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    Buy House in Istanbul | Purchasing Process

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    Buy house in Istanbul and have the opportunity to earn for the rest of your life! Acquire Turkish Citizenship by purchasing a property with a minimum value of USD 250.000! You do not need to wait anymore to feel the several privileges provided by Istanbul houses along with a strong house investment value.

    Do you want to buy a luxury villa? Are you looking for a city view house with or Bosphorus view apartment? If you want to buy a house in Istanbul, you should check out the options of property for sale that best suit your standards.

    Set Your Standards and Budget to Buy House in Istanbul!


    Buy house in Istanbul, there are house options that offer special and budget-friendly payment option with a high investment value. You will find the house that best suits your standards for sure.

    You can have a second passport by purchasing a home with a minimum value of USD 250.000 in Turkey. Do you want to buy house in Istanbul that suits your budget simply?

    Do you want to have standards with luxuries and privileges? You should totally set your standards and expectations. If you intend to invest in Istanbul, you can buy real estate in Istanbul which will provide high rental income.

    Submit us your contact detail via the form at the moment. Our sales experts will contact you as soon as possible. We will be glad to cooperate with you.

    How Does the Process Work to Buy House in Istanbul?


    Buy house in Istanbul after you follow these steps we have prepared for you. These steps will be very useful if you want to buy house in Istanbul.

    You will take the right steps during your home buying process in Istanbul with our experts. You should do an accurate regional analysis if you want to buy a property in Istanbul,

    There are 7 steps you must follow in order to buy a house in Istanbul;

    1. Contact our sales experts,
    2. Let’s set your budget and standards,
    3. Let us determine the most suitable location for you,
    4. We have completed the most important steps to buy house in Istanbul,
    5. If you are not in Turkey, we will organize a virtual tour for you,
    6. We will find the most suitable house among the most suitable alternatives,
    7. We will cooperate with you during the whole process.


    Follow the steps to buy a house in Istanbul. As Best real estate company in Istanbul, we will be your solution partner for the necessary documents and all necessary transactions.

    Average House Prices in Istanbul


    Housing prices are the first criteria for the hundreds of capital owners who want to buy house in Istanbul. Finding an affordable house anywhere in Istanbul is very simple! Just benefit from our cooperation. We guarantee that we will find the perfect option for you to buy real estate in Istanbul.

    What are be the average prices you need to budget?

    It is necessary to make a regional review of average house prices in Istanbul.

    Let’s consider Taksim, Kagithane, or Maslak which is the financial center Maslak. Average square meter prices in Maslak are determined as 12.537 TL on average. However, square meter prices have very different values in the most valuable locations of Istanbul or high investment property values of affordable housing. The return of your house investment in Maslak is calculated as 23 years on average.

    Do you want to buy house in Istanbul suits your standards especially with its interior and exterior architecture?

    Average house prices in Istanbul vary. In every region, you can find houses in very different price ranges and standards. The concept of luxury or affordable housing can substantially differ for home buyers.

    What does the concept of accessible housing mean for you?


    This will be the first thing you need to determine to buy property in Istanbul. Before buying property, our sales experts will explain what the concept of accessible luxury is for you in Istanbul.

    If you wish, let’s examine the average house prices, housing types, and social livings. You can have a more detailed analysis and evaluations from our sales experts to buy house in Istanbul.

    Istanbul Regional Analysis


    Buy house in Istanbul, you should examine analyzes such as average prices, housing types, social and cultural transformations in the region.

    In order to find the house that best suits your criteria in the Istanbul housing sector, you must make regional evaluations. If you want to invest in housing abroad, you should examine in which regions Turkish citizens live.

    Moreover, you should know the standards and the socio-economic ratings of the regions.

    House prices and housing types substantially vary in Istanbul according to the regions. You should examine the right analyzes during the buying process in Istanbul!

    Buy House in Istanbul Beylikduzu


    You can make the best decision during your buying process by getting detailed information about average prices and housing types in Istanbul Beylikduzu.

