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    Buyukcekmece Housing Projects | Istanbul Real Estate Guide

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    Buyukcekmece housing projects provide extensive opportunities with many new projects for capital owners planning to property invest in Istanbul.

    The Istanbul real estate market offers countless options for domestic and foreign housing buyers. Charming Buyukcekmece housing projects are developed for every segment of people.

    Buyukcekmece housing projects provide valuable living spaces that will make your dreams come true with many advantages that are suitable for bank loans. With rental guarantees, the projects will provide a fast return and will leave no question marks in your mind!

    Buyukcekmece housing projects are in great demand in recent years and offer charming offers for housing buyers who plan to property invest in Istanbul.

    Your Guide for Current Buyukcekmece Housing Projects


    Buyukcekmece housing projects; you can reach the most up-to-date prices, current projects, special payment options, floor plans, and much more detailed information through our professional sales consultants.

    Moreover, you can have a strong investment and privileged living standards by taking advantage of our outcome-oriented cooperation with our specific solutions.

    Buyukcekmece housing projects with modern exterior architecture create a transformation in the district. They also draw the attention of housing buyers with their intriguing interior architecture.

    Buyukcekmece housing projects are among the most ideal options to invest in housing, The projects become a center of attraction for housing buyers with the precious social living areas in the region in addition to strengthen your capital.

    You can find all the details you are looking for about the Buyukcekmece region analysis and housing project guide we have prepared for home buyers. Contact us and get more detailed information. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Let us present Buyukcekmece housing projects that best suit your living and budget standards in the district of Buyukcekmece. As well as our recommendations which guide for your investment.

    5 Prominent Buyukcekmece Housing Projects


    Buyukcekmece housing projects, we have gathered the most special alternatives developed in 2020-2021. Buyukcekmece housing projects will neighbor the most important and rapidly-developing regions such as Beylikduzu, Catalca, Silivri, Esenyurt, and Arnavutkoy.

    Besides, you will have easy access to all parts of Istanbul without any transportation problems thanks to the mega projects. Your house will gain fast value with the regional transformations!

    You can review the most current Buyukcekmece housing projects and get all the details on the website of Projescope. You can contact our professional sales consultants who will provide the most up-to-date information in no time!

    Ask our consultants and have information!

    Buyukcekmece housing projects are rapidly appreciated in Istanbul. There are several options where you can find alternatives that best suit your budget and standards!

    Marina 24
    Aden Garden Villalari
    Dia Bella Mimaroba
    Elmas Istanbul Konaklari
    Demir Life
    Yesilyaka Su



    3. The Regional Analysis of Buyukcekmece
    4.The Population Analysis of Buyukcekmece
    7.Housing Investment in Buyukcekmece
    a. 2 Fantastic Villa Projects among Buyukcekmece Housing Projects
    b. 5 Affordable Housing Projects Among Buyukcekmece Housing Projects
    c.Luxury Apartments For Sale in Buyukcekmece

    1. Ready Housing Projects in Buyukcekmece


    Buyukcekmece housing projects add value to their value with newly-developed projects.

    A residence with a sea view or a luxury villa with a private garden?

    A luxury residence overlooking Buyukcekmece Lake or a flat having modern architecture?

    There are hundreds of ready Buyukcekmece housing projects where you can find alternatives that are suitable for your budget and offer strong investment opportunities according to your demands.

    Be sure that you evaluate all of the options through our professional consultancy service!

    Do not waste your time, and miss the house of your dreams!

    We guarantee that we will find the house that best suits your budget and standards.

    Marina 24: Buyukcekmece Housing Projects


    • Residential Type : Apartment
    • Company              : 24 Gayrimenkul
    • m2                          : 69 – 343 m²
    • Delivery Date        : Ready

    Buyukcekmece housing project presents Marina 24! The project stands out with its sea view, also offers not only investment but high living standards.

    The project consists of 18 blocks and 367 large and spacey apartments with a fascinating sea view.

    Along with the social facilities included in the Marina 24 project, it offers attractive offers to investors with 30 store/shop alternatives. Marina 24 project offers a fully luxurious living in Istanbul.

    Marina 24 project was developed on 30.000 sqm land, is Buyukcekmece housing projects that will strengthen your investment with its landscape areas and social facilities!

    This special mixed-use project among Buyukcekmece housing projects provides outstanding apartments offering spacious living spaces with a ceiling height of 3.5 meters as well as the fascinating energy of the sea view.

