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    Property in Beylikduzu | Villas and Luxury Houses

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    Newly rising housing projects and luxury property projects for sale in Beylikduzu, which has a large share in the Istanbul  real estate market, have become the favorite of all local and foreign investors. Beylikduzu has recently become one of the first choices of everyone who wants to buy a house in Istanbul. It progressively appreciates in value every day due to its location and housing alternatives suited to every budget.

    Beylikduzu, which has turned into a mini city in itself, is at the top of the list of preferences for anyone who wants to buy a house with street arrangement and advanced infrastructure. Having newly built seashore properties, it has entered the race with other seaside properties of Istanbul. Let’s get to know Beylikduzu a bit and take a stroll to see property for sale in Beylikduzu!

    Overview of Beylikduzu | Property in Beylikduzu for Sale 


    In Beylikduzu, the rapidly developing region of Istanbul, demand rates for property for sale are progressively increasing. Land stocks rapidly decrease in number and there is a rapid increase in domestic and foreign demand for flats so we should say that there is definitely no real estate bubble about to explode in Beylikduzu. The most obvious indicator of this is that there is a severe migration wave towards the region. In addition to the development of transportation facilities with newly built mega-projects, it has reached high standards in terms of local government. We can say that buying a property for sale in Beylikduzu will be the most profitable investment you will make in order to rest, have fun and live a peaceful life.

    The Marmara Sea is located to the south and Buyukcekmece is located to the west of Beylikduzu, whose population is increasing day by day. In addition, Avcilar is located in the east of Beylikduzu, and this district develops with the processes of urban transformation activities and accelerating activities of large construction companies in the region. Esenyurt is located to the north of Beylikduzu so it has a great advantage in terms of highly developed transportation facilities.

    Transportation Alternatives | Why Should You Buy a Property in Beylikduzu?


    You have many reasons to buy a property for sale in Beylikduzu, but the most important is that it has many transportation alternatives. Having a dense population, Istanbul is one of the cities where public transportation is used most frequently. Long-line metrobus transportation operates 24 hours a day. There are also buses that depart directly from the Taksim area. Easy access to main centers such as Yenibosna and Bakırkoy is a great reason for buying a property in Beylikduzu.

    Suited to Every Budget! | Why Should You Buy a Property in Beylikduzu?


    Another reason that will positively affect your preferences to buy a property for sale in Beylikduzu is housing prices. There are flats and luxury villas suited to every budget in Beylikduzu so it is a candidate to be the first choice of all local or foreign buyers. Many opportunities are offered to those who want to buy a property in Beylikduzu. It is observed that almost all housing projects are designed with a modern understanding and carefully planned streets carry the perception of luxury to the top.

    All newly rising housing projects have social facilities and social activity areas that will make your life comfortable, which is a highly positive aspect. These opportunities are affordable too, which creates a sense of luxury on the cheap. Especially young and newly married couples or families who want to live a quieter life prefer to buy a property in Beylikduzu among those for sale.

    Having greater advantages compared to other luxury districts or coastal properties of Istanbul, Beylikduzu offers the same luxury and comfort at lower costs. This situation attracts investors and makes Beylikduzu a center of attraction.

    Social Facilities | Why Should You Buy a Property in Beylikduzu?


    While your search for property for sale in Istanbul continues, one of the important factors is the distance of the property to the shopping centers and the central areas. The increasing number of Shopping Centers in Beylikduzu is the easiest solution to make your life easier. You can meet all your needs in the shopping center closest to your home. Your property will be in proximity of major shopping centers and restaurants for a pleasant meal with your child or friends or shopping for groceries or clothes so it’ll be in proximity of everything you need, which will be appealing to you! At the same time, big supermarkets in almost every street wink at you as another feature that will make your life easier.

    Besides shopping centers, Beylikduzu will invite you to pleasant walking and sports with its long coastline. You will have the opportunity to walk peacefully, filled with the tranquility of bright blue, on a decent road at any time of the day!

