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    Foreigners Student Guide: How To Apply Undergraduate in Turkey?

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    Today, the number of foreigners has increased in Turkey, and foreigners frequently apply for Turkish citizenship, work permit, education and especially to undergraduate. Turkey has ranked among the top countries as the country preferred the most by foreigners who want to receive undergraduate and graduate education in foreign countries through exchange programs in recent years. According to data from 2020, there are 203 universities and academies in Turkey.

    Improving every day with its high educational quality and modern technological campuses, faculties, institutes, conservatories and having a welcoming culture, historical heritage and easy living conditions, it attracts foreigners.  Foreigners will have the opportunity to make a choice that best matches their targets by carefully exploring apply and admission requirements for undergraduate education in Turkey, advantages and other details.

    Admission Requirements of Undergraduate Programs in Turkey 


    Foreigners seeking undergraduate education in state universities or private universities have to fulfill certain requirements to apply for undergraduate programs in Turkey. Applications must be made by the candidate in person. Universities in Turkey have their individual entrance requirements. However, if these requirements are met, foreigners can apply for undergraduate education in Turkey and be admitted. Our article entitled All About Education System gives detailed information about Turkish education system. Each country has its own education system as well as admission requirements.

    General requirements of universities in Turkey;

    • The candidate is required to get an adequate score from YÖS (Foreign Student Exam) or GCE, SAT and ACT exams, which are recognized globally.
    • The candidate is required to submit a transcript showing his/her high school grades.
    • Apart from these requirements, requirements specified by universities in their regulations are sought.

    The requirements for foreigners to file an application for undergraduate education and be admitted by a university in Turkey are based on the abovementioned criteria.

    What is Foreign Student Exam (YOS)?


    Details about the requirements for foreigners to apply for undergraduate education and be admitted by a university in Turkey are given above. But having an insight about the Foreign Student Examination referred to in the said requirements will provide guidance on the apply process for undergraduate education of foreigners in Turkey. The student exam known as YÖS in Turkey is held to measure certain abilities.

    The Foreign Student Exam consists of two stages. In the first stage, the “Basic Learning Skills” test is applied to measure the abstract thinking abilities of prospective students. The criterion that facilitates the YÖS exam is that the test questions are provided both in Turkish and English. The second stage consists of the “Turkish Test”. The purpose of this test is to measure the prospective students’ capability to be able to live and receive education in Turkey. Students’ comprehension and interpretation skills are tested. Universities take into consideration the score they prefer between the two stages. YÖS is an exam that only foreign student candidates can take.

    On Doing a Master’s and/or a PhD in Turkey


    We have addressed the YÖS exam which foreigners need to take to be able to apply for undergraduate education and be admitted by a university in Turkey. Some documents are required for Turkish or foreign students to apply for and be admitted to a master’s degree program after completing their undergraduate education.

    Foreign students are required to apply with;

    • A Bachelor’s Degree diploma,
    • a document showing course grades and diploma grades,
    • Letters of Reference and Intent.

    There are two types of Master’s programs in Turkey: with and without a thesis. The Master’s programs with a thesis consist of 7 courses, 1 seminar, and a thesis study. Those who will choose a master’s program without a thesis should take at least 10 courses. Apart from this, they will be asked to make a term project. Master’s programs in Turkey take 2 years.

    One of the requirements for filing an application for a Ph.D. program in Turkey after undergraduate education for foreigners is that they should complete a Master’s program. Ph.D. programs in Turkey include at least 7 courses. Thesis studies begin after the proficiency exam is taken and the thesis proposal is developed during the year. Courses must be completed within a maximum of four semesters.

    Educational Language in Turkey


    Foreigners who have fulfilled all requirements for filing applications for an undergraduate or a Master’s education in Turkey also wonder which language is used for education. The most common problem of prospective students who will study in a foreign country is the language barrier. Prospective students should have a clear insight into the education model to be able to apply for undergraduate and graduate education in Turkey. We have thoroughly examined the education program in Turkey. Turkey is a country that provides an ease to foreign students before and after education. Education is provided in two different languages.

    Finally, it should be known that the students must have completed their language proficiency. Foreigners who have been admitted to the university but have no language proficiency will be able to continue their education after a one-year preparatory training. This article provides guidance on all details and requirements which foreigners need to know to apply for undergraduate education in Turkey.