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    2021 Sisli Housing Projects and Current Prices

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    Sisli housing projects offer options that will provide high investment value and lifetime earnings. They gain value as a center of attraction for housing buyers. For home buyers, special prices, suitable payment options, hundreds of housing options are offered.

    If you want to buy an affordable or luxurious apartment in Istanbul, housing options developed in Sisli are shown as the exact equivalent of the accessible luxury. If you want to buy the most suitable housing project for you, send your contact detail with the form to our sales experts and find the property that best suits your demands!

    Why are Sisli Housing Projects in Great Demand?

    Why does Sisli Housing Projects stand out as the most demanded option by housing buyers?

    Sisli housing projects rapidly add value to the fastest-developing region of Istanbul, they also have created both social and cultural transformation in the region. Sisli housing projects whose value has increased due to urban transformation activities offer alternatives that will add value to your life.

    Housing projects developed in Sisli that is one of the most valuable regions in Istanbul provide many privileges that will add value to the lives of the investors.


    Sisli experiences an increase in value as one of the fastest-developing regions for housing buyers who plan to invest in Sisli that is one of the most valuable regions of Istanbul. You will understand the profits of housing investment in Sisli by scrutinizing the regional features, and the rate of increase in housing prices in Sisli.

    Sisli Housing Projects, Strengthen Your Investment!


    Sisli housing projects provide fast rental income, privileged living spaces and opportunities in order to earn lifelong profits for housing buyers who plan to buy house in Istanbul! If you want to invest in housing, Istanbul offers financial and privileged living standards with special living spaces as well as Sisli housing projects.

    The change in Istanbul housing sector because of the urban transformation and housing projects in Sisli is spectacular. Strengthen your investment by purchasing house in Sisli. Have the opportunity to earn in all fields of life.

    Istanbul Sisli Region Guide


    The number of housing alternatives increases for housing buyers who plan to purchase housing in the Sisli region with the constantly improving regional conditions. Review Istanbul housing projects that will strengthen your investment!

    Sisli housing projects, which are the pioneers of transformation for Istanbul housing projects offer numerous alternatives for investors who want to make a housing investment.

    Before buying a house in Sisli, you need to make a regional analysis.

    You can choose the best housing option according to your living standards as a result of the regional analysis. Choose the location where you can find the most suitable housing options for your budget as well.

    Before choosing from Istanbul housing projects, making a regional analysis will be the right step to strengthen your housing investment.

    You need to take the right steps to strengthen your investment with regional analysis for Istanbul housing projects.

    Istanbul Sisli Regional Analysis


    Sisli housing projects provide several housing options. So, you need to make a regional analysis to strengthen your investment in Istanbul.

    Choosing the house that best suits your budget and standards will be an easy method of earning after the regional analysis and reviewing the opportunities.

    Sisli housing projects will provide a suitable option for you. You can find the house that best suits your standards by analyzing the population and examining the changes in housing prices.

    Firstly, you need to make regional researches as deciding the location to buy a house in Sisli,

    Sisli region is one of the most valuable locations of Istanbul. In addition to being adjacent to the most valuable regions of Istanbul, it is a rapidly developing district on the European Side of Istanbul. Sisli is one of the most central counties in Istanbul and urban transformation activities are still being carried out in the region.

    You will feel that you live in the heart of the city in Sisli which is adjacent to the most valuable districts of Istanbul such as Besiktas, Kagithane and Beyoglu.

    Sisli gains value thanks to its location close to transportation networks, link roads and bridges. It is a county that has lots of trading and shopping centers.

    Sisli also hosts countless cultural and artistic centers, historical artifacts, shopping, living, and trading centers. It is an ideal location for living and investing in Istanbul.

    You should take a look at the Sisli housing projects if you want to live in the city center.

    Sisli Real Estate Index


    Sisli housing projects attract the attention of housing buyers due to their fast increase in value. Sisli housing prices offer charming opportunities for capital owners who want to buy house in Istanbul.

