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    Acquiring Property & Citizenship

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    Acquiring Property & Citizenship in Turkey

    There are some important points foreign investors who want to get citizenship in Turkey should consider. Real estate investment is known as a powerful investment instrument all around the world. It guarantees your earnings no matter if it is for ownership only or for making a profit. Purchasing one or more properties in Turkey with a minimum value of $400,000 provides you both a strong capital gain and Turkish citizenship. Explore the advantages of having Turkish Citizenship and Turkish Passport while owning a house in a different country, and citizenship. Real estate in Turkey is a powerful investment source not only for your money but also for your life.

    Invest $400.000,

    Get Turkish Citizenship

    Acquiring Turkish Citizenship by Purchasing Property

    Turkish Citizenship by buying property has recently been used as a popular investment tool by foreign investors. Thanks to the cycle created by the strong demand from investors for Turkish citizenship, both the value of real estate increases and it is easier to acquire Turkish citizenship in the international arena. While the conditions for buying property and obtaining citizenship in Turkey are getting easier day by day, the services you will receive have been developed by our professional consultants.

    How long does the Acquiring Property & Citizenship process take in Turkey?

    One of the most frequently asked questions about the acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by purchasing real estate is the process. Your citizenship process is completed within a maximum of 6 months after purchasing the real estate and then preparing the necessary documents and making the final application. After that, you can get your Turkish citizenship.

    Discover The Projescope Consultancy for Turkish Citizenship

    In order to get more information about Turkish citizenship and property buying, check out our extensive real estate portfolio. Complete your property purchases with the help of our expert sales team. There is a wide range of property options you can buy in Turkey. Don’t waste time exploring luxury apartments, villas, branded residential projects with rich facilities, hotels, commercial properties and many more. Furthermore, one or more properties that you will purchase for a minimum of $400,000 will provide the opportunity to acquire Turkish citizenship for your entire family.

    What Countries Can You Buy Property Without Being a Citizen?

    Turkey is one of the countries that provide citizenship by property investment. Some European countries grant residence permits with real estate or different investment vehicles. Turkey is one of the most popular countries. Obtaining citizenship by investing in real estate has strict requirements in some countries. However, citizenship by investment Turkey is simple and fast. So, it is the most popular investment program for foreign investors. In addition to investing in real estate, there are ways to acquire Turkish citizenship, such as bank deposits or establishing a company. However, these investment programs involve transactions that are both more costly and require a long time and effort. You can now take the first step to start real estate investment.

    Buy a property. Obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing real estate. Take advantage of powerful investment opportunities, earn lifetime income. Send your contact details to our expert sales team. Have more information about strong housing investment without wasting time, discover opportunities.