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    Best Sectors to Invest in Turkey | Your Best Choice!

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    You’ll find Baghdad asking others to say, but loss of time is not considered those who want to invest in Turkey will be your road map with best sectors for this article, it will always provide you orient yourself in a simple way and it will save you time …

    In our previous article, we discussed in detail the advantages to invest in Turkey. We also provided information about real estate investment in a more specific form. But it’s very important also, especially the issue of interest for foreign investors, the rapid rise of alternatives sectors to investment sectors in Turkey and the best sector options.

    Best Sectors to Invest in Turkey | Make a Plan!


    Depending on the increasing population, the form and cost of investing are changing with the constantly developing and newly formed business areas. The sector you have chosen to invest in Turkey may give you quick profits as well as damages.

    To provide accurate analysis to find the best sectors in Turkey for the best returns are important; another important issue is the right investment target and stages. We will briefly touch upon this issue during the analysis of the sectors.

    Stock Investment | Turn the Crisis into Opportunity!


    In Turkey, equity investments used as an investment tool have made a rapid increase in value across all sectors. It is frequently preferred by domestic and foreign capital owners.

    One thing that we should mention before examining in general is that you can turn the economic turmoil due to the pandemic epidemic today into an opportunity. The loss of stock values experienced in the World continues to impact in Turkey also.

    As an example, it is stated that the loss caused by the decrease in the share value of Boeing, which is prepared to stop production in the USA, is 44 percent. In Turkey,we see the effect of the loss of value caused by the epidemic in Turkish Airlines shares, besides, there is a big decrease in travel-related shares all over the world.

    Increasing result of the rapid development of health measures and actions that Turkey has taken, the epidemic is expected to end with minimal losses in a short time; the same situation is observed in the world. In today’s world where mutual solidarity continues, the loss of value of companies is expected to recover rapidly. For this reason, while stock investment is of great value for the global economy, it will rapidly increase your investment beyond your expectations along with financial liberalization and development of countries.

    Stock Investment Can Meet Your Expectations Quickly!


    Those who want or target to invest in stocks should first have information about the stock market. It is vital that you master the stock and financial markets. It will be possible to create a portfolio with the investment account you will create through banks or intermediary investment companies. But remember that stock markets are rapidly affected by global economic fluctuations in the world and operate a very sensitive system in this regard.

    Equity investments that you will perform in Turkey as the result of well-planned analyzes, especially meets expectations of foreign capital owners. Therefore, equity investments is shown as one of the best sectors to invest in Turkey.

    Tourism | Best Sectors to Invest in Turkey


    Government incentives for owners of domestic and foreign capital to make investments in Turkey are provided therefore tourism area is among the most ideal sectors. It is of great importance in terms of its location among Asian, European, African and Middle Eastern countries. It is also known as a popular civilization with its natural and cultural beauties, as well as the resource width resulting from its geopolitical location.

    For investments on behalf of prominent tourism sector with incentives provided by the Government in Turkey, we examined the data released by the Turkey Statistical Institute. According to the latest data announced, tourism income increased by 17% compared to the previous year.

    According to the researches conducted over the same quarter of the previous year, it has become clear that the number of visitors as well as the expenses per person or over the tours have increased.

    Investment Incentive | Best Sectors to Invest in Turkey


    The investment in the tourism sector, which gains value every year, is clearly growing and it maintains its position among the best sectors to invest in Turkey. For the Turkish citizens as well as foreign investors who plan to invest in Turkey, we can propose to take Istanbul and Antalya to the first place.

    Turkey is a country which is shown as paradise for tourism. Unique architecture and historical culture of Istanbul, natural beauties, world-famous golf hotels and water sports facilities of Antalya attract thousands of tourists every year. In addition, the value of places such as Cappadocia and Erciyes for winter tourism has great value in terms of tourism.

    In addition, attractive opportunities are offered for foreigners who come with a tourist visitor or investor identity. Besides all these; Turkey has a great civilization history in terms of cultural tourism. It is also the center of attention with its historical monuments, ruins from ancient civilizations and architectural structures.

    Government Incentives incentives for investors wanting to take advantage of all these opportunities and to observe the course and the positive balance each year in Turkey, has come to the fore. Treasury land to build tourism facilities in Turkey can be allocated to investors. While the investor can use the land within the period determined as 49 years, the rent payments to the state are at the lowest levels. Apart from this, there are incentives such as tax exemption and discount on behalf of companies that will invest in tourism management.

    Real Estate | Best Sectors to Invest in Turkey


    The number of those planning to invest in Turkey through the construction and real estate together with the booming economy and labor force is increasing rapidly and takes its place among the best sectors. The real estate sector in Turkey, while maintaining the vitality with urban transformation projects, gaining value for long-term investors every day by designing innovative projects.

    Among the most important facilities offered to invest in the real estate sector in Turkey is the lack of a residence permit requirement. In fact, it’s enough to buy a house to be a citizen of the Republic of Turkey. You can find detailed information about this subject in our previous articles.

    It is seen that investors who want efficient asset management transfer their funds to real estate funds. There are pros and cons for real estate investment, but this applies to all sectors. The loss rate you will experience through your investment in the real estate sector will be less than in other sectors.

    Let Your Real Estate Investment Yield With Active Management!


    With globalization, the new ways of real estate investment have been opened in the world. With the diversification of overseas opportunities, the rate of return increased and the investment you have made may rapidly gain value. If we talk about commercial gain by making an investment in real estate sector, Turkey will be your best choice.

    A risky commercial investment with high profit probability is a more efficient option instead of a less risky investment with small returns. Every high value investment has risks. You can eliminate the risks with an efficient and active management.

    Real estate sector which takes the lead among the most risky sectors for investing in Turkey has efficiency measures and activities for the risks involved. Real estate funds and funds known as FOF are investment strategies aim an efficient asset management for investors. There are many different options and details for real estate investment. It would be correct to examine it under different titles.