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    Villas in Istanbul: Top 6 Luxury Project for Sale

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    Villas in Istanbul offer exciting opportunities for residential buyers. Istanbul’s real estate sector is valued by villa housing projects which are developed not only in the center of Istanbul but also away from the crowd of the city. Great possibilities are offered to residential buyers with suitable detached house options for all budgets and living standards. In Turkey, purchasing a sea view villa or forest view detached house is not a dream any longer with the best Istanbul villa projects! If you want to have this sparkling lifestyle, take advantage of the free consultancy of Projescope and contact us, get free information about villas for sale in Istanbul!

    Villas For Sale in Istanbul: Lifelong Gain! 

    villas-in-Istanbul1 (1)

    Villas in Istanbul will make you gain a lifelong rental return and investment value without slowing down! Villa projects have wonderful opportunities within the Istanbul real estate market. Purchasing a villa in Istanbul will be the right choice for you and your family with their social facilities! Don’t worry about finding a suitable option for your budget. Just imagine buying a detached house that you will gain lifelong and contact the professional real estate agency!

    Best villas in Istanbul are offered for you and factors such as a limited budget should not prevent you from having one of them. Residential buyers have felt compelled to purchase in suburbs in Turkey. However, the Istanbul housing market provides great opportunities for residential buyers and high investment value with villa projects in Istanbul. As the Istanbul housing market provides great advantages for purchasing an off-plan villa, it offers great comfort in choosing fully-furnished and ready detached houses. For this reason, the opportunities offered for the residential buyers should be taken into consideration and the decision should be mindfully taken.

    Enjoy the Advantages of Buying a Detached House for a Lifetime!


    Villas in Istanbul will add marvelous advantages to your life if you purchase one of the villa projects in Istanbul. There are numerous advantages of living in a detached house. Among the newly developed housing projects in Istanbul. There are residence types that offer hotel comfort, housing projects constructed on the shopping centers, office projects, villa projects, and various types of housings. It will be decisive for you to examine the advantage. It will provide to your life when choosing the most suitable housing project in line with your needs and requests.

    Set Your Standarts! | Villas in Istanbul


    Luxury villas in Istanbul promise a fantastic opportunity to gain a lifelong profit with high investment value. The first advantage of living in a detached house is that you have a private and free living space. You can live as you wish in your private property and set your standards. Detached houses which are generally developed in Istanbul with the highest investment value will be the right option for rapid return. By choosing among Istanbul villa projects to gain a lifetime, you can both protect your private area and earn constantly.

    Istanbul villa projects eliminate the car park issue and expand your comfort area. You can have a peaceful life with your neighbors without any noise issues or other reasons. You can spend gorgeous times with your family and loved ones in your private garden and you can easily benefit from social facilities such as pools.

    Villa projects will be the biggest investment you will make in your life to open the doors of a privileged life with private living spaces. Detached houses might be intimidating in terms of maintenance or price. But you can eliminate these disadvantages by the way of advantages you will have by villas in Istanbul. With the professional team of Projescope, you can evaluate investment opportunities and have the key to a privileged life.

    Istanbul Housing Sector: Changing Traditions and New Trends


    While the traditional architectural buildings in the Istanbul housing market have changed shape with the Istanbul villa projects, a rapid transformation has been experienced with increasing demand. Housing buyers who want to invest in real estate in Istanbul have begun to keep up with the changing traditions and new trends. This entire process of change follows one another in a cycle. The rapid development and modernization process in Turkey has paved the way for changing all social life.

    The modernization process in Turkey has brought along sectoral developments. There are social changes in Turkey with the development of international trade and foreign relations. The tools which are included in the living spaces have also added different features in line with the changing habits. Habit changes have increased the value of the projects. This has led to the development of housing projects and social opportunities.

    Luxury mansions and detached houses with traditional architecture are located on the Istanbul coastline. Also, embellishing the dreams of the residential buyers have been replaced by affordable villas in Istanbul center. You can choose a villa in Istanbul to create your private space among constantly changing standards. Add new colors to your life!

    Which Counties are Preferred For Villas in Istanbul?


