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    Buying Affordable Property in Turkey | Charming Options

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    Affordable property in Turkey offers charming options for domestic and foreign housing buyers who want to make investment and demand luxurious and comfortable living.

    Despite rising housing prices in Turkey, you can find affordable property in Turkey with research and a reliable solution partner.

    You can easily get a spectacular Bosphorus view residence or an affordable property in Turkey. Or, perhaps an attractive villa in one of the most beautiful and affordable holiday homes in the world. Luxury villas in Turkey with private pool is also offered for you with various options!

    Our Special Offers for Affordable Property in Turkey!


    Affordable property in Turkey can be found through the real estate consultancy service of Projescope. You can have a cheap property in Turkey by meeting your expectations in a safe and fast manner. All the points you need to pay attention will be offered by our professional sales consultants when you make a housing investment in Turkey.

    Distinctive apartments in the city center, large and spacey loft apartments, a luxury villa, a forest view house, captivating properties with sea views in Turkey…

    Professional real estate consultants will provide all these alternatives for you through their wide portfolio. You will take the right and firm steps for your investment!

    You will find up-to-date details in the large portfolio of Projescope such as housing prices in Turkey, new housing projects, affordable properties in Turkey to meet your demands, special payment options.

    As well as the floor plans, amenities of affordable property in Turkey will be provided.

    Get current information for buying affordable property in Turkey that meets your standards and expectations in Turkey. Do not skip any required steps!

    All properties will be accessible thanks to our special offers for you!

    Is Property Cheap in Turkey?


    Affordable property in Turkey will satisfy you with numerous options. We offer the most special offers for the housing projects we have contracted. Hidden and undiscovered housing options are gathered for you under one roof!

    Just contact us!

    All properties will be accessible through our expert real estate staff!

    Housing prices quickly gain value in Turkey. Cheap property for sale in Antalya, Turkey is also accessible. However, we guarantee that we, as your solution partner, will determine the most up-to-date and affordable prices for you. Also, it is Totally Free!

    The Average Housing Prices in Turkey


    Affordable property in Turkey? Accessible luxury and meeting your standards at the same time? Is your budget limited?

    Do not worry about it! You will find cheap houses in Istanbul, Turkey.

    Turkey homes will blow your mind. We can assure you that that you will find the home of your dreams by taking advantage of charming offers, campaigns, discounted projects, or suitable payment options.

    Through Our Free Consultancy Service!


    Rising housing prices and housing investment in Turkey get stronger! You can have an affordable property in Turkey with a rent guarantee at affordable prices. Or, while you live in your home, you can continuously earn with their increasing value…

    You can make strong investments by buying properties in a region that provides a comfortable and high quality of life.

    You can get Turkish citizenship without any preconditions as well as strong housing investment by purchasing a house worth a minimum of 400.000 USD.

    Furthermore, you can find detailed information about Turkish citizenship by real estate investment here.

    Can Foreigners Buy Property in Turkey? Affordable Housing Projects


    Yes indeed! We also offer very easy and advantageous opportunities! You can have the opportunity to make a strong investment only by taking advantage of our professional real estate consultancy services.

    As your solution partner, we will provide the trends of housing sales, accessible luxury housing options, and the most popular locations. Together with the most tempting offers and opportunities for foreign investors and further details…

    Furthermore, by purchasing a minimum of 400.000 USD worth of housing in Turkey, you can benefit from privileged Turkish Citizenship immediately. With the whole family.

    You can live in one of the stunning seafront properties in Turkey. You can learn the cheapest place to buy property in Turkey. Find the cheapest real estate in Istanbul!

    Is Housing Investment in Turkey a Right Choice?


    Affordable property in Turkey stands out as the best choice for foreigners. In Turkey, there are hundreds of different properties for domestic and foreign capital owners. And, all these properties are constantly appreciated.

    Also, new projects are being developed rapidly by the key players in Turkey. This provides the opportunity for buying affordable property in Turkey.

    Probably, choosing among the under-construction housing projects might be your final step. You may encounter many newly-developed housing projects in Turkey.