    You will have a privileged life with Buyukcekmece housing projects by purchasing an apartment from this project that is appreciated with the sea and social living spaces.

    You can carry the glow of the Buyukcekmece Coast which has become one of the rapidly valued and popular locations of Istanbul into your life. In this way, you can feel the sunshine all day long.

    Buyukcekmece housing projects which attract attention with their location features stand out with their distance to E-5 and TEM connection roads. Besides, they provide easy transportation opportunities for the housing buyers with their close distance to public means of transport.

    Aden Garden Villas: Buyukcekmece Housing Projects


    • Residential Type : Villa
    • Company              : Hisar Grup Insaat
    • m2                         : 250 – 270 m²
    • Delivery Date       : December 2020

    Buyukcekmece housing projects present Aden Garden Villas project which is appreciated with budget-friendly prices. The project provides a luxurious and privileged life in Istanbul.

    Its social facilities await to add value to the lives of home buyers with 28 independent villas with private gardens in the center of the city.

    Aden Garden Villas project which is in high demand by housing buyers draws attention due to their private living spaces in Istanbul. The project was developed for 28 special families! 65% of the project consists of green areas. You will live in the center of the city but you will stay away from chaos.

    While living in one of the most central locations of the city, you will have a life full of privileges in your specially-isolated villa.

    The project amazes home buyers with its comfortable living spaces, private gardens, and social facilities. It also stands out as one of the most affordable alternatives to feel privileged in Istanbul.

    If you want to buy a property with a private garden from Buyukcekmece housing projects, Aden Garden Villas project is just for you!

    The only step you need

    to take is to send your contact details via the form by which the professional real estate consultants of Projescope can contact you!

    The project is identified as budget-friendly among the villa projects developed both in the center and away from the city center!

    You will add privilege to your life thanks to Aden Garden Villas. You will have the opportunity to evaluate not only your life but also your capital.

    Your villa will be valued with the positive impact of the increasing housing prices day by day. It will be the right decision to strengthen your future!

    Let’s view the location features of Aden Garden Villas.

    The project is specially designed and developed for 28 families. It is located in the district of Buyukcekmece which is one of the most valuable locations in Istanbul.

    Aden Garden Villas is among the Buyukcekmece housing projects in Guzelce. The project attracts the attention of housing buyers as a private living space where you can enjoy your life for four seasons.

    Dia Bella Mimaroba: Buyukcekmece Housing Projects


    • Residential Type : Apartment
    • Company              : Ahmet Kul Insaat
    • m2                         : 97 – 147 m²
    • Delivery Date       : Ready

    Buyukcekmece housing projects present Dia Bella Mimaroba project which makes a difference with its opportunities. The project gains privilege with its contemporary exterior architecture and landscaping.

    Dia Bella Mimaroba provides a private outdoor swimming pool which has an overflow waterfall characteristic. The project makes a difference with its smart home systems and landscaping areas while the cinema hall gains attraction with its special picnic areas and location.

    The project is also riveting with its special design in Istanbul Buyukcekmece which continues to gain value with the means of transportation.

    Dia Bella Mimaroba has been taken place in one of the most valuable locations of Buyukcekmece, and it rapidly gains value with its wide streets and link roads. It will be enough to send your contact details with the form to purchase an apartment from the project which is valued with facilities such as shopping malls, schools, and hospitals nearby!

    To live comfortably and have unlimited opportunities provided by its social facilities, please send your contact details and contact us!

    Get informed about the Dia Bella housing projects or other Buyukcekmece housing projects.

    Its location provides an easy connection to wide streets and main roads.

    You can learn about the projects and different alternatives in Istanbul Buyukcekmece on the website of Projescope.

    Sakli Bahce Konaklari: Buyukcekmece Housing Projects


    • Residential Type : Apartment
    • Company              : Beyazlar Insaat
    • m2                         : 160 – 275 m²
    • Delivery Date       : Ready

    Buyukcekmece housing projects offer Sakli Bahce Konutlari by which you can add value to your life and your investment with ready apartments in Buyukcekmece. The project which also has duplex apartments stands out as a boutique family compound.

    The project has private storage rooms for each apartment, indoor parking lots, security, and private landscaping areas. You can have private living spaces by purchasing an apartment that offers strong investment opportunities as well as private living areas.

