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    New Istanbul Airport | 3rd Runway Works At Full Speed!

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    The Istanbul Airport carries the aviation sector to the top in Turkey. Projects and infrastructure works for Airport are continuing rapidly in Istanbul. 3rd Runway works for the new airport are underway. On 18 June 2020, it was announced that the 3rd Independent runway will be completed and ready for flight.

    While some questions about transportation, technology or services about the Airport of Istanbul are waiting to be answered, the airport also made a big impact with its size. Istanbul airport, which is listed among the best airports not only in Turkey but worldwide, is located at the intersection of Asia, Middle East and Europe.

    The new Airport, which draws attention with its global size, will function as an important center that offers the opportunity to travel to over 300 destinations worldwide when all phases become ready.

    Why did Istanbul Build a New Airport?


    Questions such as why is Istanbul Airport constructed or what advantages will it provide are asked frequently. The first question asked about the new Airport by everyone, locals or foreign people, was “why”. For this reason, let’s start by answering this question first…

    With the New Airport of Istanbul, concrete crucial developments were created on important issues such as;

    • Passenger Capacity
    • Economy
    • Transportation
    • Physical and Cyber Security
    • Technology.

    Of course, it has been observed that there are minor disadvantages since it is new but it has enormously positive aspects compared to its advantages. It’s frequently discussed that when all its phases are completed, it’ll be one of the most valuable structures not only of Turkey but of the world.

    Let’s examine the developments to be experienced with New Airport and examine the answer to the question “why” in detail…

    Economy: Contribution of Istanbul New Airport to the Turkish Economy


    The Istanbul Airport is a project that greatly contributes to the Turkish economy. New Airport Istanbul, which is expected to create great effects all over the world, has an area of 76.5 million sqm. It is aimed at creating enormous effects on the Turkish economy by providing flights to over 300 destinations once completed.

    Due to the location of Istanbul new Airport, which is located on the intersection between Asia, Europe and the Middle East, it’s expected that passengers traveling to many parts of the world use Airport as a transit point. It would be appropriate to examine passenger capacity and their economic effects under a single title. Of course, it should be kept in mind that other factors create reasons for preference, generating contributions to the Turkish economy.

    We’ve seen concrete evidence of contributions to the economy of developments in technology, health, automotive, real estate sectors and many other areas in Turkey in recent years. Thus, it becomes attractive to invest and live in Turkey. With Istanbul’s new Airport, economic developments take place in the aviation sector. As a result of the integration with other sectors in Turkey, the Turkish economy has become an attractive trading center for local and foreign investors.

    Technology: High Standards with Cyber Security Measures


    With the new Istanbul Airport, passenger capacity has been increased and technological developments have provided innovative opportunities to passengers. In addition, technological developments such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality have been integrated into the Istanbul new airport. A mobile application of the airport has been launched.

    The size of its internal volume is aimed at preventing crowds and congestion and the number of catering points has been increased. In addition, physical and cyber security measures have been increased. In addition to all these advantages, transport resources between the airport and the city center have been developed and all means of transport for passengers have been encapsulated.

    Also, the parking lot capacity of the airport has been expanded. All these factors are the predictions and advantages we can mention for the new Airport of Istanbul for now. For further details, you can access the website of the Istanbul new airport here.

    Is the Istanbul New Airport the Biggest in the World?


    The Istanbul Airport is known as the largest airport in the world. Drawing attention with its passenger capacity and technological infrastructure, the new airport aims to serve 200 million passengers a year, once all phases are completed.

    Given its current capacity, the new Airport, which aims to be the largest airport with an annual capacity of 200 million passengers, is in a position to compete with Atlanta Airport, which has an annual capacity of 104 million. And yes! The new Airport claiming to be Turkey’s main airport and the airport with the highest passenger capacity of the world will be considered the world’s largest airport once all its phases are completed and once it reaches the same figures with the current passenger traffic capacity!

    Dubai El Maktum International Airport, in which continuous enlargement works are underway, and the Istanbul new Airport are airports that compete in terms of capacity and continue their expansion activities.

    Slot capacity has been expanded at Istanbul new Airport. In this sense, another 6 airlines will be added in 2020 to 11 airlines contracted in 2019. Considering Turkey’s geopolitical position, if the target data are completed, the claim of being the world’s largest airport will be definitely verified!

    Where is the Istanbul Airport? | How To Get There?


    One of the most frequently asked questions about Istanbul Airport is its location. And of course how to get there… You know, Ataturk Airport was moved completely to New Airport. New Airport is located on the European Side. It’s located on the Black Sea Coast, in the junction of Catalca, Gokturk, Arnavutkoy. The New Airport is also close to Terkos Lake.

    Located at the intersection of Asia, Europe and the Middle East, Istanbul Airport has a huge flight network. This airport is accessible by many means of public transport and private vehicles. In addition to alternatives such as 6 metro stations, buses, high-speed trains, and private vehicles, it provides services in specially dedicated vehicles free of charge. 150 buses with 18 different routes provide passenger transport to the city center.

    The distances for the European Side are as follows:

    Airport – Maslak: 35 km
    Airport – Levent: 36 km
    Airport – Gayrettepe: 38 km
    Airport – Taksim: 40 km
    Airport – Avcilar: 53 km

    The distances for the Anatolian Side are as follows:

    Airport – Pendik: 73 km
    Airport – Uskudar: 47 km
    Airport – Kavacik: 42 km
    Airport – Kadikoy: 52 km

    Hotels Near New Istanbul Airport


    The Istanbul Airport, which brings Istanbul to the top in the aviation industry, is shown as a global hub. There are luxurious and comfortable hotel alternatives for passengers traveling through Airport. In the process, it rapidly transforms regional development plans into action.

    Passengers who want to rest or stay overnight after a long flight need hotels for accommodation. In the case of cancelled or rejected flights or long delays, the nearby hotel alternatives are listed below.

    Yes, since the airport has been recently built and is situated a bit far from the center, hotels are not very close, but there are quality and comfortable alternatives with easy access by transport, which you can find in the surrounding area. There are options 14-30 km away from the airport. It is important to note that there are many ongoing projects in the region!

    YOTEL Airport Hotel


    Located in the Main Terminal Building. The hotel is a modern London-based hotel.

    Istanbul Yeni Havalimani Gidis Terminali, Arnavutkoy, Istanbul

    Phone Number:
    0212 942 66 66

    Park Inn by Radison Istanbul Odayeri Hotel


    The 4-star-hotel is located 15.4 km from Istanbul Airport. It’s within a 16 minutes drive. It is located in the Eyup region.

    Odayeri Mahallesi Selçuk Bey Sokak No:27 Eyup, Istanbul

    Phone Number:
    0212 206 50 55

    Durusu Club Hotel


    The hotel is 13 minutes drive and 14.3 km away from New Istanbul Airport. It overlooks Terkos Lake.

    Boyalık Mahallesi, Durusu Park Caddesi, Arnavutkoy

    Phone Number:
    0850 305 03 06

    Hampton by Hilton Istanbul Kayasehir Hotel


    The 3-star-hotel is 30 minutes drive and 31 km away from Istanbul Airport.

    Kayabasi Mahallesi, Sehit Mustafa Bozoklu Caddesi 5/ 1, Basaksehir, Istanbul

    Phone Number:
    0212 692 46 00

    Kemer Country Hotel


    The 5-star-hotel is 25 minutes drive, 24 km away from Istanbul Airport. It is located in the Eyup district of Istanbul.

    Kemer Country Club Tesisleri Atlisport Caddesi Hayat Binasi No:7, Eyup, Istanbul

    Phone Number:
    0212 239 70 10