    Regional activities are getting stronger with the development of urban and social transformation activities. It is very easy and possible to find cheap property in Turkey. There are also luxurious and cheap villas for sale in Turkey.

    Let’s say that you have admired a house in the most luxurious location in Turkey and want to have a luxurious life. 

    However, you have a limited budget. No problem…

    There are cheap properties for sale in Turkey in the same region. A comprehensive research and region analysis is essential for buying affordable property in Turkey!

    Why Are The Housing Prices in Turkey Suitable?


    We can guarantee you that can buy affordable property in Turkey according to your standards. What are your standards?

    Firstly, we need to set your standards. Then, let’s find out the housing option that best suits these standards.

    There are suitable housing options for all standards in Turkey real estate sector. The only thing to do is identify your expectations.

    My standards are high and my budget is limited! No need to worry, we offer you countless alternatives in our big portfolio.

    We can assure you that we will discover the right home according to your requirements as your solution partner in Turkey.

    Housing options are being developed following the demands of home buyers. Reasonable prices, special payment options, and numerous properties are offered for you to have to find the home of your dreams in Turkey!

    How Do The Prices of Affordable Housings Impact the Housing Sector?


    Buying affordable property in Turkey can be carried out by finding the best opportunity.

    But first of all, you should provide the budget criteria.

    Investment incomes increase depending on the increase in housing prices. Housing developers are quickly preparing to lay the foundations of new projects with the increasing value of housing investment.

    It is possible to increase your earnings with under-construction properties or discounted housing projects! You should examine the Turkey house price index and data before buying affordable property in Turkey.

    The appreciation of housing prices in Turkey offers high and fast returns according to the price index which is determined by the Central Bank!

    Because of this reason, buying affordable property in Turkey that best suits your luxury or standards is very easy. Thanks to the campaigns and prepayment options.

    How? Find Affordable Property in Turkey!


    Projescope real estate consultancy service guarantees that you will find the house that will meet your expectations as your solution partner!

    It would be incorrect to make a general statement about housing prices. Even the house prices in Turkey vary greatly overlooking the Bosphorus and the sea.

    Buying affordable property in Turkey is possible for your standards and expectations!

    The Determinants For Turkey Housing Prices


    The most important thing you should know is the determinants for the housing prices in Turkey!

    Find out about the negative or positive things that you might miss while buying affordable property in Turkey. There should not be any questions in your mind!

    The features of location are one of the most important things that add value to a property for sale in Turkey!

    There might be big differences between the prices of houses that have the same features in the same district.

    But, how? The functions and facilities of the property or its location will substantially affect the prices. Also, the car parking capacity of a property is very important. Even the floor of the property is among the features that impact housing prices.

    We will find the house that best suits your standards and the location of your dreams.

    The distance to shopping centers, educational institutions, or hospitals causes great changes in housing prices along with the distance to public transportation vehicles.

    In addition to the functions of the properties, even the education level of the people living in the neighborhoods causes great changes. The distance to trade centers is crucial for home buyers who want to live close to their workplaces.

    The demand increases the housing prices in that region. It will be important to carefully examine and evaluate functions that can change housing prices.

    How Are The Housing Prices in Turkey Determined?


    The determinants for the housing prices in Turkey are very important before buying affordable property in Turkey. You can decide on the best property for sale in Turkey!

    The Central Bank of the Turkish Republic is the institution that declares the housing prices in Turkey every 3 months. The prices of newly-developed houses are determined in this way.

    Besides, the prices of the houses experience a price change according to the equilibrium values and the general average.

    The house prices can be determined according to the rental price. You can learn the value of the house due to the ratio between the rental price of the house and the return period.

    In addition, housing prices change according to bank housing loans. Please note that housing prices vary according to regional characteristics, not just the criteria the property has!

    Especially the price of a new property substantially causes changes. You can observe the change by following closely the house prices more closely. Do not ignore that the index data is indexed depending on the exchange values between the prices and rental rates of the newly-developed houses and old houses!

    Utilizing quality materials while the houses are being developed significantly changes the housing prices. The changes in the housing prices in the three metropolitans also generally affect the housing prices in Turkey in general. So, the values of the houses alter the accessibility of the house.

