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    Category: Investment

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    Villas For Sale in Istanbul

    Villas For Sale in Istanbul | Discover the Mesmerizing Property Choices!

    Villas for sale in Istanbul are developing day by day with great architectural aspects and luxurious elements. What makes a property special for you? If the answer is the view, the wide square meters that will present comfortable and joyful living spaces for you and your family, luxury elements or gardens that give the feeling of serenity then its the right time to explore the villas in Istanbul. All you need is here in this blog!

    Housing Sales Statistics

    Housing Sales Statistics | A Detailed Look to the Whole Year!

    We now present you the housing sales statistics for foreigners! Turkey has been an important opportunity for those who seek investment opportunities. But for the past few years, the request increased and the housing sales got higher and higher. Not only for Turkish citizens but also for foreigners there is a huge demand for housing.

    Some use it as an opportunity to enjoy the beauties of Turkey by buying a property and living here, while some use it as an opportunity for a good investment. Whether it is for living or for investment, it is important to choose the best location and the best project with features to fulfill expectations. Turkey real estate for sale are numerous and has various options for every taste.

    Projescope 10 Places with High Investment Value on the European Side

    10 Locations with High Investment Value on the European Side

    Decide the property to invest in goes through various issues. The most important and unchangeable for everyone is the location. Criteria are set to choose the best location and options are created accordingly. If you are looking for 10 locations with high investment value on the European side, you are at the right place!


    Sustainable Living Space in Bahcelievler | Rams Garden

    What does “sustainable life”, one of the terms we hear frequently today, actually mean? What are the qualifications of sustainable living space and how can it be achieved? The Rams Garden project sets a good example by being one of the sustainable property projects in Istanbul. Let’s find out more about sustainable living and one of the leading projects Rams Garden! Sustainable living describes a lifestyle that seeks to reduce the use of natural resources by an individual or society. Cities play an important role here. Cities are the areas that consume natural resources the most and create pollution and waste. Because of that, the concept of sustainability often comes to the fore through cities.


    Uskudar | Historical, Valuable and Mesmerizing

    Being one of the central points in Istanbul, Uskudar attracts attention with its magnificent history and amazing scenery. Uskudar is one of the most valuable regions in Istanbul. Not only with its historical elements and places that still remain, but also with its high investment value and potential according to regional transportation advantages.
    Uskudar fascinates with its mesmerizing history. By means of history, it was an important spot for transport and accommodation. The history still remains… You can visit the mosques and structures with amazing architecture and atmosphere.

    All About Family-Friendly Living Spaces

    All About Family-Friendly Living Spaces

    This article will give you tips on finding family-friendly living spaces, that provide a peaceful and secure environment full of entertainment and comfort! There are several reasons to invest. While some prefer to invest only for rental income, investing only to have a living space is one of the reasons for preference. This article will focus on those who prefer to invest in living space today. In our blog, we will talk about what kind of properties the residents, especially those who give importance to family life, tend to invest in.

    Benesta Acibadem Projescope Luxury Living Space

    Benesta Acibadem: A First in the World, A Unique Concept

    Benesta Acibadem is located in one of the most beautiful spots on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul. Here you will be intertwined with rich history, natural beauties, symbolic structures, and culture. In addition, you will be both in the green and in the city with the wonderful opportunities of its location.
    Benesta Acibadem stands out with its architecture, location and interior design accompanied by unique arrangements for living spaces. BenLeo Park, which is consisted in the Istanbul Anatolian Side housing project, will make your dreams come true.

    Projescope Tema Istanbul 2

    Tema Istanbul 2 | More Than a Housing Project, More Likely to Be the New Attraction Center

    We now present you a housing project which will change your whole understanding of living space… Tema Istanbul 2 is an extensive project that rises in Halkali. With its 2.280 unit capacity and 70 exclusive villas that are designed with special elements, Tema Istanbul 2 provides different choices to its investors.
    The designs of the apartments are a perfect match for the ones looking for spacious living spaces that have high ceilings and wide windows from top to bottom which enables daylight in the house. Imagine enjoying your balcony opening up to the greenery… All about serenity and comfort is now in one project!

    Tersane Istanbul Project

    Tersane Istanbul – New Favorite of the City With Marvellous Elements and Unique Style

    The project, Tersane Istanbul has a huge plan which will renovate the whole area located in the Golden Horn, with various types of properties and social facilities, as well as cultural elements. The project will comprise the recreation of the Golden Horn, which will include facilities and structures with luxurious elements. You will not only own property here, but you will also see history turn into the future… It will feature five world-class hotels and 600 apartments. However, there will be a 20.000 m² office area, four museums, and two marinas with a capacity of 280 yachts.