    Villas in Istanbul offer unique opportunities for residential buyers who want to have a holiday and a comfortable living space. There are villa projects where you will spend every moment of your life as you are on holiday in the city. There are usually luxury villas in Istanbul in regions such as Tarabya, Sariyer, and Uskudar. Purchasing a villa in the city centers such as Beylikduzu, Basaksehir, Bahcesehir, and Kucukcekmece offers the key of a comfortable life for residential buyers with great facilities.

    Villas in Istanbul offer affordable housing facilities for residential buyers, the housing market provides economical and luxury living opportunities. Some regions constantly gain popularity and develop different architectural themes at various prices. Thus, the regions with a luxury perception gradually leave their place to different counties of Istanbul. New project opportunities are offered for residential buyers who might not purchase villas because of high payment options in the regions having a luxury villa portfolio in Istanbul. Thanks to the opportunities developed without slowing down, having a villa in Istanbul comes to the fore as accessible luxury.

    If you want to buy villas in Istanbul that suits you, you can open the doors of a comfortable life by purchasing one of the villas in the city center, no need to go out of the city. With the villas for sale in Istanbul, you will get luxurious and comfortable facilities that you will feel like you are on vacation throughout your entire life. If you are tired of luxury residences that offer the comfort of a five-star hotel in Istanbul or apartment life, you can make the right investment for your family and yourself by purchasing one of the villa projects that include a garden or pool. For detailed information about all Istanbul projects and more, you can contact us here.

    Villas in Istanbul With High Investment Value


    Villas in Istanbul with high investment value might be questionable in the decision stage. so you should take a look at the projects we have chosen for you! With the professional real estate consultants of Projescope, you can decide on the most suitable villa among the residential projects developed in most valuable locations in Istanbul and go beyond your imagination!

    Yesilyaka Koru              BUYUKCEKMECE
    Yesilyaka Su                   BUYUKCEKMECE
    Mavera Villa                 BEYLIKDUZU
    Asrin Konaklari              BEYLIKDUZU
    Denizistanbul Marina    BEYLIKDUZU
    Aden Garden                   BUYUKCEKMECE
    Olive Sariyer                     SARIYER
    Maritza Loft                        SARIYER

    Villas in Istanbul


    Villas for sale in Turkey have all the possibilities for you to live like you are on holiday for 4 seasons, villas offer facilities such as private landscaping areas, pool or sauna or garden. As Istanbul villa projects will add value to your life with high investment value, they will create positive effects both socially and economically. While housing projects in Istanbul are rapidly changing, detached houses with private gardens or pools come to the forefront. After the alterations in the Istanbul housing market, there are also some changes in the structure of the villa projects. Villas that create a peaceful life and a comfortable area away from the chaos due to multi-storey housing projects have sloughed. It is observed that the unused functions of traditional villas have been replaced by advanced technologies.

    The value increase of villas in Istanbul depends on demand increase. As the real estate sector is analyzed, it is observed that the preferred rate of villas has increased not only in Istanbul but also in other developed cities in Turkey. When the real estate housing price index is analyzed, a rapid value increase is observed due to preference increase. You can contact us for detailed information about the villa projects that will make you continuously gain in the real estate sector in Istanbul.

    Yesilyaka Koru | BUYUKCEKMECE



    Residential Type   : Villa
    Company                   : Nurol GYO and MESA Mesken Sanayii A. S. Cooperation
    m²                                     : 272 – 380 m²
    Delivery Date            : Ready

    Villas in Istanbul include the riveting Yesilyaka Koru project! Nature is refinedly designed and protected in Yesilkaya Koru and it is beyond imagination. While you have the opportunity to live in the heart of nature with detached houses developed in the center of Istanbul, you can also raise your standards with a calming living space.

    As soon as you step into your villa in Istanbul, you will be satisfied! Every time you look through your window, your day will become more beautiful, you will easily obtain every opportunity you need. Isn’t it great to even imagine? Drawing attention with its unique payment options and comfortable living areas in the Istanbul housing market, Yesilyaka Koru offers the key of a life intertwined with nature. While enjoying nature in private gardens of the detached houses, you will lead a beautiful life thanks to its close location to the center.

    Yesilyaka Koru which is developed in cooperation with MESA and Nurol GYO is constructed on an area of 320.000 m². Yesilyaka Koru which draws attention with the importance it gives to green consists of 3 stages. All of the 168 villas in the project are designed as 5 + 2 detached duplex villas. There are 56 villas in the first stage for sale. The sizes of the villas in the project are designed as 369 m² and 379 m². Besides, each villa has 1 acre of land. Yesilyaka Koru which will add value to your life with its social facilities and landscape areas is designed for you to feel peaceful at any time of day.