    You will have the opportunity to become an apartment owner at affordable prices in the project in addition to duplex apartments which are spacious and large. All of the apartments are designed as 3 + 1 and duplex apartment options as 3 + 2.

    The project is designed to add value to your life with its private living spaces. There are privileged options for homebuyers who want to buy housing with a high investment value in Buyukcekmece.

    Buyukcekmece housing projects are in high demand! You can contact us by sending us your contact details via the form as soon as possible. Buy an apartment from this special project whose privileges will add value to your life and investment.

    You can call or contact our sales consultants via WhatsApp. By taking advantage of this housing project at an affordable price in Istanbul, you can earn lifelong profits.

    2. Under-Construction Buyukcekmece Housing Projects


    You can take advantage of pre-payment options by purchasing one of the incomplete and under construction residences in Istanbul Buyukcekmece. You can make a strong investment by purchasing a residence that is still under construction among Buyukcekmece housing projects.

    The project in the region offers personal payment options which are suitable for bank loans, and different living standards and budgets. You can get a lifetime gain.

    With the regional developments and urban transformation activities, improving social areas, different standards, you can create strong impacts on your life and investment in Istanbul.

    Besides, you can have the opportunity to live in one of the precious structures by purchasing one of the Buyukcekmece housing projects whose investment value rapidly increases.

    Elmas Istanbul Konaklari: Buyukcekmece Housing Projects


    • Residential Type : Apartment
    • Company              : YKM Fener Istanbul
    • m2                         : 92 – 224 m²
    • Delivery Date       : January 2021

    Buyukcekmece housing projects provide hundreds of options in which you can have attractive opportunities with pre-payment options.

    You can say hello to a privileged life in Istanbul by purchasing an apartment from the Elmas Istanbul Konaklari project which is under construction and incomplete in Buyukcekmece.

    The project which is planned to be ready in 2021 consists of 4 blocks consisting of 4-storeys. You can have details about the project which guarantees you to enjoy the sea and lake view from the upper apartments by visiting our website.

    You can learn about

    ready and newly-developed projects in the region of Buyukcekmece through our sales consultants.

    You can have advantageous opportunities by getting informed through our superior bargaining techniques. Furthermore, we provide you the chance to compare different alternatives with the project you are planning to purchase.

    The housing project consisting of 80 apartments is located in a special compound. If you want to watch the lake and sea view all day long and get rid of the chaos of the city, send your contact details here. We will contact you right away!

    The project which is distinguished with its location features is only 50 km from E-5 Highway, 500 meters away from Buyukcekmece Coast, and 850 meters away from the Marina. The Elmas Istanbul project which is also 100 meters away from the Metrobus, is 6 km to the TEM Link Road.

    Easily access Hadimkoy Toll Booths and many other alternative link roads. Easily reach every point in Istanbul without wasting your time, means of public transport are within walking distance to your home.

    In order to have a life full of privileges in Istanbul, you can find houses at affordable prices, suitable for every budget and standard in Buyukcekmece. Buyukcekmece housing projects rising at points where you can easily access many facilities such as schools, hospitals, and public transport vehicles offer strong investment and living opportunities.


    Let’s find the house of your dreams together! You will constantly earn by having a profitable and comfortable living space!

    Demir Life: Buyukcekmece Housing Projects


    • Residential Type : Residence
    • Company              : Demir Insaat
    • m2                         : 55 – 287 m²
    • Delivery Date       : December 2023

    Demir Life project provides special options for housing buyers who want luxurious living standards in Buyukcekmece with its luxury residences.

    There are 52 shops in the Demir Life project which offers housing options that fully meet the definition of accessible luxury. The Buyukcekmece project which is planned to be completed in December 2023 is a life and investment project!

    Buy a residence by taking advantage of pre-payment options from this luxury project which provides special options for investing and living! The project with strong living standards has 821 residences and 52 stores!

    Demir Life offers both luxury and strong investment value as well as office options. Have one of the stores with a strong signage value.

    Add value to both your brand and your commercial activities quickly!

    To get detailed information about the project, send us your contact details via the form as soon as possible. Our professional sales consultants will contact you as soon as possible.

    Invest in your life as of today, and start improving your future earnings now!

    Prestige Evleri: Buyukcekmece Housing Projects


    • Residential Type : Apartment
    • Company : Prestige Group
    • m2: 72 – 320 m²
    • Delivery Date : November 2020

    Prestige Evleri housing project offers sea view options among Buyukcekmece housing projects. Fantastic life opportunities with affordable payment terms await you in Buyukcekmece.