    For the determination of the prices of housing, the data from the previous year should be examined. Note that, the developing phase of the projects depends on the housing price index in Turkey.

    Get to Know Turkish Properties, Buy Affordable Property in Turkey!


    You can identify how the index data that changes the prices of the houses, which are completely developed in line with the demands of the home buyers, are developed.

    Get acquainted with the regional reports and central locations. Making the comparisons right is the most important determinant that will affect your earnings!

    Make sure to compare houses in the same area or with the same features. Find the house that suits you best with correct comparisons and data! If the house is not suitable for you, no need to worry.

    We will find an affordable property in Turkey that has the same features in the same location for you.

    Do you want to get Turkish Citizenship by buying affordable property in Turkey with a minimum value of 400.000 USD?

    Or, maybe you need a property for sale in Turkey to promote your brand or business when you visit Turkey.

    Do you only want to have the advantages of investment in Turkey which is outstanding worldwide? High rental income or just good living standards! We have charming offers for you. For buying affordable property in Turkey, send us your contact information with the form now!

    Our professional consultants will make you reach your dreams easily and quickly.

    What are The Cheapest Places to Buy Property in Turkey?


    Your budget might not be enough to buy affordable property in Turkey. However, you can choose one of the housing projects developed in one of the developing parts of the city without pushing your limits.

    Newly-developed branded housing projects offer countless housing options. It is really easy to achieve your dreams with special options!

    Just request it and we will find the best option for you. We will be your solution partner to find affordable property in Turkey with high investment value and fast return.

    Are you looking for cheap houses for sale in Turkey? You can buy a luxury residence in the fastest-improving regions of Istanbul which are developed outside the city center.

    Instead of paying low prices for an affordable property in Turkey that is not suitable for your standards in the city center, or rural property for sale in Turkey…

    You can buy a luxury villa in one of the fast-developing areas far from the city center. Furthermore, you can also choose among Turkish village houses for sale!

    Moreover, you must have a strong vision and a Professional solution partner. Basaksehir, Bahcesehir, Beylikduzu, Basin Ekspres, Uskudar and many more districts offer affordable property in Turkey.

    It will allow you to reach housing options that exceed your standards because of the high prices in the city center! It will also surprise you with its fast and high return! Be sure to take a look at the regions which are appreciated by new mega projects and giant road projects.

    Would you like to get a luxury villa close to Istanbul Airport that is one of the largest airports in the World? Would you like to obtain Turkish citizenship at affordable prices?

    We can assure you that all these opportunities are easy to get! You ask we provide housing options with high investment value!

    Cheap apartments in Istanbul, Turkey


    Three big metropolitans of Turkey and the most important cities are Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara!

    In addition to these cities; Antalya, Bursa and Bodrum provinces are the places that are in high demand for housing projects. By examining the housing projects and average prices in these cities, we can determine which housing option and price range will comply with your demands.

    Provided that your standards are listed and the data you have can make you access the luxury. Besides, you can say hello to a world full of privileges by benefiting from the free consultancy service of Projescope. It is very easy to buy affordable property in Turkey among the suitable options without wasting time.

    Find out the housing price index data and reach the most suitable house for you in the easiest way!

    Check out the affordable property for sale in Turkey and the luxury property developed in Istanbul that we have selected for you. Send us your contact information via the form to get more information!

    Do not miss the best opportunity to have an affordable property in Turkey through our totally free consultancy service!

    Affordable Property in Turkey, Istanbul: We Have Selected For You 


    Luxury properties in Istanbul also have prominent housing projects for you to easily have.

    Contact us for more alternatives. With our totally free consultancy service, we will be able to offer hundreds of options from our big portfolio. Also, you can buy cheap property.

