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Category: Investment

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It is Now Officially Announced! The Property Value For Citizenship Will Be $400.000

According to the previous news announced in April, the property value for Turkish citizenship was to increase up to $400.000. Since it wasn’t in the official journal the topic wasn’t clear. Now, today’s news reveal that it is officially approved and is on the official journal with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s signature. The amount was $250.000 but in relation to the rising property values, the Presidential Committee and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had discussions on increasing it. The decision is finally out and the official journal announced it as $400.000. The regulations will start next month.

Amazon's New Investment in Turkey

Amazon’s New Investment in Turkey

It is now officially announced that Amazon is planning on a new investment in Turkey. Besides, the company’s plan is to open it’s first fulfillment center in Istanbul, in autumn 2022. It will be a logistics base and will provide job opportunities to a good number of people.

REITs Real Estate Investment Trusts

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) in Turkey

A REIT is a capital market institution that can invest in real estate and capital market instruments based on real estate, real estate projects, real estate-based rights and capital market instruments, establish ordinary partnerships to realize certain projects, and other activities permitted in the relevant Communiqué of the Capital Markets Board.

IFC Istanbul Financial Center

Istanbul Financial Center

Istanbul Financial Center project, which will be located within the borders of Istanbul’s Umraniye district and extending to Atasehir, will compete with the most important centers in the world. The financial heart of Asia and Europe will beat in Turkey thanks to this center.


Foreign Investment in Turkey: Good Choice?‎

Foreign investment in Turkey to property is the most ‎advantageous way to achieve high earnings taking into consideration the economic conditions in 2020. To provide a controlled financial future ‎and to discover new areas, it is ‎vital to analyze ‎the trade and investment reports of Turkey well.‎ Considering the growth performance recorded in Turkey, a global effect of ‎trade wars in 2019 has been severely felt. It should be noted that the global crisis has changed ‎direction with the pandemic crisis in 2020.


Customs Regulations | Cooperation with Common Interests in Turkey!

It will be important to know the purpose, basic description and scope of Turkish Customs Regulations primarily. A set of rules will be valid for all goods and items which enter into or exit from the Customs Area of the Republic of Turkey in accordance with the Turkish Customs Regulations. gn trade and economic relations of Turkey has become a strong systematics. It promotes trade and integrates it into a certain order depending on strong relationships, and it adds depth to economic relations for countries that provide mutual trade.