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    Invest and Travel in Izmir | Find Your Property

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    Izmir, which is one of the most ideal cities for foreigners who want to invest in Turkey and who will visit Turkey for travel, is Turkey’s third-largest city. Popular with its hotels and luxury residences, İzmir is known for its fairground and calm social life. If you’re doing research to buy property in Turkey, Izmir can be the place you’re looking for.

    Giving general information about Izmir will be beneficial for capital owners who will prefer in Turkey to invest and those aiming to travel. It will be of great importance to conduct preliminary research before investing or traveling, that is, to determine the commercial facilities, fairgrounds, living space, social structure and accommodation in the region. If you travel frequently or go abroad for commercial activities, researching these questions should have already become your hobby. If you are not researching and if you ask these questions, your benefit will be time-saving and comfortable travel and even budget control.

    Invest and Travel in Izmir | Be the Stronger Side in Competition!


    There’s a lot to say about Izmir but if you haven’t been to Izmir, it’ll be the city of your dreams for invest and travel after learning what we’ve told. Earlier, we made many suggestions and gave general information for investment in or travel to Turkey but we haven’t described Izmir in detail. In this article, you will find detailed explanations and information about Izmir.

    In addition to the natural beauties and tourism value of Izmir, it has a great cultural heritage as it is an old settlement. Due to its history and location, the buildings built in the past are today a symbol for Izmir. Houses made of mudbrick or reed or fertile fields have reflected Izmir’s identity. By virtue of the identity it has gained due to its location and historic properties, Izmir has become one of Turkey’s most valuable sites in terms of real estate market.

    In addition, the cultural level and literacy rate of today’s Izmir society are related to its historical and location features. Today, İzmir, which still keeps its intellectual development at the highest levels, has a golden value for culture-addicted people who see social life as luxury.

    Let’s Win! | Invest and Travel in Izmir


    Having fertile lands, mosques, historical architecture, the sea that carries the shine of pearls into your space through your window, Izmir is among the three cities most beneficial to invest and travel in Turkey. Known as the pearl of the Aegean region, Izmir is also known for its delicious traditional tastes. Olive oil, which is the source of its unique flavors, is produced from crops grown in the fertile soil of the region. In addition, Izmir is famous for its wines as well as local herbs, which are presented during a herb festival held every year, so it’s seen as a great resource for invest and travel in Turkey.

    Izmir has also become popular for the housing projects recently put up by the coast so it not only appreciates in value to invest and travel in Turkey but also holds a large share in the real estate market. So, buy property in Izmir and increase your earnings in Turkey. We have compiled detailed information for investment and travel in Izmir.

    Why Invest in Izmir? | Invest in Turkey


    Now we have general information about Izmir but we haven’t asked the question of “why Izmir?” for those who will invest in Izmir and those who’ll invest in Turkey. Investing in Izmir is a strategically important trend, as we mentioned above, which will bring you great profit. Because buying a property in Izmir is a very profitable decision that will make your life beautiful.

    The relationship of this with investment is that Izmir has a very profitable position primarily for real estate investment. In addition, there are many sectors for those who will invest in a different area in Izmir, and purchasing a property from luxury housing projects in that region will make your life easier.

    Let’s first examine the question of why invest in and travel to Izmir, and then make a sectoral analysis!

    Development and Sustainability | Invest in Turkey


    Two words are vital for strategically important issues in the world; development and sustainability… Yes, İzmir continues its development non-stop with its sustainable growth momentum with the values it possesses in terms of location and carries it upwards. Thanks to its historical values and economic conditions and commercial collaborations in terms of location, just invest in Izmir is at least as valuable as travel.

    Investment tools in Izmir are shown as the most profitable and secure investment areas in Turkey. We can list the 5 most important values to invest in Izmir as follows;

    • Izmir is shown as Turkey’s 3rd largest city.
    • Izmir has the youngest population ratio in Turkey and 42 percent of its population is under the age of 30.
    • Izmir accounts for 9.8% of industrial production in Turkey.
    • It has been chosen as the 1st city with its quality of life and the fastest growth rate.
    • It is in the first place with the investment supports provided by the state and the advantages of infrastructure and investment environment.

    Priority Sectors for Investment in Izmir | Invest in Turkey


    Izmir has been selected as the city which is preferred the most to invest and travel in Turkey due to its global success. As a result of collaborations with international companies, Izmir is a gold mine for new investment projects. It’s expanding its import and export volume with the size of its workforce pool, its strategic location, the development of the R&D ecosystem and its strong economy.

    Those looking for the most appropriate location for investing in Turkey will reach Izmir, as will be demonstrated by the most concrete data they’ll collect in this direction. Because many domestic and foreign companies investing in Izmir have gained great brand value. For example; Izmir proved its power as the city where the first wind power plant was established and increased its investment value. In addition, other sectors we can recommend for investment in Izmir are;

    • Wind and Solar power
    • Technology
    • Machinery and Industry
    • Chemistry
    • Food

    Also, having a fast growth rate for investment in every city, the real estate sector in Turkey is known and used as the most profitable investment tool. Offering great advantages with legal grounds especially for foreign investors, Turkey is known as a leading country.

    Real estate sector in Turkey gains value with ever-increasing new housing projects and changes the face of the country. If you want to take advantage of investment and travel opportunities in Turkey, you can contact us immediately, the Projescope team will be your friends on the way…

    About Izmir, The Pearl of The Aegean | Travel in Turkey


    All values we have told about Izmir reached intact today. Moreover, Izmir appreciates it invest value every day, but what you’ll see in Izmir, the city that comes to mind when one mentions travel in Turkey, will fascinate you… Izmir is a city that fascinates its visitors with its sea, which is known as a pearl and its delicious food. Due to its climate, Izmir forms a passionate bond with people visiting so it is the first location you can choose for a holiday hand in hand with nature in Turkey.

    Another area in Izmir that is as strong as the investment power is the tourism power, created by the tourists coming for travel, and it is constantly increasing. In addition, it is well known that foreign investors or foreigners who want to get citizenship frequently communicate to buy property in Izmir. Another reason why tourism is active in İzmir is cultural activities. Izmir is also popular for its congress and exhibition centers, and the cruise port in İzmir stands out as the third-largest in the ranking, which makes Izmir highly appealing to foreigners.

    New Housing Projects in Izmir | Invest and Travel Izmir


    Life and commercial activities are rapidly developing in Izmir, which is fascinating due to its value in every respect. Buying a property in Izmir, which has become a center of attraction, will be the most profitable business move you make in Turkey and will be the most valuable gift you can give yourself at the same time.

    Here are some of the new and important housing projects, which will improve your quality of life;

    Projescope will be there to help with these projects and more, and all your questions about the life you’re planning in Turkey will be answered if you get in touch with us…