region, Turkey supports foreign direct investments with its strategic location and investment opportunities.

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    Reasons to Invest in Turkey

    We have listed certain important reasons to invest in Turkey. Most importantly;

    – Strong & Rapidly-growing Economic Conditions of Turkey

    – Regional & Domestic Market Volume in Turkey

    – Strategic Location & Global Connections

    – Talented & Competitive Workforce

    – Young and Dynamic Population

    – Strong International & Diplomatic Relations

    – Vibrant Banking & Trade

    Foreign Direct Investments in Turkey

    Among the reasons for investing in Turkey are its growth performance and its appreciation in the international arena with the structural reforms implemented. Improving with foreign investors in Turkey, international investments have recently grown. Turkey has been the most researched and preferred direct investment destination by investors. Consequently, Turkey, with a share of 16% in 2020, has ranked 2nd among developing European countries among FDI countries.

    You can learn about the sectors that attract the most foreign direct investment in Turkey from our professional sales consultants. Also, you can determine the most ideal sector for investment in Turkey by getting more information.

    The Most Important International Direct Investment Countries in Turkey

    While Europe, North America and the Gulf Countries are the regions with the most international capital for Turkey, the share of the Asia continent is rapidly increasing.

    Countries with the highest amount of direct investment in Turkey between the years 2003-2021:

    Greece: 4.1%

    Azerbaijan: 4.3%

    France: 4.6%

    Belgium: 5.3%

    Spain: 5.8%

    Luxembourg: 6.0%

    Netherlands: 15.9%

    USA: 7.8%

    England: 7.0%

    Gulf Countries: 7.0%

    Austria: 6.4%

    Germany: 6.2%

    Other: 19.5%

    If you want to invest and live in Turkey, you can learn about ideal sectors and companies through our professional sales consultants. In order to learn more about the advantages, opportunities and other details that you can obtain by investing in Turkey, it is sufficient to send your contact details with the form. Moreover, you can learn about your privileges from Projescope expert consultants to reside and buy a house in Turkey.