    Location Features | Villas in Istanbul


    Yesilyaka Koru which offers you and your family the opportunity to make you feel privileged draws attention with its location features. Yesilyaka Koru which is located in Buyukcekmece will be in the first place in your preference order because it is proximate to educational institutions! It is located 2 minutes to Buyukcekmece Campus of Istanbul University, 5 minutes to Alkev, 8 minutes to Bahcesehir College, 6 minutes to MEV College and 10 minutes to Doga Schools.

    You can reach the central points such as Istanbul Airport, Hadimkoy Highway Entrance, Bahcesehir, Florya and Yesilkoy at short notice via both public transportation and private vehicles. Yesilyaka Koru will be the best choice to get away from the chaos of the city while getting closer to life! For detailed information about high-quality villas in Istanbul center and more, you can reach professional consultants of Projescope and get free consultancy.

    Mavera Villa | BEYLIKDUZU



    Residential Type       : Villa
    Company                      : Topuzlar Construction
    m²                                       : 730 m² – 750 m²
    Delivery Date             : Ready

    Villas in Istanbul include charming Mavera Villa projects which is developed on an area of 9.000 m² and it offers a dreamy life to buyers with its social facilities. Be prepared to open the doors of a privileged life with living spaces specially designed for you in Beylikduzu that is the rapidly developing region of the European Side of Istanbul! Consisting of 20 completely independent villas, Mavera Villa consists of houses, each built on an area of 9.000 m². Each villa has its garden in the project developed by Topuzlar Construction. With a garden area of 270 m². Mavera Villa project has been designed with fine details for the buyers. Developed with vast social facilities and high-security measures, the project will enable you to immerse yourself in unique life.

    Villas in Istanbul are remarkable as rewarding investment tools in Turkey. By purchasing a villa in Istanbul, you can get not only a comfortable life but also a unique investment opportunity. Fully-equipped with smart home technologies, Mavera Villa project is designed to give you control when you are away from your home. You can remotely manage your home with your smartphones and you will expand your comfort area with the measures taken against all kinds of issues. If you want to turn your living space into a lifelong investment, you can choose one of the villas for sale in Turkey to take your life quality to the highest levels.

    Location Features | Villas in Istanbul


    Sea view villas for sale in Istanbul offer Mavera Villa project which will make your life easier with its location – one of the most valuable locations of Beylikduzu region. Mavera Villa project which is only 1 minute away from Beylikduzu Beach draws attention with its sea view. Besides, Mavera Villa project which is 7 minutes away from Buyukcekmece Beach is also 5 minutes away from E-5 Highway. Mavera Villa which is 4 minutes away from Beylikduzu State Hospital, 20 minutes away from Ataturk Airport, 23 minutes away from the Istanbul Airport will save your time.

    Mavera Villa project is one of the most valuable housing projects in Istanbul which promises to bring the comfort of a 7-star hotel to your life. The project which will get you closer to life with its central location plans to add a new perspective to your life with its modern architecture. With high investment value, you will gain lifelong. It offers you unique nature and social facilities such as pool. Turning into a shining star with its location features, Mavera Villa project is ready for you to become your new living space!

    If you are fed up with the heavy traffic and chaos of Istanbul, you can make your life easier by purchasing one of the villas in the Istanbul center. You will also have the opportunity to expand your comfort area with villas in Istanbul which are located close to public transportation. You can contact us for detailed information about Mavera Villa project and other best villas in Istanbul and you can add new colors to your life by purchasing the key of your new life.

    Asrin Konaklari Marina | BEYLIKDUZU


    Residential Type    : Villa
    Company                    : Kuran Companies Group
    m²                                     : 200 – 420 m²
    Delivery Date            : Ready

    Asrin Konaklari project that is among the sea view villas for sale in Istanbul is developed by Kuran Companies Group and it is developed on an area of 23.000 m² in Beylikduzu. Asrin Konaklari which has 21 detached houses offers different types of villas such as 24 twin villas and 12 reverse duplex villas for the buyers.