    Apartment and Luxury Villas in Beylikduzu | Property in Beylikduzu for Sale


    Beylikduzu property market, which is one of the most popular and fast-developing life centers of Istanbul, attracts attention with its affordable apartments. Those who plan to buy a house are influenced by the variety of facilities offered. Newly rising construction projects and suitable prices have turned Beylikduzu into a treasure for the Istanbul real estate market. In addition to all these, it is obvious that Beylikduzu is not a real estate bubble for the real estate market due to its continuous and rapid development. We said this at the beginning of our article. However, if you examine a few of the new housing projects we have chosen for you, it will clearly reveal the reality of this situation.

    3 Projects Suited to Every Budget | Property in Beylikduzu for Sale

    Among the property projects for sale in Beylikduzu, we have examined several of them for you. If you want to review our portfolio for these projects and more, it will be sufficient to reach us. Projescope will answer all your questions and provide all the services you need to purchase the property.

    Denizistanbul Yakuplu | Low-Rise, Highly Different!


    Denizistanbul can be your keyword to buy a property for sale in Beylikduzu, one of the most valuable regions in the Istanbul real estate market! The project, which awaits its potential buyers with its luxury villas and apartments, shines with its windows facing the marina. If you got stressed among multi-storey apartments and want to see the sea when you wake up, Denizistanbul will be your first choice in the Istanbul real estate market. You may have the opportunity to open the door of a life, not only luxurious but also dream-like.

    With options that appeal to three different lifestyles, including Sedef Konaklari, Mercan Konaklari, Marina Evleri and Kalyon Evleri, alternatives above your expectations are waiting for you. You can wake up to a blue day every morning in your villa in Kalyon Houses, which carry the marina into your home. In Marina Houses, you can start a new life in a spacious villa that suits your description of an ideal villa without forcing your budget. In Sedef Konaklari and Mercan Konaklari, you can be neighbors with specially selected elite people in a luxurious apartment, in a decent area, you can watch the sea from the balcony and make peaceful life your motto while enjoying the social facilities.

    How would you say if we say you’ll ride a horse in the city? A few steps away from your home. You can ride a horse without having to go outside the city, you can take advantage of the social facilities available on the site, and you can also take a pleasant stroll on its unique coast. You can also contact us to get detailed information and enjoy making the right decision to take the first step in your new life.

    Mavera Villa Beylikduzu | Unique Nature View Inside Your Home!


    Mavera Villa winks at potential buyers as one of the most affordable options for those looking for property for sale in Beylikduzu! You can find details here to buy a house from this project with a unique nature view.

    Mavera Villa is a design that will allow you to reach luxury without forcing your budget among the options to buy a property from Beylikduzu. It keeps up with technology with its modern architecture and smart home technology.

    Who would not want to have a personal pool? You will have your personal pool at Mavera Villa. There are also 20 villas in the project which includes many social facilities, including a sauna and a gym. If you want to make this unique experience a part of your life, you can contact us. Hurry up, projects quickly find their lucky owners!

    Azur Marmara | Luxury Reinterpreted!


    Azur Marmara is waiting for you to redefine your perception of luxury in Beylikduzu! New projects are constantly rising in the Istanbul real estate market and it provides many opportunities to you by reinterpreting luxury. But Azur Marmara offers you unique possibilities with smart home systems and unique architecture.

    There are inviting colors that provide comfort designed for you in every detail. The project, which will bring comfort and quality to your life, will be indispensable with the sparkle and oxygen that the Marmara sea will bring to your home. You will not want to leave your home to spend pleasant hours on your balcony.

    Most importantly, this project has a wide range of transportation alternatives and hosts shopping centers, which makes it the project you dream of. It is possible to say that it is a world of privileges in the form of a capsule to meet all your needs. If you want to live a privileged life, you can reach us and reserve your place in Azur Marmara.