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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Anyone thinking of buying property in Turkey has certain questions in mind. You can reach the questions and answers we have compiled briefly in this section for you with more detail and tangible data in the news section. If you cannot reach the question or answer you are looking for, we will be happy to help you if you contact us using our contact details in the relevant section.

    Here’s what you’re wondering.

    Invest $400.000,

    Get Turkish Citizenship

    How to get Turkish citizenship?

    Choose a very easy and rapid way to get Turkish Citizenship:

    To start with, according to the recent regulations, you can buy a property in Turkey worth  $400,000 or more to apply for Turkish citizenship.

    You can find more detailed information here.

    Do I have to get a residence permit to buy property in Turkey?

    No! Foreign investors can buy property without a residence permit in Turkey. Residence permits of property buyers are renewed every year.

    What are the documents required for a residence permit?

    At first, people wishing to get a residence permit should make an appointment through the website of Turkish Directorate General of Migration Administrationwhich provides all detailed information about the process.

    As preliminary information, the required documents  are as follows;

    • 8 photos (in the size of the passport picture)
    • 2 color copies of your passport
    • 2 copies of TAPU (TITLE DEED), documents about your own place of residence, lease  contract, in which the amount of payment you make is clearly indicated.
    • Your Turkish tax number, if any, otherwise, you should visit your local tax office and take necessary actions,
    • If you plan to re-apply, your residence book is required.
    • Your bank statement proving that you have enough money in the bank to support yourself.

    You can find more detailed information here.

    How to get a work permit in Turkey

    • At first, you need to have a residence permit. But you should be careful that your residence permit is longer than 6 months. Because, generally, applications for work permit of those who have a residence permit less than 6 months are rejected.
    • If you’re outside Turkey, you should contact the nearest Turkish Embassy or Turkish Consulate.
    • Apart from all these, if you have the necessary documents, you can get a work permit.

    You can find more detailed information here.

    How foreign people benefit from healthcare services in Turkey?

    • First of all, if you are going to make a medical visit during your trip, check your travel insurance.
    • Choose accommodation close to the private hospital where you can get healthcare services. Because you can easily communicate with English-speaking doctors in private hospitals and you do not waste your time by waiting.
    • Healthcare services in Turkey are of high standard and cost much less than in the US and Europe.
    • A small monthly fee will be required if you want to take advantage of the government’s (SGK-Social Security Institution) public health services. However, it is a better option to have your own health insurance as the waiting times in public hospitals will be long.

    You can find more detailed information here.

    What should I do to buy property in Turkey?

    1. Correct research: Find the real estate agent who will be the right intermediary for you.
    2. Choose your sales representative: Discuss all details. We can reach the most successful result quickly only if you correctly give details about yourself and your requests. 
    3. A professionally planned inspection: We can facilitate your search for property. It would be useful to take a look at all the options.
    4. Book a property and price freeze procedure:  If you have found the right property, we recommend that you book the property immediately with the help of the intermediary.
    5. Give a power of attorney to a lawyer who has been selected correctly to complete purchase transactions: During the purchasing transactions, the easiest and most practical choice for you is to give power of attorney to a trusted lawyer. 
    6. You can get your Title Deed(TAPU): The purchasing transactions take about 4 weeks. After all the documents are delivered, your property will be registered in your name. 

    You can find more detailed information here.

    What is TAPU (title deed)?

    It is the document showing that the property you have bought belongs to you. This document shows in detail all information about the property and its owner.

    Why you should get professional support during purchase in Turkey?

    Foreign nationals need support while buying property in a country they do not know.

    • You will have the opportunity to make the most appropriate choice for your quality expectations and budget options.
    • Most importantly, you can enjoy the safe purchasing process. You will have the opportunity to get support after the purchasing process.
    • With the professional service guarantee, you will have the opportunity to buy your dreamy home or make an investment without losing time.

    You can find more detailed information here

    Can foreign nationals use a loan when buying property in Turkey?

    Yes! There are 2 options.

    1. To use bank loan options.
    2. You can make long-term payment plans by agreeing with construction companies. 

    For more detailed information, we would appreciate your contacting us using our contact details in contact section.

    Which qualities increase the value of the real estate?

    Domestic and foreign investors in Turkey have enabled properties to be turned into a tool by conducting trade in the property market. Knowing the dynamics of the property market will be beneficial while investing and learning the value of the property afterwards. These factors will be of great importance when determining the sales value of the property.

    1. Being developed in a central location
    2. Having transportation opportunities,
    3. Being a new building,
    4. Apartment facing the side of the building that takes the sunlight,
    5. Apartment facing the front side,
    6. Apartment being located on the middle floors.
    7. Having a view and an open field on the front.
    8. Offering common areas (gym,social facilities etc.)

    You can find more detailed information here.

    Remarkable details about choosing a projects;

    Specify your budget!

    1. Eliminate from the options you choose.
    2. Compare the price that was offered and the market price.
    3. Make sure that there is no record of hypothec or distraint record on the apartment.
    4. Evaluate the distance to transportation and social facilities.
    5. Make your research about the construction company.

    You can find more detailed information here.

    What is Valuable Property Tax?

    This is the type of tax that will be paid for the properties that worth more than 5 million TL.

    According to the new regulation, owners of these types of properties will pay Valuable Property Tax alongside annual real estate tax.

    This tax is divided into 3 parts:

    1. For the properties worth between 5 million TL to 7.5 million TL the required tax will be %0.3.
    2. For the properties worth between 7.5 million TL to 10 million TL the required tax will be %0.6.
    3. For the properties worth more than 10 million TL the required tax will be %1.

    Do foreign nationals have to pay income tax in Turkey?

    • You have to pay taxes according to the proportion of income acquired in Turkey. For example; if you have a property and you gain rental income on this property, you need to pay tax for it.
    • If you invest in Turkey, you definitely have to pay tax.

    You can find more detailed information here.

    What is the applicable tax procedure for foreigners in Turkey?

    Taxation policies in Turkey is provide benefits for you. You can get rid of double taxation. If you pay 25% tax in Turkey for the profits you have made, you will not be obliged to pay any tax while entering your home country with this money.

    Why foreign investors prefer to invest in Turkey?

    1. Volume of Domestic Market:  The domestic market in Turkey continues to expand and enable people to make profit by virtue of the increasing number of well-educated and rich professionals.
    2. Tax Policies and incentives:  As Turkey is offers positive alternatives in the field of taxation, it lowered corporate tax rate from 33% to 20%. In addition, the state offers a wide range of incentive options for foreign investors.
    3. Dynamic Population: Turkey has a population of approximately 80 million, 60% of which is comprised by the young population.
    4. Developed Economy: Given the actual data on import and export rates and volume, Turkish economy is the largest 20th economy in the world.  Accordingly, Turkey is shown as an ideal country for investment and thus preferred.

    You can find more detailed information here.

    Which sectors are preferred for investment in Turkey?

    In addition to a wide range of sectors in Turkey, constantly evolving and rapidly growing new projects are drawing attention. Apart from the ideas we offer you, there are many advantageous options as follows;

    • Real estate
    • Investment in stocks
    • Information & Technology
    • Textiles & Ready-Made Clothing
    • Tourism
    • Energy

    You can find more detailed information here.