    The total population in Sisli of 279.817 and the socio-economic status is A+. The young and old population is almost equivalent in Sisli.

    According to the Sisli real estate index, the average housing value has been estimated at TL 560.324.

    The return period of your housing investment in Sisli: 17 years.

    10 Sisli Housing Projects | 2021 Current Prices


    Sisli housing projects will add value to your life. You can add value to your life by choosing affordable housing alternatives with favorable location features and high value in Istanbul housing projects.

    Istanbul housing projects provide hundreds of affordable alternatives that will add value to your life. Do not let the options No need to get confused among several options!

    Check out 10 Sisli housing projects we have selected for you. Or, you can get support from our professional consultants for other alternatives!

    Bomonti Residence By Rotana
    Quasar Istanbul
    Mint Sisli
    Kuleli Evleri Poyraz 2
    Bomonti Kuleli
    Elysium Art Sisli
    Elysium Residence Kurtulus
    Now Bomonti
    Elysium Fantastic Bomonti
    Torun Center

    Nidapark Bomonti | Sisli Housing Projects


    Residential Type    : Apartment
    Company                : Tahincioglu Gayrimenkul
    m²                            : 63 – 243 m²
    Delivery Date         : March 2021

    Nidapark Bomonti project consisting of 3 blocks will add value to your life among Istanbul Sisli housing projects. The housing project consisting of 25-storeys with 599 apartments and 60 offices.

    With its commercial units and facilities of the housing project, housing buyers are provided many opportunities.

    You will feel the advantages of living in the city center in the housing project which offers charming offers for housing buyers who want to add value to their investment with affordable housing options.

    You can feel that the interior and exterior features are developed in accordance with your quality of life in the housing project with a land area of 18.079 sqm.

    The Nidapark Bomonti project which will add value to your life among Istanbul housing projects will also provide privileges for your life.

    You can have a life full of privileges at Nidapark Bomonti with Bosphorus view apartments.

    Quasar Istanbul | Sisli Housing Projects



    Residential Type    : Residence
    Company                : Viatrans-Meydanbey
    m²                            : 82 – 179 m²
    Delivery Date         : Ready

    Sisli housing projects provide the Quasar Istanbul project, which will add value to your life. It is a life complex full of privileges and developed in Mecidiyekoy.

    Quasar Istanbul offers a wide range of facilities with 257 apartments and 17 shops / stores. Quasar Istanbul project which has a land area of 27.000 sqm consisting of 40 storeys is a mixed-use housing project that will be the center of attraction of investors who want to buy houses.

    In addition to being located in one of the most central parts of the city, Quasar Istanbul project opens the door of a privileged life on the European Side of Istanbul 4 cafes and 17 stores are included within the scope of the project.

    Along with the smart house systems, there are several areas that will add value to your life. Nearby shopping malls, hotels, culture and arts centers will make your life advantageous in addition to the office, residence and extensive social facilities included in the project.

    You can live in the most central part of Istanbul with apartment sizes ranging from 1 + 1 to 5 + 1.

    You can have the privilege of living in the most valuable region of Istanbul without having any transportation issues.

    Mint Sisli | Sisli Housing Projects



    Residential Type   : Apartment
    Company               : Mint
    m²                            : 43 – 102 m²
    Delivery Date         : Ready

    Istanbul housing projects host Mint Sisli project which is appreciated with its central location includes many units that will add value to your life with its features.

    Istanbul housing projects, Mint Sisli is an important alternative to live in a central location and to meet the affordable of accessible luxury.

    Mint Sisli project bears the signature of Mint with 77 apartments in Sisli that is one of the most valuable locations on the European Side of Istanbul. It has a landscape area of 220 sqm with the Japanese garden concept.

    Mint Sisli project contains many opportunities ranging from electric vehicle stations to free shuttle service. It has been developed to add value to your life and strengthen your investment. It fascinated the home buyers who want to live in the city center with apartments ranging from 1 + 0 to 2 + 1.