    Average house prices have been determined as 296.910 TL for house buyers who plan to buy house in Istanbul. Value changes are depending on the housing price index in Turkey. Trust the bargaining techniques of our sales experts when determining the best home for your budget.

    The return period of your investment in a house for sale in Istanbul European Side is calculated as 14 years on average.

    However, these data should misguide you. The average price and return data may have different values in different neighborhoods in Istanbul. There might be big changes in housing prices. There might even be big value changes on different floors within the same housing project.

    Contact Us and See Istanbul Beylikduzu Houses for Sale!

    Buy House in Istanbul Sariyer


    Buy house in Istanbul Sariyer, you may need to know the most valuable places and locations where you will find the most affordable houses. It is one of the prominent places where the most valuable housing projects of Istanbul are developed. You can find a Bosphorus view property or a forest view duplex or penthouse with a large terrace!

    The number of housing projects that are privileged with gardens, pools, and favourable social facilities is increasing rapidly in Sariyer.

    You can find a villa with sea, Bosphorus or forest views.

    It will be very easy to find a high standard house that will add value to your life with its social facilities.

    If you want to buy house in Istanbul Sariyer which is one of the most valuable locations in Istanbul. You should examine Sariyer housing projects. You will not need any other tool to feel privileged and special in Istanbul or to turn your capital into a profit.

    Shape Your Investment in Sariyer

    Knowing that the average house prices in Istanbul Sariyer increased by 4% within a month will be a guide when you try to shape your investment. One of the most important details you need to know to buy house in Istanbul Sariyer will be the value change. If you plan to buy property in Istanbul Sariyer, you should not ignore the rapid increase in value!

    This increase in housing prices in Istanbul Sariyer is a sign that you will gain a great profit at short notice. The average square meter prices of the houses in Istanbul Sariyer has been calculated as TL 13.280. The average return time in Sariyer is determined as 23 years.

    The price of an average house in Istanbul Sariyer is determined as 1.326.650 TL. So, would you like to take advantage of Turkey Citizenship program, and to make a strong investment property in Turkey?

    However, there is constant change according to Turkey housing price index data. You can make strong investments in Istanbul and constantly earn. Thanks to the rapid increase in the number of housing projects and the demand in housing!

    Contact Us and See Istanbul Sariyer Houses for Sale!

    Buy House in Istanbul Sisli


    Buy house in Istanbul Sisli which one of the most central parts of Turkey! It will provide a strong investment and value to your life. There are commercial centers, educational institutions, the most famous shopping centers, and popular streets in Sisli.

    Every day, the region hosts hundreds of tourists. Sisli which is one of the most popular regions as a life center is also the most valuable location with its social life centers in Istanbul!

    Discover the most luxurious housing apartments as well as the affordable city apartments for sale.

    You can buy a sea view apartment on the top floor of a residence. Also, you can buy a luxury house in Istanbul Sisli. You can avoid wasting time in traffic by living in a location close to the most valuable link roads of Istanbul.

    Contact Us and See Istanbul Sisli Houses for Sale!

    Buy House in Istanbul Bahcesehir


    Buy house in Istanbul Bahcesehir, because it will allow you to fully participate in the particular city life. If you don’t know Istanbul, you should get detailed information about Bahcesehir.

    Bahcesehir is a rapidly developing district of Istanbul and has the characteristic of a mini-city. It is appreciated with rapidly increasing housing projects, it has become an important location with the rapid development of social living standards.

    You can add value to your life with the high demand and privileges for housing projects in Istanbul Bahcesehir.

    You can have strong investment opportunities by purchasing a house in one of the mixed-use projects in Bahcesehir. You can add value to your life with the opportunities you will have in a region where social life is rapidly developing.

    Affordable Luxury House in Bahcesehir

    People from all strata live in Bahcesehir. You can find an affordable luxury house or buy a villa with several privileges that will add value to your life from ultralux housing projects.