    There are sea view housing alternatives in Prestige Evleri where 5 + 2 duplex housing options have been developed. The project including 38 apartments offers strong investment opportunities in the region with the options of villas and apartments.

    Let’s gracefully shape your future as of today!

    In addition to special payment options, we offer the opportunity to make your dreams come true with different standards with our high bargaining techniques.

    Along with the transformation activities in Istanbul in 2020-2021, both social and cultural transformation, and regional developments are being proceeded rapidly.

    By purchasing an apartment from the Prestige Evleri project, you can have the opportunity to have a life full of privileges. In addition to pre-payment options, you will participate in the transformation with ongoing development activities in the district.

    Casablu Istanbul: Buyukcekmece Housing Projects


    • Residential Type : Apartment
    • Company : Mutlu Insaat
    • m2: 65 – 234 m²
    • Delivery Date : December 2021

    Casablu Istanbul project provides strong investment value as well as the privileges it has among Buyukcekmece housing projects.

    The project stands out as the most valuable structure among the Buyukcekmece housing projects. It offers valuable buildings among the sea view housing projects.

    Casablu Istanbul project providing affordable and amazing housing options among Istanbul housing projects is a very charming life project in the Buyukcekmece region.

    Casablu project which will be completed in 2021 offers extensive social opportunities in addition to the sea view. You can get informed about the project which offers the opportunity to live in the most valuable point of Buyukcekmece with its spacious and large apartments.

    It offers opportunities such as its location, housing types, special payment terms, rental guarantee, and many other advantages.

    3. The Regional Analysis of Buyukcekmece | Shopping Centers, Schools


    Hospitals, Social and Cultural Centers






    21 Educational Institutions


    17 Governmental Health Institutions
    16 Private Health Institutions

    Buyukcekmece housing projects, you should view the regional analysis to choose the most suitable alternative for your living standards and budget.

    Istanbul is an important district among Buyukcekmece housing projects with its regional developments, population characteristics, and various features for strong housing investment.

    Where should I buy a house in Buyukcekmece? You will find answers to all your questions…

    Where can I buy an affordable house in Buyukcekmece?
    What is the best part of Buyukcekmece for my living standards?
    Which region of Buyukcekmece has undergone the fastest transformation?
    Where should I choose for a luxury life in Buyukcekmece?


    Where are the nearest houses to the shopping centers? Which housing projects are closest to the schools? You will find all of the answers.

    There is a powerful mentality of the municipality in Buyukcekmece. With the development of non-governmental organizations, and integration of associations throughout the province, progress is achieved at macro level with regional developments day by day.

    Before choosing one of the Buyukcekmece housing projects, you should know whether the cultural level in the region is suitable for you.

    Buyukcekmece combines municipal mentality with modern and technological infrastructure. There are important cultural centers and areas where activities such as theater, conference, and music concert are held in the region.

    In Buyukcekmece, there are;
    Libraries and Student Centers,
    Art Galleries,
    Theater Centers,
    Conference and Panel Centers

    4. The Population Analysis of Buyukcekmece

    Total Population              : 254.103
    The Number of Males     : 125.886
    The Number of Females : 128.217

    Socioeconomic Assessment

    Among Districts: 94 / 258

    Level of Education

    Elementary School : 45.228
    Secondary School  : 38.244
    Highschool               : 56.379
    College                     : 45.019
    Other                         : 69.233

    Marital Status

    Married : %62 119.243
    Single    : %38 73.228

    5. REAL ESTATE INDICES OF BUYUKCEKMECE – Average Prices of Housing Projects


    Average Prices of Housings: TL 382.720
    Period of Return on Investment: 21 Years
    Average Width of Housings: 2+1,100 sqm

    Average house prices in Buyukcekmece housing sector have been calculated as TL 382.720. Your return on investment will vary according to the lowest and highest prices. However, your return on investment will be realized in 21 years according to average prices.

    According to the data, you can choose the project that best suits your standards when buying a house.

    After determining the most suitable criteria for your living standards among Buyukcekmece housing projects and examining the average data in the region, you can select the best way for you.

    By examining 2020 price changes in Buyukcekmece housing projects, you can calculate the return of the housing investment.

    Increasing housing prices not only increase the value of the region but also alter the mentality of housing projects.