    The project developed in Sisli which is one of the most central locations in Istanbul is very a special housing project thanks to several opportunities. The project is located 10 minutes away from Kanyon Shopping Mall and Levent metro station.

    15 July Martyrs Bridge: 5 km
    Zincirlikuyu metrobus station: 3 km
    Zorlu Center: 3 km away from the project.

    Kuleli Evleri Poyraz 2 


    Residential Type   : Apartment
    Company               : Yildirim Yapi
    m²                            : 53 – 159 m²
    Delivery Date         : Ready

    Istanbul housing projects, Kuleli Evleri project located in Sisli provides comfortable living spaces for housing buyers in Bomonti with 94 apartments.

    The project offers affordable luxury with special payment options for housing buyers in Istanbul. It is a very special housing project that you can choose in Sisli county.

    The details of the project developed in Bomonti which is the fastest-developing region of Sisli and gaining value as a transformation region, will enchant you.

    The project presents a privileged life with its affordable and aesthetic interior and exterior features. You will have opportunities for your life and investment beyond your expectations. You will have a privileged life with Kuleli Evleri which will allow you to improve your comfort zone thanks to its security measures.

    It stands out as one of the most valuable projects you can choose in Istanbul Sisli. It will provide investment opportunities for your life. You will have the opportunity to get a comfortable and privileged life at affordable prices in Istanbul Sisli.

    Sisli housing projects, you can earn a lifelong profit and have a comfortable life by purchasing a house from Kuleli Evleri 2. It provides several opportunities for your life and investment.

    Bomonti Kuleli 



    Residential Type   : Apartment
    Company               : Yildirim Yapi
    m²                            : 65 – 143 m²
    Delivery Date         : Ready

    Bomonti Kuleli project developed on an area of 7.080 sqm in Istanbul offers apartments from 65 to 143 m². Bomonti Kuleli project is a housing project that will draw your attention with comfortable living opportunities and a high investment value in Istanbul.

    Sisli housing projects are rapidly being developed along with special opportunities for housing investors.

    Bomonti Kuleli is one of the projects specially developed for capital owners who want to invest in Istanbul properties. You will get countless privileges for your life.

    Sisli housing projects will provide many privileges for your life in Istanbul. You can have comfortable living opportunities in your house which has a lifelong value.

    You can get detailed information from our real estate experts if you want to earn a lifelong income by purchasing one of the housing projects that offer a wide range of opportunities with 52 apartments and 13 stores / shops.

    Just send your contact details with the form for us to contact you, and our solution partners will contact you as soon as possible. Get your lifetime home and begin enjoying strong investment opportunities as of today!

    Elysium Art Sisli 



    Residential Type   : Residence
    Company               : Ofton Insaat
    m²                            : 68 – 429 m²
    Delivery Date         : Ready

    Sisli housing projects, Elysium Art Sisli in Bomonti offers 214 residences. Elysium Art Sisli project has housing options ranging from 68 to 429 m². You can have a life full of privileges with the provided housing options.

    Elysium Art Sisli project offers alternatives that will add value to your life among Istanbul housing projects. It is a mixed-used 26-storey housing project. In the project in which 7 store / shop options are additionally offered, you will have many alternatives to improve your business connections as well as your life.

    Elysium Art Sisli is possible to be the most suitable housing project for you. If you are looking for an option that offers luxury and affordable conditions altogether in Istanbul Sisli.

    You can get informed about the most suitable option among the housing options with types from 1 + 1 to 4,5 + 1. Our professional real estate consultants will help you.

    Without getting confused, you can see the housing options in our extensive real estate portfolio and make a decision about the most suitable house for you. Do not waste your time to get detailed information and take the first step into your comfortable life.

    Now, send your contact details via the form. Let our real estate consultants contact you. As your solution partner, we provide the detailed information about Sisli housing projects and offer the key of a comfortable life!