    Moreover, you can find all the opportunities that will add value to your life in Bahcesehir which has become a center of attraction with its affordable prices. In addition to the rapidly increasing number of housing projects, you can start earning without wasting time. Buy house in Turkey which is appreciated by the balance of supply and demand.

    The number of affordable houses is increasing rapidly in Bahcesehir, which is connected to Basaksehir. Bahcesehir is a mini-city consisting of several stages. There is a rich population of different socio-economic status in this mini-city. It may be the best decision for you to buy a house in Istanbul Bahcesehir. Bahcesehir district has people from different income groups along with various and different identities.

    Average price of the houses in Istanbul Bahcesehir is TL 539.500. The return period is determined as 22 years on average. The average house prices in Bahcesehir are determined as 525.350 TL and the return period has been determined as 22 years.

    However, the minimum house prices for the First and second parts of Bahcesehir vary. It might be incorrect to evaluate the average prices if you want to buy house in Istanbul. Therefore, the average data are not decisive. You should learn about accurate values through sales experts.

    Contact Us and See Istanbul Bahcesehir Houses for Sale!

    Buy House in Istanbul Taksim


    Buy house in Istanbul Taksim will be a powerful investment tool for both your life and capital.

    Buy house in Istanbul Taksim which is one of the prominent locations as a tourism center in Istanbul. It will provide privileges for your life. You can choose a particular house from new housing projects.

    Keep up with the nostalgic atmosphere of the city. It is possible to find houses for sale that will add value to your life in Taksim that is one of the most valuable districts of Istanbul.

    You will feel the real Istanbul in Taksim which is one of the most valuable locations of Istanbul. You can add value to your life with houses for sale in Istanbul Taksim.

    Moreover, you should evaluate these alternatives to strengthen your capital and add value to your life. You can get detailed information from our sales experts. In this way, you can determine the criteria for your living standards, demands and expectations and easily choose among Taksim housing projects.

    Average house prices in the Beyoglu Taksim area are determined as 506.346 TL. Let’s make the right decision together when choosing among Taksim housing projects whose average return period is determined as 12 years.

    Contact Us and See Istanbul Taksim Houses for Sale!

    Cheap Houses for Sale in Istanbul Turkey


    Buy cheap houses for sale in Istanbul by choosing among affordable options. You can make a strong investment and add value to your life. The concept of accessible luxury has become a trend in Istanbul. There are hundreds of options that are easily accessible, and suitable for every budget.

    Buy house for sale in Istanbul European Side and Anatolian Side of Istanbul. Because they are very affordable and accessible for almost every budget and standard. It is easy to find luxury and affordable houses meeting different standards in among Istanbul housing options!

    You can find suitable options for your budget in every location along with neighborhoods that have different social living areas. Indeed, you should examine the social life areas if you want to buy cheap houses for sale in Istanbul Turkey. Housing projects provide hundreds of options which have been developed for different demands.

    You will easily find a house close to schools and shopping centers. Even you can take a look at a housing project in the area which has a rich social life. You should examine the social living standards to benefit from the privileges of living standards in Turkey.

    In addition to social life, you can prefer to buy house in Turkey close to the financial center or commercial centers in the heart of social life. You might want to buy house in Turkey providing the highest investment value.

    You need to evaluate all the options if you intend to buy house in Istanbul. There are cheap apartment for sale in Istanbul, alternatives with international standards among the house options that offer different living standards.

    Find House in Istanbul that Suits You!


    You can choose to buy an affordable penthouse or a luxury villa. Do not be intimidated by Istanbul housing prices. You will find the option that suits your budget. As a matter of fact that you have many reasons to buy property in Istanbul Turkey providing affordable prices.

    You can get citizenship by investment in Turkey with a minimum USD 250.000 property and benefit from the privileges of living in Turkey.

    Buy House in Turkey to Feel the Real Istanbul!


    There are hundreds of reasons to buy house in Istanbul! Also, there are house options that have real Turkish architecture. Among the houses for sale, you can choose to houses for sale in Bosphorus Istanbul.