    With the rise in housing price trends in Buyukcekmece, rental income has increased beyond expectations. The Istanbul real estate sector grows within the real estate sector of Turkey. It gains popularity beyond expectations at an increasing rate.

    With the rental income, you can quickly strengthen your capital and evaluate strong investment opportunities.



    One of the most prominent features that add value to Buyukcekmece housing projects is the location.

    Buyukcekmece housing projects offer strong investment opportunities with transportation facilities in addition to neighboring with the most valuable locations of Istanbul. The means of transportation you can choose to pass from Buyukcekmece to the Anatolian Side of Istanbul will make your life easier! Buyukcekmece stands out among the fastest developing and transforming regions of the European Side of Istanbul!

    You can easily travel with the advanced transportation opportunities between both sides of Istanbul. It will provide easy transportation between Buyukcekmece and other regions by land or sea transportation.

    It is possible to take advantage of metrobus, Marmaray, bus or sea transportation. You will save your time by traveling comfortably by using transportation lines according to your current location.

    To eliminate the transportation issue, it will be advantageous to find the house you will buy at a location close to vehicles and link roads.

    7. Housing Investment in Buyukcekmece


    Getting to know Buyukcekmece region and Buyukcekmece housing projects will enable you to take firm steps while investing in the housing sector. One of the largest districts of Istanbul is the Buyukcekmece district. Buyukcekmece region has the highest television tower in Turkey and the largest exhibition center of Turkey which is TUYAP!

    There are 3 private universities in Buyukcekmece. Besides, it gains value with 17 governmental health institutions. Many areas will add value to Buyukcekmece housing projects. Facilities are being developed without slowing down!

    The number of complexes that meet your daily needs such as shopping centers, hospitals, and banks is rapidly increasing the value of the region. Buy a house that best suits your budget and standards. Have a privileged life by getting a rental guarantee and a high return on investment lifelong!

    Most of the Buyukcekmece housing projects have a view of Buyukcekmece Lake.

    Among the features that will add value to your housing investment, the number of areas where you can easily meet all your needs is another attractive detail!

    Find the right place to make a strong investment in Turkey! Choose among Buyukcekmece housing projects suiting your budget and standards among Buyukcekmece housing projects providing special payment options. After those, get lifelong gains!

    2 Fantastic Villa Projects among Buyukcekmece Housing Projects


    Buyukcekmece housing projects provide fantastic villa projects with special areas that will make you feel peaceful and comfortable at the same time.

    Finding the best option for your standards from an ultra luxury villa or an affordable villa project is very easy!

    Our professional real estate consultants will present villa projects in the region and near the region!

    You can get free consultancy from professional sales consultants for more information …

    Yesilyaka Su                      (Detailed Information Here)

    Affordable Buyukcekmece Housing Projects


    Buyukcekmece housing projects provide several suitable projects for your budget! We will find house options for you in the price ranges you desire.

    Buying a property with a high investment value will be the right step to strengthen your capital in the region. Buyukcekmece region change with suitable options for every budget and every lifestyle among Buyukcekmece housing projects!

    Buyukcekmece housing project can be the best decision you have ever made to make a strong investment with a high rental return, living opportunities, and many details!

    Buyukcekmece housing projects are in high demand by homebuyers at every income level. Buyukcekmece housing projects offer special opportunities, especially for big families. While the interest in housing projects increases in the region where well-established educational institutions of Istanbul are present, housing prices are rapidly gaining value.

    Do not worry, increasing housing prices will only provide an advantage to strengthen your investment! With new Buyukcekmece housing projects, it will be very easy for you to buy whatever you want, especially among the incomplete projects!

    No matter what your budget and expectations are… It is possible to find the most suitable option among Buyukcekmece housing projects!

    Luxury Apartments for Sale in Buyukcekmece


    Are you looking for a luxury apartment among Buyukcekmece housing projects? First of all, let’s set your standards.

    What exactly are the criteria that create a luxury housing perception for you? Is the price range important for your budget? Maybe, apartment options are important to you?

    Is a spacious apartment with a room luxury for you? Or is it a villa with a private garden? You need to set your standards. Or you can decide after evaluating the alternatives.

    We guarantee that we will find the most suitable apartments for your budget and demands among Buyukcekmece housing projects. In line with your expectations with easy payment terms for sure!

    We will be glad to help you to find the most suitable house for your demands and expectations among Buyukcekmece housing projects.