    Elysium Residence Kurtulus 



    Residential Type   : Apartment
    Company               : Ofton Insaat
    m²                            : 53 – 142 m²
    Delivery Date         : Ready

    Sisli housing projects, Elysium Residence Kurtulus project is developed in a special location where urban transformation activities which are the center of Istanbul housing investment are taken place as well as comfortable living opportunities.

    Before choosing among alternatives presenting special opportunities for housing investors who want to invest in housing in Istanbul. You should get information from our sales experts.

    Elysium Residence Kurtulus is one of the alternatives that will add value to your life and investment among Istanbul housing projects. It offers 1+1, 2+1 duplex and 3+1 options.

    1+1 apartments have a width of 53 m², 2+1 duplexes have widths of 130 m² and 3+1 apartments have a width of 142 m². You can request the details of the Sisli housing projects from our sales consultants. You will not waste your time thanks to the opportunities that will support your life and gain.

    Sisli housing projects will add value to your life and investment beyond your expectations. They are constantly gaining value thanks to the urban transformation activities along with being the most comfortable location to live in Istanbul.

    Send your contact information to our sales experts with the form in no time. Now, get the ideal option following your dreams and budget!

    You will have private living spaces such as Osmanbey, Nisantasi, Tesvikiye, Macka, Harbiye, Beyoglu, Mecidiyekoy and Maslak. Istanbul housing projects offer several opportunities by providing several privileges with social living spaces.

    Right now, send your contact details to our sales expert via the form and take advantage of privileged living standards!

    Now Bomonti | Sisli Housing Projects


    Istanbul Sisli housing projects, Now Bomonti offers opportunities for your investment. It was constructed at a developing part because of the urban transformation activities.

    Bomonti region gains value with urban transformation activities along with new housing projects. There are alternatives that will add value to your life.

    The projects that gain value due to the development in one of the fastest developing regions of Istanbul will provide new opportunities for your life!

    Now Bomonti project has investment and life opportunities in Istanbul. It provides comfort for your life as well as many opportunities that will make your investment profitable.

    Besides, the Now Bomonti housing project is close to living centers. It is located next to shopping centers, stores and many other facilities.

    Sisli is one of the most valuable regions of Istanbul by hosting private living spaces. By benefiting from the opportunities that will provide strong investment opportunities in Istanbul, you can have the opportunities of lifelong income.

    Countless opportunities will add value to your life with the increasing housing prices and living standards in Istanbul. Among Istanbul housing projects, valuable living spaces are still being developed, as well as opportunities full of privileges for you.

    Cevahir Shopping Mall: 1 km
    Zorlu Shopping Center: 4 km
    City’s Shopping Center: 1,5 km
    Kanyon Shopping Mall: 3.5 km away from the project.

    Sisli gains value with the transportation facilities among Istanbul housing projects. The living standards are constantly improving with developing amenities.

    Sisli New Housing Projects and Projects Under Construction


    Sisli housing projects, new housing projects are being developed that will add value to your life. New structures developed with the activities that pioneered the transformation open the doors of safe and contemporary life.

    Istanbul Sisli housing projects, big projects are also being developed as well as buildings developed with urban transformation activities. You can take important steps for your life with Istanbul housing investment.

    Sisli housing projects, do not miss the chance of buying a house that will be completed in 2021, or ready and under construction! There is an important thing that adds value to housing projects gaining value with housing options for sale.

    Benefit from prepayment alternatives and prices, especially by choosing one of the under-construction housing projects. Earn a lifetime with your strong housing investment!

    Decreasing land stocks in the Sisli region stands out as an important feature that adds value to housing projects. You should examine the Sisli housing projects whose value always increases in Istanbul.

    Send your contact information with the form. The professional sales consultants of Projescope will contact you as soon as possible and provide answers to all your questions by offering special payment options, affordable prices and housing options.

    Let’s offer the most ideal projects for your invest in the Istanbul real estate sector by presenting special solutions!