    You can definitely make a choice in accordance with your standards among these special buildings developed next to the Bosphorus. You prefer them to buy house in Istanbul Turkey.

    You have to hurry up if you are interested in houses for sale in Bosphorus Istanbul. Declining land stocks in Istanbul substantially affect housing prices. There are major changes in housing prices because of the increase in supply and the decrease in land stocks in the housing sector.

    You can buy loft apartments with a garden and a terrace. What about a house next to the shopping centers? According to your living standards, choose among apartments for sale in Istanbul. They are attractive properties suiting your goals and demands.

    You can determine alternatives of new mega projects which are developed at the most valuable regions of Istanbul. Right next to link roads and advanced transportation opportunities.

    Buy house in Istanbul parallel to your demands. The cooperation of our sales experts will cause that you will turn every second of yours into profit.

    Criteria Increasing the Value of Houses in Istanbul


    Buy house in Istanbul because you have many reasons! However, there are some features that increase the value of the house among the houses for sale.

    The districts have rapidly developed with the urban transformation activities in Istanbul and the revolutionary developments initiated by the construction companies. Social transformation has gained speed thanks to these developments.

    Along with the regional transformations in Istanbul, cultural and social transformations have created drastic changes. These transformation and development activities have been carried out in Istanbul since 2005. So, housing prices and housing types have completely changed their concepts.

    The housing projects are outstanding as the biggest investment for your life and capital. That is why foreign investors have turned the faces to Turkey in particular.

    Marina houses, sparkling Bosporus properties, housing projects in mini-cities, city apartments and options embellishing the dreams of housing buyers have been developed.

    There are hundreds of houses for sale in Istanbul for home buyers in the low-income group or high-income group. These options offer invaluable options for home buyers. You can buy house in Istanbul offering privileged opportunities for investors.

    There are numerous options to buy house in Istanbul or any part of the country with strong investment opportunities. Very special options that will allow you to make a strong housing investment in Istanbul.

    House for Sale in Istanbul | Get Detailed Information!


    Buy house in Istanbul, there are several houses for sale in Turkey. Turkey has some regions in which social and cultural life is improved. Among the Istanbul housing projects, there are attractive villas, housing projects with high investment value, houses for sale with garden.

    There are hundreds of answers to buy house in Istanbul. Discover the options of houses for sale that offer strong investment opportunities among the options that will strengthen your investment.

    Among Istanbul housing projects you can examine the alternatives if you want to add value to your life providing sea or forest views.

    You can participate in transformation activities with the housing options that offer comfortable living opportunities in Istanbul as well as advanced transportation facilities and link roads.

    There are alternatives with rapidly increasing investment value that will provide privileges for your life among the houses for sale in Istanbul. If you want to buy house in Istanbul, the regions such as Sisli, Bahcesehir, Beylikduzu, and Sariyer will add value to both your life and capital.

    You can learn about the most suitable alternatives for your budget and living standards from our sales experts. There are several privileged houses for sale in Istanbul.

    Send your contact details via the form! You can learn about home options for sale through our sales experts within the shortest time.

    Istanbul House Investment


    Istanbul real estate provides options that will meet your expectations for your budget and investment. Buy house in Istanbul which will offer strong investment opportunities in Istanbul real estate.

    Houses attract attention with their fast investment return period in Istanbul. They will add value to your life and capital. Istanbul housing sector offers strong investment opportunities.

    Your investment options of houses for sale in Turkey offer strong choices for your investment. Guarantee your privileges for a lifetime with numerous alternatives.

    If you wish, buy marina house in Istanbul, or buy a luxurious and glamorous duplex apartment. You can buy a luxurious villa that offers comfortable and privileged living standards. You might want to buy an apartment by which you will earn quickly with a lifetime rental guarantee.

    Buy house in Istanbul which are enchanting and charming with providing powerful investment opportunities. Submit your contact details to sales experts of Projescope. Earn a lifetime income and have privileged living standards. Start earning as of this moment.

    Buy house in Istanbul that will add value to your life.