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    Airports in Turkey | List of All Airports

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    Turkey has 58 airports, local and international, which can be used to connect to all parts in Turkey and the world. The developed airports provide great comfort in making international connections as well as in having access to every region of Turkey. Turkey has 37 airports that provide international connectivity, and vast improvements have occurred with these airports.

    The Turkish Aviation industry is growing in direct proportion to the rapid developments in other sectors. Global and professional progress experienced in the Civil Aviation Sector reflects all institutions and organizations in Turkey. The progress of the aviation industry in Turkey has been influential worldwide.

    We’ll closely examine airport and the aviation industry of Turkey in the form of:

    • International Terminal,
    • Domestic Terminal.

    What is International Airport in Turkey?


    The number of airports in Turkey increase with their ever-increasing technological and dynamic infrastructure. Located in the country’s central spots, easily accessible airports make it pleasant to travel in Turkey.

    58 civil airports and 37 international airports of Turkey provide flight service with highest standards to locals and foreigners. Let’s examine what an international airport is. If you will take an international flight in Turkey, this information will facilitate your journey.

    There is an international flights terminal inside the International Airports. There are also customs offices. Passengers who will take an international flight reach their destinations by connecting or direct flights. Local and international connections are realized in Turkey through international flight and domestic flight terminals in Turkey.

    Standards of International Airports


    Airports in Turkey provide a high standard of service to all domestic and foreign passengers in an equal manner. Airports of Turkey have become competitors to other airports worldwide with their high standards. Turkish aviation sector represents stability and high standards in the area of economic, political and social activities worldwide.

    If we examine the framework that sets the standards of Turkish Aviation Sector, it has an integrated approach on major objectives of the aviation industry, including:

    • Decreasing delays,
    • Coordination of security measures in line with risk analyses,
    • Improving service conditions,
    • Increasing flight activities.

    Inside the Airport in Turkey, there are service areas which are compulsory to increase standards, such as:

    • Customs offices, which are compulsory, Security points and external terminals,
    • Duty Free points,
    • Waiting Rooms,
    • Restaurants and cafes,
    • Worshipper Areas,
    • Tourism offices and airlines agencies,
    • Exchange offices and departments reserved for health.

    International airports of Turkey are much larger than domestic airports, which provide a round trip inside the country.

    Worldwide international aviation standards are set by:

    How Many Airports Are There in Turkey?


    Rapidly growing with airports, Turkish aviation sector shines like a star in the world. Visiting Turkey with the aim of education, investment, tourism or to benefit from developed hospital care becomes enjoyable with a privileged and enjoyable journey through the airports in Turkey.

    Airlines also offer many facilities to satisfy their customers who will travel in Turkey and are noted for their advantageous services. There are 58 civil airports operating in Turkey, which are constantly developing.

    In Turkey, the numbers of local, military and civil airports are as follows:

    Civil Airports Operating in Turkey:             58
    Airports Used for Military Purpose:           18
    Airports Providing International Flights:   37

    International Airports in Turkey


    In Turkey, there’re a total of 58 civil airports that provide domestic and international transportation. Airports of Turkey receive attention worldwide due to their size and improved service infrastructure.

    Airports of Turkey are centrally located almost anywhere in the country. Turkish citizens and foreign nationals can easily travel internationally. Works are underway to provide comfortable, fast and safe travel opportunities to everyone who will use Turkish airlines. The target for airports of Turkey is designed to be an airport every 100 km on every region.

    Airports of Turkey providing international flights listed in alphabetical order and by city are as follows: Airports in Turkey provide services and fulfill requests in international flights with a constantly evolving technological service infrastructure.

    AdanaSakirpasa Airport
    Ankara Esenboga Airport
    Antalya Antalya Airport
    Antalya Gazipasa Airport
    Balikesir Balikesir Koca Seyit Airport
    Bursa Yenisehir Airport
    Canakkale Canakkale Airport
    Denizli Cardak Airport
    Diyarbakir Diyarbakir Airport
    ElazigElazig Airport
    Erzurum Erzurum Airport
    Eskisehir Hasan Polatkan Airport
    Gaziantep Gaziantep Airport
    Hatay Hatay Airport
    Isparta  Suleyman Demirel Airport
    Istanbul Istanbul New Airport
    İstanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport
    İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport
    Kars Kars Harakani Airport
    Kayseri Erkilet Airport
    Kocaeli Cengiz Topel Airport
    Konya  Konya Airport
    Kütahya  Zafer Airport
    Malatya Malatya Airport
    Mugla Dalaman Airport
    Mugla Milas-Bodrum Airport
    Nevsehir Nevsehir Kapadokya Airport
    Ordu Ordu Giresun Airport
    Samsun Samsun Carsamba Airport
    Sinop  Sinop Airport
    Sivas Sivas Nuri Demirag Airport
    Sanliurfa Sanliurfa GAP Airport
    TekirdagTekirdag Corlu Airport
    Trabzon Trabzon Airport
    Usak Usak Airport
    Van Van Ferit Melen Airport
    ZonguldakZonguldak Airport

    What is Domestic Terminal in Turkey?


    Airport in Turkey provide services to passengers as domestic and international flights. Domestic flights aim to provide travel to all regions of the country without losing time. In Turkey, the standards of domestic flight terminals are the same as those of international flight terminals.

    If you do not know the inside of the domestic flight terminals in Turkey, directional signs provide guidance in both domestic and international flight terminals. You can start the necessary transactions by going to the domestic flight terminals for domestic flights. After completion of your transactions, you board the plane by passing through the gate.

    Local Airports in Turkey


    If you’ll take a domestic flight using a domestic flight terminal in Turkey, we’d like to make some suggestions. On busy days such as national or religious holidays, domestic flight terminals would be packed so we recommend you to travel before or after such days.

    You can also use the kiosk devices in the terminals for the check-in procedures to save time. Below is a list of airports through which you can travel between cities in Turkey.

    Adiyaman Adiyaman Airport
    Agri Ahmed-i Hani Airport
    AmasyaAmasya Merzifon Airport
    Aydin Aydin Çildir Airport
    Balikesir Balikesir Merkez Airport
    Batman  Batman Airport
    Bingol Bingol Airport
    Bursa Bursa Yunuseli Airport
    Canakkale Gokceada Airport
    Erzincan Erzincan Airport
    Hakkari Yuksekova Selahaddin Eyyubi Airport
    Igdir Igdir Sehir Bulent Aydin Airport
    Istanbul Istanbul Hezarfen Airport
    Izmir Selcuk-Efes Airport
    Kahramanmaras Kahramanmaras Airport
    KastamonuKastamonu Airport
    Mardin Mardin Airport
    Mus Mus Airport
    Siirt Siirt Airport
    SırnakSirnak Serafettin Elci Airport  
    Tokat Tokat Airport