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    Land Investment in Turkey: How to Make Land Investment?

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    Making a land investment in Turkey is considered a long-term investment. If you make the right decisions, you may be the owner of a villa or agricultural land worth millions of dollars in Turkey. First, you should examine the types of lands and environmental factors. You should get detailed information about the land you’re using as the investment instrument. Then, you can analyze, for sure, whether or not it is a long-term investment. Keep reading because you’ll find details you should know before making a land investment in Turkey.

    In nowadays, following the pandemic crisis, demand for land investment in Turkey has shown an extraordinary increase. We may never know what the demands of investors will be like after the crisis, yet the progress of the real estate investment in Turkey will certainly change!

    Follow Latest Investments Trends: Demand for Land Investment is Increasing!


    Buying a property defined as land, field, orchard in Turkey can be considered a long-term investment. Demands for buying land recently received by real estate consultants raise questions on the progress of real estate investment. Remember that number of lands along the seaside or ones with a view is declining rapidly. Especially the most valuable lands in Istanbul have been reserved for branded housing projects. If you want to make a land investment in Turkey, you should be quick.

    Return on real estate investment and land investment is too high in Turkey. The fact that luxury houses built on large lands is a profitable and comfortable option for today’s living conditions creates a strong income across the sector. However, you’ll need a road map to establish types of lands and spot-on locations that will bring you a high yield in a short while! Follow trends and be brave, and you can only make a land investment with a high return with the right projection.

    Take Correct Steps in Land Investment | Land Investment Process in Turkey


    If you’re going to make a land investment in Turkey, let’s summarize it in 3 main phases without further complicating things:

    1- Before buying the land, find the right location with the infrastructure provided.

    2- Continuously check zoning information while keeping the land in your possession!

    3- Follow the market and sell the land at the right time for the right price.

    How much does land cost in Turkey?


    The first question you’ll ask about the land you’re planning to buy in Turkey is whether or not the land is suitable for your purposes. However, your first question will be the price per m2 you’ll pay after making up your mind. If you’re going to start from scratch, how much you’ll pay is important. Your intended use of empty land, your concept and plans may bring huge returns to you. Just make the right plans.

    In Turkey, land investment brings rapid and high returns depending on environmental factors. If you want to make an investment in Turkey, you should take action, without delay, in line with tips to be given by professional experts. You need luck for a high return in a short while. We may recommend you to choose different paths, not the investment.

    However, if one needs to be a realist and you want to spend your money on investments in a controlled manner and make profit, the real estate sector will be the most profitable and quickest way. All you have to do is to be patient and give time. The real estate sector in Turkey is full of opportunities and you do not need luck.

    Buy a Land in Turkey and Benefit From It | Investment in Turkey


    Land prices in Turkey vary from region to region at an unbelievable rate. Therefore, you may hear some crazy prices for lands with a sea view or lands in the city center. These prices vary from €50.00 to €9 million. However, you’ll find advantageous and appealing prices for some bigger lands distant from the city.

    Villas with private harden, a holiday house or a ranch that will make you feel like you’re on vacation without getting too far from the city… Buy a land in Turkey and benefit from it. You’ll never regret that. Besides, it is possible for you to engage in agriculture on fertile lands Benefit from the land you have and make profit Remember that you’ll make profit at all times, on the long- or short-term within the real estate sector…

    Types of Lands | Establish the Quality of the Land for Your Investment in Turkey!


    If you’re planning to buy a land for real estate investment in Turkey, it is important for you to know the type of the land you have chosen. There are two types of lands, depending on fields of use, in Turkey.1-Building plots2-Agricultural Lands

    If the land in which you plan to invest is an agricultural land, you cannot obtain building license since these lands do not have building plots. The agricultural land may sometimes gain the quality of a “building plot” and may be zoned for construction depending on some unexpected developments.

    If that does not happen, you’ll not have a zoning permit on your agricultural land. Therefore, it is imperative that the land be a building plot with a zoning permit. This may be the first thing you should know about the land. Find out about the quality of the land in Turkey!

    Can Foreigners Buy Land in Turkey?


    Foreigners are entitled to buy property and gain citizenship in return for $250 thousand in Turkey depending on legal restrictions. Another question that comes to mind is can foreigners buy land in Turkey? Yes! Foreign nationals may buy immovable property in Turkey. However, the maximum surface area of immovable properties foreign nationals are allowed to buy in Turkey is 30 hectares.

    Also, foreign nationals must attain permit from local military authorities before buying immovable property in Turkey. If the immovable property lies within borders of a security zone, such property may not be bought by foreigners. One should get information about these maters before making payment.

    An application must be filed for the project to be put into practice on the land bought by foreign nationals. Foreign nationals must take a permit from the ministry for a project to be developed on the land bought by them in Turkey. The State may confiscate those projects built without a permit.

    Establish the Location for the Land Investment in Turkey!


    One thing you should carefully examine when making a land investment in Turkey is the location of the land. Locations such as Maslak and Levent have rapidly gained high value in Turkey. Also, quick rises in value are seen in Turkey as a result of urban transformation activities or steady changes in the social structure. Besides, fast appreciations are observed due to the depletion of land stocks and investments made by construction companies in new areas. For that reason, your location analysis should be correct if you’re to make an investment.

    Rapidly increasing population density, local projects developed by municipalities and ministries, improvement of transportation lines, environmental planning and distance to commercial areas are of paramount importance. Locations such as water basins or protected areas may not be zoned for construction. Therefore, if you’re planning to make an investment, you should pay attention to matters that will have an impact upon the land.

    We have compiled the most suitable regions that are home to investment lands in metropolitan areas in Turkey. Land stocks in Turkey are being depleted rapidly. Therefore, carry out a location analysis and assess regions based on tips you’ll take from professional consultants.

    Istanbul land investment: Sile, Arnavutkoy, Sancaktepe, Poyrazkoy, Yenikoy, Karaburun

    Ankara land investment: Pursaklar, Batikent, Mamak, Orencik

    Izmir land investment: Urla, Guzelbahce, Torbali

    Bursa Land Investment: Yenisehir, Karacabey