    The weather is very hot and you want to cool yourself off as soon as you get your house? Asrin Konaklari project is meticulously designed for residential buyers. Before arriving at your home, you can set the temperature via your smartphone and enjoy your comfortable life. Also, you can raise your living standards and facilitate your life with lighting control, tablets, shutter-curtain control systems.

    Asrin Konaklari project which will make you feel like a lifelong holiday at the seaside is designed to offer a peaceful life. What do you think if we say that you can have unforgettable memories with your family and loved ones in front of your home? Asrin Konaklari is a housing project designed for you to live a dreamy life by the sea. Asrin Konaklari is designed as a suitable project for every budget and every living standard. You can take advantage of these unique opportunities in line with your demands and purposes.

    Location Features | Villas in Istanbul


    The villa project rising in Beylikduzu Istanbul draws attention with its location features. Asrin Konaklari has location features that will allow your investment to gain rapid value. The beach is within walking distance, so you will spend a pleasant time walking all day long. You can reach the most central points of Istanbul without losing time from your home. The project is 6 minutes to E-5 Highway and 16 km to Ataturk Airport. Asrin Konaklari project is also 7 km away from TUYAP Exhibition Center and only 6 km away from Medicana Hospital and it will allow you to reach every part of Istanbul at ease.

    Asrin Konaklari will make you will feel like in the seaside town in the city center. The project is located next to the marina. The marina is within walking distance, you can enjoy the peace of the beach all day long! You can control your house which is equipped with smart home technologies even when you are not at home.

    Asrin Konaklari whose every detail is considered for your comfort and peace is a villa project that will fascinate you with its location. Just contact us to get detailed information about Asrin Konaklari or other best places to buy a villa in Istanbul and realize your dreams!

    (You can find detailed information here)

    Denizistanbul Marina | BEYLIKDUZU


    Residential Type      : Villa
    Company                      : Kelesoglu Holding
    m²                                        : 534 – 716 m²
    Delivery Date              : Ready

    Denizistanbul Marina project which embellishes dreams with sea view villas, beach and social facilities is located in the most valuable point of Beylikduzu. Denizistanbul Marina in which you will feel the peace offered by green and blue has been carefully designed for the residential buyers. Denizistanbul project which has 5 types of villas opens the doors of a world in which you will feel the glow of the sea all day long. The project is architecturally developed to bring the comfort of city life to your life. There are opportunities to find peace and comfort together. Denizistanbul Marina project which is a special world designed for you away from the crowd of the city aims to bring the peace of the sea to your house at any time of the day.

    Denizistanbul Marina in which you will feel the visual feast of the sea and green all day long offers you to bring the elegant modern life by going beyond the classical style with its columns, stone cladding and Turkish roof tiles. Denizistanbul Marina which fills the sea glow and green peace all day long in your villa becomes an attraction center for residential buyers. In the project, peace and comfort are gathered in these special villas. You will open the doors of a unique life for 4 seasons.

    Location Features | Villas in Istanbul


    Villas in Istanbul involves Denizistanbul Marina which is developed as the largest seaside town in Istanbul. There are twin and detached villas which are constructed as 3-storey. Private gardens of all villas in the project are designed to make you feel special. Istanbul Marina Evleri which is the closest project to Yakuplu Marina offers 5 different types of villas. Attracting the attention of the buyers in terms of architecture, Denizistanbul is designed to move you far beyond your expectations. The project in which the classical style is interpreted with modern understanding, promises an idyllic living to its buyers with its proximity to the marina.

    Offering a life opportunity intertwined with the sea, Denizistanbul Marina awaits residential buyers in the center of life with its location. Drawing the attention of domestic and foreign investors, Denizistanbul Marina is developed with a modern urbanism approach.

    Denizistanbul Marina which draws attention with its proximity to the center is developed on 1.200 decares of land. Offering the comfort of a 5-star hotel for residential buyers, Denizistanbul Marina is riveting with its 135.000 m² river surface. Unprecedented opportunities are offered to more than 25.000 residential buyers in Denizistanbul Marina project. If you want to reach this privileged life with affordable prices, you can get free consultancy from Projescope professional team and get the life you have dreamed of. To get detailed information about cheap houses for sale in Turkey, all you have to do is contact us!

