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    Health Services in Turkey: Benefits of Foreigners

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    Turkish citizens and foreigners living in Turkey have two options to benefit from health services. Health insurance facilities are services provided by the government or provided specifically against a fee. Apart from all these, there are also services provided by physicians who have their own practice offices and their own fee tariffs. In order to benefits from health services and to receive residence permit, the foreigners in Turkey are required to have private health insurance. Reading this article will be guiding for foreigners wishing to benefit from health services in Turkey by providing the most basic conditions.

    Secure Your Future!


    The greatest value we have throughout our lives is our own existence and health. In this context, in order to lead a quality life, insurance is the best investment to be made in the future. There are risks in life such as work accident, illness, accident that people registered or not registered with the social security institution. It is a type of insurance that is given to cover the costs of controls such as diagnosis, examination, treatment and the medicines prescribed by the physician. Health insurers secure themselves with the insurance premium they will pay while they are healthy, for the diseases they will encounter later. They contribute to the financing of the expenditures to be made to them in case of a decrease in income arising from the illness. The right to benefit from health services in Turkey does not belong only to citizens, foreigners also have rights under certain conditions.

    Social Security System in Turkey for Foreigners


    Health services, due to recent developments in Turkey, have made great progress, especially in government hospitals. For foreigners, the presence of physicians who speak foreign languages in private hospitals is a great advantage. With the development of quality medical equipment and quality of the physicians, foreigners interest in the health sector in Turkey is increasing with each passing day, and this provides many opportunities to benefit from health services. Apart from the state and private sectors, the universities and the Ministry of Defense establish and operate hospitals in the country.

    All the people working in Turkey, thanks to the services offered by the Social Insurance Office that they feel under guarantee. Foreigners have also facilities and services for the utilization of health services in Turkey.

    Terms to Benefit from the Health Insurance for Foreigners


    Foreigners have to fulfill essential criterias and provide some required documents to be able to benefit from the health insurance service in Turkey. Foreigners who have residence permit in Turkey and who have no insurance in another country and foreigners living in Turkey for more than a year, have the right to apply for health insurance in line with their own wishes. If foreign nationals provide the necessary documents, and if they apply to relevant authorities, they will eliminate the financial difficulties of benefiting from health services. More than 600 social security centers have been appointed for the application.

    Documents required during the application of foreigners to benefit from health services in Turkey, has been determined as the residence permit certificate and a copy or original of the letter that will show the social security situation. An advantage that foreigners will benefit from after their application is accepted is that their spouse and children under 18 will be entitled to health insurance also. Apart from this, it should be known that children who have not reached the age of 20 with high school degree level or have not reached the age of 25 and have higher education or equivalent education level without age restriction will also be entitled to health insurance.