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    E-Commerce in Turkey | Digital Transformation Gaining Speed!

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    In Turkey, a rapidly developing e-commerce applications are being developed every day and offers different alternatives for users. It may be enough to click once to access the products and services offered to the public through the website or applications and to take advantage of the benefits offered by the digital world with various payment options.

    When we put spotlight on economic trends on a global scale, what we see is that volume of e-commerce along with the developing technology corresponds to a large part of the market and that a rapid growth is taking place in Turkey. We are aware that an economic volatility is going on not only in Turkey but also around the world. In what ways has the digital transformation for e-commerce, i.e. all purchase-sale transactions, been affected? The recent data tell us that expectations have not fully materialized, but in comparison to other countries, e-commerce volume has expanded in Turkey.

    Demographic Map of E-Commerce Market in Turkey


    When looking into demographic factors in Turkey, we’ll have to conduct an analysis in connection with generations Y and Z. While there are important elements for generations Y and Z, their behavior also affects the current marketing strategies and the form of transactions such as sales. To illustrate, items such as advertisement understanding which will have an impact upon promotion or purchase-sale transactions depending on requests of age group change form and direct the e-commerce market in Turkey.

    As a result of high young population in Turkey and developing technology as well as constant increase in figures of sensing and using the technology, one can say that the digital transformation has completed its evolution or is rapidly approaching the completion. Increased commercial capacity in Turkey, rise in employment and workforce has also expanded the e-commerce network, too, and a rapid adaptation process has taken place for sales. Along with the intense social media use and flourishing of the advertisement industry in Turkey, brands’ marketing strategies have improved, met consumer demands under right conditions and in the manner so requested through constant renewal.

    Therefore, use of e-commerce is, now, leaping to every industry in Turkey and manifests itself as an instrument that helps improve production and consumption volume and keep the economy live by taking advantage of facilities offered at the time of digital shopping.

    User Behavior Analysis of E-Commerce in Turkey


    There exists a communication based on the foundation of continuity between channels online operating retail system and users of e-commerce in Turkey. Expectations of users are being met with day to day practices aimed at improvement. Competition is increasing day by day, while suppliers are gaining functionality, at all times, with an interdependently organized team structure for the active functioning and sustainability of online retail.

    As a result of analyses, it has been found out that, in Turkey, e-commerce users are mostly shopping via mobile devices and there are categorical changes that increase day by day. E-commerce takes place in many areas ranging from electronic products, personal needs to market shopping and clothing. Even real estate trade takes place online with the help of professional experts. Foreign investors in particular make their investments more frequently in the said way.

    Another criterion e-commerce users pay attention to in Turkey apart from some details such as interesting services like promotion, advertisement or payment options seems to be the delivery speed. It is understood that e-commerce market is constantly evolving and expectations change and increase on a daily basis, and Turkey has the capacity of effortlessly meeting such speed.

    Export by way of E-Commerce in Turkey


    It is well known that e-commerce has transformed and has increased its contribution to the national economy in Turkey. The e-commerce industry which may be preferred by foreigners for investment in Turkey and rapidly thrives has changed the form of shopping all around the world. The road between countries for conversion by companies of products into commercial income has been opened given the development of technology as well as product diversity and consumption frenzy reaching the peak point.

    When examining transformation of e-commerce in Turkey, it is important for would-be investors to know which products are preferred the most.. Besides, one of the most frequently asked questions for e-commerce users is which product she/he can purchase more reliably. Therefore, marketing has a very important role in this field. It is known that products such as clothing, outerwear, carpets, precious jewelry and spare parts are in the first place in the most preferred products category for e-export. Additionally, another field one should be familiar with is that TV shows, mobile applications or digital applications and games are included in the export field.

    Effect of E-Export on Turkish Retail Market


    E-commerce that stepped into a new age with digital transformation in Turkey has started to make great contributions to the national economy. E-export that enables Turkish brands to be recognized abroad has paved the way for penetration of new brands into the market. Young entrepreneurs use technology actively and efficiently for brand recognition which, in turn, leads to workforce increase. The digital transformation that has offered a great advantage for SMEs in Turkey helps increase efforts for development of products in Turkey.

    The geopolitical position, one of the most advantageous reasons for investment in Turkey, also give rise to benefits for e-commerce. This is one of the main reasons why foreign investors have their headquarters in Turkey. Commerce takes place by combining practical conditions of transport arising from Turkey’s position with time, energy and cash efficiency. For that reason, since the time required for exporting goods get shorter and shorter, even most trivial products are being demanded via e-commerce from Turkey.

    New Trends in E-Commerce Market in Turkey | Supermarket


    E-commerce has changed shape once again in Turkey. New applications started to be produced since fast moving consumer goods are being preferred with an increasing demand. With the increasing number of brands, the competition in the retail sector has started to turn into a war, but this war continues to make both parties win continuously, as there are no losers in this war. With the increasing demand, retailers started to produce new brands through their own brands.

    There is no more waste of time for consumers who even purchase their groceries online due to hustle and bustle of life. While all this is happening, a known detail is the premiums earned as a result of sales of the products flowing from the market shelves under certain agreements. This shopping between the market and the manufacturers creates a capability of movement for physical merchandising. Owing to all these practices, it has been analyzed that service quality and change in the industry are in place along with improvements made for contribution of e-commerce to the national economy and consumer satisfaction.

    Services Concept That Makes a Difference in Turkey


    In Turkey, it is possible for consumers to gain access to products demanded the moment they need them thanks to platforms such as MigrosHemen or Getir with a service understanding that makes a difference, which sell groceries online in Turkey. E-commerce in Turkey which especially comes to aid of parents delivers baby products to consumers quickly. Besides, platforms, which include alternative brands in their product ranges, facilitate the flow of local products to our dinner tables as alternative brands head to rural areas.

    The opportunity to find products that are overlooked on physical market shelves on a single page with the additional advantage of price comparison is one of the most beneficial aspects of the e-commerce platform in Turkey. CarrefourSA which serves non-food products expeditiously all around Turkey appreciates as a brand that offers e-commerce in Turkey as a full hypermarket, based on the supermarket understanding, and constantly increases its number of depots and improves its quality.