    (You can find detailed information here)

    Aden Garden Villalari | BUYUKCEKMECE



    Residential Type  : Villa
    Company                  : Hisar Group
    m²                                   : 250 – 270 m²
    Delivery Date          : 2020, October

    Villas in Istanbul contain Aden Garden each detail of which has been carefully developed. It is constructed on an area of 10.000 m². Aden Garden draws attention with their green area which is reserved as 65%. Would you like to have vineyards? What about feeling the peace all day long among your olive trees and colorful flowers? You will be able to grow organic fruits and vegetables in your garden and have the opportunity to feel the natural life at any time. You will feel healthy in the fitness center within the scope of the project, and you will have pleasant times with your loved ones in the swimming pool. For families with children, there are also playgrounds as well as private garden villas. Do not lock your children home due to safety problems!

    Imagine your children growing up in the high-security and lush playgrounds of the Aden Garden project. The villa project providing high security for you and your family will embellish your dreams!

    In the Aden Garden Villa project, a car park of 4-person is reserved for each villa and it will also protect your vehicles! Your security is crucial in the project. You will be protected by security cameras in addition to private security staff throughout the day. The villas in the project whose investigation of ground conditions was carried during construction are developed following the building audit and seismic regulations. To open the doors of a safe, peaceful and privileged life, Aden Garden will go beyond your dreams!

    Location Features | Villas in Istanbul


    Villas in Istanbul has hidden paradise Aden Garden project! Thanks to its location features, the project is outstanding for residential buyers. Living in the city center will also be the right choice to get away from the crowd of the city, and even embellish your dreams! Located 10 minutes away from Silivri and Beylikduzu, Aden Garden is 11 km to the metrobus, 6 km to the sea bus, fast ferries and Kumburgaz-TEM link road. Do not suppose that you are far away from Istanbul and you will confront transportation problems! You will live in one of the most comfortable parts of Istanbul, you can use the link roads without having any traffic difficulties.

    Aden Garden located on the European Side of Istanbul draws attention because it is a meticulously designed project. Offering a unique life to residential buyers with 28 garden villas, it presents spacious and comfortable living spaces away from the chaos of city life. Aden Garden will be your new address to feel special when you get home and leave the city stress in your life!

    Carrying the clean air and peaceful atmosphere of Guzelce to your entire life, Aden Garden project draws attention with its unique architecture among villas in Istanbul. It offers privileged services in all areas of life with living spaces and social facilities specially designed the buyers.

    Located 10 km away from the Catalca-TEM link road. Also, 5 km to Guzelce Marina where you can enjoy the sea all day. Let’s realize your dreams if you want to benefit from the peace that all these privileges and comfort will bring to your life. You will reach your goals with the free consultancy offered by Projescope professional consultants!

    Yalikoy Istanbul | CATALCA


    Residential Type   : Villa
    Company                   : Artenka and Ihtisas Yapi A.S. cooperation
    m²                                    : 145 – 250 m²
    Delivery Date           : Ready

    Rising in Catalca which is one of the most suitable locations of Istanbul to invest and stands out as an advantageous county thanks to the link roads despite being far from the city, Yalikoy project is among Istanbul villas for sale. The project is developed with the cooperation of Artenka and Ihtisas Yapi A.S. Triplex villas ranging between 145 to 250 m² in the project in which the togetherness of the sea and the forest will entirely change your life are designed as a boutique living project. Purchasing a seaside villa in Istanbul might push your budget however, Yalikoy Istanbul makes it possible to live in a seaside villa at affordable prices.

    Yalikoy Istanbul which is designed for you to go beyond your dreams is a life project that gathers all options for you to feel privileged thanks to triplex villas surrounded by forest on four sides, the opportunity to live by the sea and high-security measures. The project which paves the rapid and easy gain way with the real estate investment in Istanbul is located at the most valuable point of Catalca developing region without slowing down. Yalikoy Catalca whose investment return is calculated as 5 years will enable you to have a dreamy life with your loved ones as you gain continuously!

    Location Features | Villas in Istanbul


    Yalikoy Istanbul project which is developed in Catalca which is one of the fastest-developing and highest investment value points of Istanbul has become a center of attraction due to its proximity to Istanbul Airport. The triplex villa you have bought now will turn into a big profit in the future! You will be excited as soon as you get your living space and you will protect your future with your gains.

    Yalikoy Istanbul is located just 100 meters away from Yalikoy beach. The project which will dispel your hesitations with green areas, sea view, social areas and easy payment alternatives will become an attraction center for you with its location!

