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    Housing Projects in Turkey | Go Figure!

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    What are the most frequently demanded amenities, of recent years, for housing projects in Turkey? Yes! You may not have thought of this question before or maybe you don’t think that it is important.

    Remember that choices and conditions are formed by your demands. We cannot say that this certainly holds true for every sector and every situation, yet this definitely holds true for the real estate sector in Turkey.

    Go Figure! | Housing Projects in Turkey


    (Sinpas Gokorman – Umraniye)

    Nowadays, examine the most trendy and stellar amenities available at housing projects that are most frequently demanded in Turkey and do a little test for the house of your choice. Go Figure!

    Plan Before Buying A House in Turkey! | Amenities of Housing Projects 


    (Bomonti Kuleli – Sisli)

    Standards of housing projects in Turkey have an ever-increasing momentum. Climate conditions, regional conditions and even services provided by the local government in the jurisdiction where the property you have chosen is located… Many factors have an impact upon the standards of the property you’ll buy. Of course, these factors serve as alternatives for formation of demands in conjunction with the foregoing. All these criteria hold the scales in balance.

    Even if the demands of those wishing to buy or rent a house in Turkey vary, they are generally common. After agreeing on amenities that are of paramount importance, we’ll look into those amenities most frequently searched by those wishing to increase their living standards for which they consult realtors.

    Check Its Durability, Do Not Risk Your Life! | Housing Projects in Turkey


    (Cubes- Ankara)

    Buying a house is one of the most important decisions you will make throughout your life. The most important feature will be feeling safe at the time of making this decision for your life. That’s why your first criterion should be soundness and durability. Housing projects in Turkey have advanced to a great extent in terms of building control.

    While comprehensive urban transformation activities are ongoing at older structures, a great importance is attached to all controls regarding durability of the apartment building such as durability of the ground, whether or not it has a construction license.

    10 Trendy Amenities in Turkey! | Stellar Housing Projects 


    (Pruva 34 -Istanbul)

    What is the single amenity requested by local or foreign customers request wishing to buy a house? First, it is important to ascertain that. We, as the team of Projescope, have analyzed the most-searched housing criteria, for you, in line with requests of housing project buyers in Turkey.

    Remember! The durability of the house is an obligation, not a criterion! Therefore, durability should not be listed among 10 amenities.

    Below are the criteria frequently requested by house buyers in Turkey in order, when making a choice among projects:

    Most-Searched 10 Amenities


    Social Circle

    Retail Services in the Building
    Roof Deck | Outdoor Space



    (Buyukyali Istanbul – Zeytinburnu)

    New housing projects emerging in Turkey constantly change shape based on trends and requests. Modernization and globalization change the social structure which is well-established in the country. Therefore, neighborhoods and regional functions constantly change. While stocks of land are being rapidly depleted, there are neighborhoods in Turkey which gain value with the emerging housing projects. All these factors are correlated with one another.

    Turkey gets the attention of foreign investors with housing projects with sea view or amazing forest view. Housing projects in Turkey are the best choice for watching the sea view from your house at any time of the day and adding the glitter of the bridge to your life.

    If you consider buying a house in Turkey, it is of paramount importance to choose the one with a location that is best suited to you. Alternative means of transportation, view or conditions within vicinity of the property should be your first criteria. You let us know your standards and we, as the team of Projescope, present the best house choices with a location best suited to your standards of living!

    2: Social Circle


    ( Nurol Life – Seyrantepe )

    Standards of new housing projects in Turkey are determined based on their location and social amenities. It is imperative that you analyze existing conditions in the region where the house is located. People you’ll live with on a daily basis and people you’ll see are among important criteria for your life. Also, you should make an inquiry about facilities available within close vicinity of the house you plan to buy.

    Do not ignore the distance to services such as schools, banks or hospitals. In order to choose the one best suited to you from among luxury or comfortable housing projects in Turkey, the team of Projescope is always here for you!

    3: Security


    (Karat 34 – Istanbul)

    The number of building complexes with special security, which is most frequently demanded in recent years by property buyers in Turkey, is on the rise. Housing projects meet every demand together with socio-economic developments in Turkey.

    Building complexes with special security promise a comfortable and secure life for everyone, whether married with children or those living alone. Building complexes with special security which steadily improve themselves in terms of amenities are the favorite of buyers. As the demand rises, amenities are constantly being enhanced.

    For easy access to all facilities the moment you leave your house and for a secure life, you can find housing projects offering high security here and contact us.

    4: Doorman | Concierge Services


    (Sinpas Queen Bomonti -Istanbul)

    Another amenity most frequently demanded by property buyers in Turkey is having someone standing at the door. An attendant who will help you for the daily needs of the house you’re going to buy may be a lifesaver.

    Someone who will fetch groceries you need to you in the morning and evening, amidst the hustle and bustle of life, or is tasked with beautifying the surrounding of your apartment building and keeping it clean is, today, perceived as a great need. Such a person will also help you feel secure.

    Besides, there are housing projects offering concierge service in Turkey. Believe it or not, this is one of the most privileged amenities that expand your living and comfort zone. You may contact us here if you, too, get information about these housing projects rendering these privileged services and reach a privileged life.

    5: Retail Services in the Building


    (Nevbahar – Uskudar)

    Nowadays, smart technologies are added to the flats when designing new residences. It is designed housing projects as well as a wellness center in Turkey. A Hairdresser, restaurant or ground floor Starbucks added to the building!

    One of the features that add value to housing projects is the distance to Shopping Centers. Instead, retail facilities in shopping centers are added to housing projects. It offers easy access to shops, gyms, markets, cafes and many more.

    When choosing between these possibilities can evaluate housing projects in Turkey, you can have one of the furnished apartments suitable for every budget!

    6: Roof Deck | Outdoor Space


    (Fortis Sinanli – Kadikoy)

    Here is a criterion that adds value to a house and expands your comfort zone! A terrace or a yard of your own would give you a field of escape when buying a house. Do not consider this only as a personal pleasure.The house you have bought will steadily increase in value and your investment will appreciate.

    A terrace or a yard added to your apartment with large windows, allowing more sunshine, will add value to your life, too! You may watch stars at your terrace in the night or spend some special times with your beloved ones at the yard of your own.

    7: Fitness Amenities


    (Nef Kandilli – Uskudar)

    Almost all of the housing projects in Turkey have a gym. Only a few projects do not have a gym. You can make use of free of charge gyms, downstairs from your apartment, without having to worry about cleanliness. Pick a housing project with a gym and make the sports a part of your life!

    8: Pool



    A special pool offered by housing projects is not an amenity requested by buyers wishing to elevate their comfort zone alone! You may buy a property at one of the housing projects with indoor or outdoor pool options and enjoy a life filled with fun throughout 4 seasons of the year.

    9: Furnished


    (Buyukyali – Zeytinburnu)

    Furnished properties, generally preferred by tenants, are also demanded by investors wishing to buy a house. It seems practical to buy one of the specially designed furnished apartments and to start a brand new life without delay. Contact us and let us present the options best suited to you.

    10: Pet Friendly Amenities


    (Yesilyaka Su- Buyukcekmece)

    Finally, requests of pet keepers are among trends. Number of pet keepers is rapidly increasing in Turkey. Having a space where pets can be taken out for a walk or a suitable garden are among new requests of buyers.

    We, as the team of Projescope, have brought together all projects with facilities that will provide you with a privilege apart from 10 amenities. You can contact us here for further information on housing projects in Turkey.