    Thanks to the developed mega projects, Yalikoy Istanbul will save your time with its location that provides greater transportation advantages than the locations in the city center! By using the new North link roads, you will quickly reach all parts of Istanbul without any traffic issues when you leave your house. You can get free consultancy from the professional team of Projescope about villa projects in Istanbul and other projects in the rapidly developing region. Step into this privileged life!

    Olive Sariyer | SARIYER


    Residential Type    : Apartment
    Company                    : Yapidem
    m²                                     : 200 – 240 m²
    Delivery Date            : Ready

    Villas in Istanbul gives you Olive Sariyer which offers a unique living opportunity to the buyers in Zekeriyakoy which is one of the most valuable parts of Istanbul. Olive Sariyer which is signified as one of the most advantageous locations to buy a villa in Istanbul is one of the most suitable projects for easy transportation to the Istanbul center.

    5 blocks in the project which is developed in Zekeriyakoy are designed for 20 elite families. Offering advantageous opportunities for every budget, the project consists of spacious villas in which modern architecture gathers with technology and innovation. Designed as a boutique housing project, Olive Sariyer is one of the most ideal options for living in the city center.

    The project shining like a star for investors can be shown as a living space in which garden residences or penthouse duplex options are combined with all facilities. When you are at home, you can have unforgettable memories with your loved ones in your private garden. You can manage your home via your smartphone and relieve your stress in more than one sports field. Relax in the fresh air on the walking paths, reach the Belgrad Forests in minutes and escape the crowded city.

    Olive Sariyer offers unique opportunities with its social privileges for you and your family. It will enable you to reach all the colors of your life without leaving your home with its social facilities such as the gym, playground and cinema! You will have the opportunity to increase your living standards thanks to smart homes equipped with new generation technologies.

    Location Features | Villas in Istanbul


    Olive Sariyer which is one of the parts of Istanbul making you feel outside the city without leaving the city is located in the Maden Neighborhood. Olive Sariyer is one of the most valuable points of Sariyer is developed in one of the safest regions of Istanbul. It is 1 minute to Cayirbasi tunnel, 5 minutes to Haciosman metro station, 10 minutes to Istinye Park Shopping Mall and 20 minutes to Istanbul Airport. Olive Sariyer which is at a maximum distance of 12 minutes to Maslak – the financial center of Istanbul- will be the best choice to continue your life without having a transportation problem in Istanbul!

    Olive Sariyer offers the key to a comfortable life in a location where you can reach Maslak and Levent in minutes if you want to live close to your workplace. You will find a comfortable life opportunity thanks to the social privileges in the project which will go beyond your dreams and increase your living standards. Also, another possibility that location features will provide to your life is the close distance to the education centers.

    You will be able to reach Ayazaga Campus of ITU, the most long-established and valuable education institutions of Istanbul such as Bogazici University and Koc University at short notice. Olive Sariyer which will enable you to secure your life due to its proximity to Acibadem Maslak Hospital and Sariyer State Hospital has been developed to add privilege to your life with its interior and exterior equipment features.

    Yesilyaka Su | BUYUKCEKMECE


    Residential Type   : Villa
    Company                   : Nurol and MESA Mesken cooperation
    m²                                    : 193 – 379 m²
    Delivery Date           : 2020, December

    Villas in Istanbul contains Yesilyaka Su which promises a peaceful life intertwined with nature and it is nominated to be one of the most valuable villa projects in Istanbul. Developed by the cooperation of Nurol and MESA Mesken, Yesilyaka Su presents a unique life for the residential buyers as a hidden paradise. 

    The project which will embellish the dreams of the residential buyers as soon as they see the project has been specially designed for different living standards with different types of villas. As soon as you leave your home, you will see hello to a dreamy land. You can take a deep breath in this peaceful atmosphere and look forward to watching the most beautiful shades of green every day. Yesilyaka Su which is developed on an area of 625.383 m² has mustered different types of villas and facilities to satisfy your demands.

    Yesilyaka Su project which has special areas for both adults and children has magnificent functions to make you feel special. You will have the opportunity to increase your comfort in the tennis court or private pool while keeping healthy in the gym with your private sports trainers. You will have the opportunity to raise your living standards with many facilities such as cafés, recreation areas, open-air cinema and children playgrounds in the project. Yesilyaka Su can be identified as a valley of dreams.

    Location Features | Villas in Istanbul


    Yesilyaka Su shines like a star among houses for sale in Istanbul European Side. It is 45 minutes away from Maslak and Levent which are known as the financial center of Istanbul. Also, it is located 10 minutes away from Bahcesehir which is in high demand in Istanbul with its high-quality villas and luxury apartments. It is 20 minutes to Ataturk Airport. Yesilyaka Su which is 20 minutes to West Marina promises to take exhausting traffic of Istanbul from your life. Imagine meeting all your daily needs right away!

    Yesilyaka Su project is designed for you to leave the fatigue of the crowded and stressful life behind, and it will make you forget air pollution and chaos! There are different types of villas named Gol, Derya, Selale, Ladin, Irmak ve Caglayan in the Yesilyaka Su project which has a unique lake view. You will have a safe and dreamy life with your children thanks to the private gardens and pools in the detached houses.

    Providing the most peaceful and luxurious life, Yesilyaka Su shines brightly in Buyukcekmece county. Yesilyaka Su is located at a maximum distance of 20 minutes to prominent educational institutions of Istanbul. You can reach the shopping centers such as Akbati Shopping Mall and Mall of Istanbul in a short time and you can easily meet all your needs. For detailed information about Yesilyaka Su and all Istanbul projects, you can get free consultancy from professional consultants of Projescope.

    (You can find detailed information here)

    Maritza Loft | SARIYER


    Residential Type   : Villa / Apartment
    Company                  : Meric Construction
    m²                                   : 116-410 m²
    Delivery Date          : Ready

    Villas in Istanbul offers you Maritza Loft which offers fresh air and peace together for its buyers with luxury apartment options. The project might be your first step for your luxury and exclusive life. Istanbul housing projects open the doors of a fascinating life with the best and cheapest villas for sale in Istanbul for residential buyers! Maritza Loft project rising in Sariyer is developed as 22 blocks. With its villa-type housing option designed as 5 + 2, it offers unique opportunities for residential buyers who want to live in a detached house. In this mixed project, all the details have been delicately created to protect and improve the comfort area of the buyers. It is a living project with 250 villas rising in Sariyer that is one of the regions with the highest investment value. Sariyer is one of the most valuable regions of Istanbul, also draws attention with its close distance to the sea.

    Maritza Loft developed by Meric Construction aims to become the new symbol of luxury life with villa projects and different types of apartments among the Istanbul real estate sector. The project presenting different living styles with garden and roof duplexes for residential buyers is developed on an area of 20.000 m². Maritza Loft in which you can peacefully live for life has been constructed with first-class construction materials and offers a safe life opportunity for residential buyers.

    All opportunities offering lifelong high standards for your whole family are designed for you and your family. Maritza Loft is also gaining popularity among residential projects close to the Istanbul center, as it is located 15 minutes to Sariyer. 

    Location Features | Villas in Istanbul


    Located in one of the most valuable parts of Istanbul, Maritza Loft draws attention with its distance to Turkey’s most distinguished educational institutions as well as its proximity to the Sariyer. It is very close to Doga Schools, Aci Schools, British School, Koc University and ITU. In addition to private education institutions, it also meets your needs with its distance to public schools.

    The project which has gained value due to its proximity to districts such as Demircikoy, Rumelifeneri and Kilyos will be the best choice to enjoy the sea for four seasons! If you wish, you can go to Sariyer beach and take long walks, you can go to neighboring districts and have a pleasant time at the seaside, you can swim at any time. You can relieve the stress of the day with the indoor and outdoor sports halls included in the project, add value to your life by taking advantage of the facilities such as sauna and pilates hall.

    Located 3 minutes away from YSS Bridge, 12 minutes away from FSM Bridge, 12 minutes away from 15 July Martyrs Bridge, Maritza Loft has been developed for easy transportation to every part of Istanbul. It draws the attention of the housing buyers with its distance to Istanbul Airport and Sabiha Gokcen Airport. Maritza Loft which is only 1 minute away from the Belgrad Forest is located in the right location to eliminate the transportation issues from your life. In addition to its location features, Maritza Loft stands out with its suitable villas for every budget and living standards. To get detailed information about all Istanbul projects and Maritza Loft, just contact us!