    Studio House | Bahcesehir

    • Residential Type: Apartment
    • Company: Bahas Insaat – Ozyurtlar Insaat
    • m²: 50 m²
    • Delivery Date: December 2024

    Flat 24 | Basin Ekspres

    • Residential Type: Apartment, Office
    • Company: 24 Gayrimenkul – SASA
    • m2: 64 m² – 146 m²
    • Delivery Date: September 2024

    Referans Beylikduzu | Beylikduzu

    • Residential Type: Apartment
    • Company: Kiler GYO
    • m2: 127 m² – 290 m²
    • Delivery Date: September 2023

    Merkez Hayat Residence | Sultanbeyli

    • Residential Type: Apartment
    • Company: YGA Yapi
    • m2: 109 m² – 299 m²
    • Delivery Date: April 2022

    AS Concept | Basin Ekspres

    • Residential Type: Apartment
    • Company: AS Yapi
    • m2: 62 m² – 241 m²
    • Delivery Date: December 2024

    Maltepe Adalar | Maltepe

    • Residential Type: Apartment
    • Company: Kalamis Yapi
    • m2: 88 m² – 375 m²
    • Delivery Date: June 2025

    NEF Point 05 | Kagithane

    • Residential Type: Apartment
    • Company: NEF
    • m2: 41m² – 114 m²
    • Delivery Date: April 2024

    Resital Bahcesehir| Bahcesehir

    • Residential Type: Apartment
    • Company: Beyaz Saray Insaat
    • m2: 101 m² – 181 m²
    • Delivery Date: August 2022

    Strada Bahcesehir | Bahcesehir


    • Residential Type: Apartment, Commercial
    • Company: Akzirve Gayrimenkul
    • m2: 67 m² – 945 m²
    • Delivery Date: February 2022

    Brand Atakent | Kucukcekmece

    • Residential Type: Apartment
    • Company: EMS Yapi
    • m2: 63 m² – 175 m²
    • Delivery Date: March 2024

    Vadi Cengelkoy | Uskudar

    • Residential Type: Apartment
    • Company: Huma Construction
    • m2: 65 m² – 168 m²
    • Delivery Date: January 2024

    Marmarin Plus | Beylikduzu

    • Residential Type: Apartment
    • Company: Yurekli Insaat
    • m2: 75 m² – 220 m²
    • Delivery Date: November 2022

    The Prices of Sea View or Bosphorus View Houses 


    There are sea view properties and Bosphorus view houses among the suitable housing options in Turkey. No need to have a big budget to buy affordable property in Turkey with sea or Bosphorus view.

    You can have a life full of privileges as well as find the house that best suits your standards with the sea view options among the affordable properties in Turkey. You do not have to choose the city center to have a sea view cheap property in Turkey.

    However, you can buy a splendid property for sale in Turkey with a sea view in an area far from the city center, maybe the property undergoes a major change. You can watch the sea in your large and spacey home all day long.

    You can take advantage of the sea view properties which will provide a high return in Turkey. A property for sale in Turkey by owners with a sea view does not mean that you always gain profit and lose money!

    You can prefer buying affordable property in Turkey. Maybe an under-construction project overlooking the sea or a property far from the city center.

    You can buy a high-standard house with a Bosphorus view, either. Housing projects with sea and Bosphorus views developed on the Anatolian side of Istanbul will provide a high return for your investment.

    Ask our consultants to find the most suitable sea or Bosphorus view housing project for your living standards and your budget. You can buy affordable property in Turkey.

    Let’s make your dreams come true such as living abroad. Or start earning money with your high-return property. Do you want to improve your brand? Choose one of the housing options with a high signage value, start earning as of today!

    Discounted Luxury Properties in Turkey: Affordable Turkish Property


    Is it difficult to have a house that fully meets your standards? We have special offers for you. Also, it is free! As an international consultancy service, we have special offers for foreigners and Turkish people with special options!

    Do you want to have a luxury property according to your criteria but also a cheap property for sale in Antalya Turkey? Do not worry! We have advantageous campaigns for you. Benefit from our special offers for you.

    Get the house you have dreamed of but your budget is not enough discover the alternatives for affordable property in Turkey!

    Denizistanbul Mercan Konaklari | Beylikduzu

    • Residential Type: Apartment
    • Company: Kelesoglu Holding
    • m2: 71 m² – 248 m²
    • Delivery Date: December 2022

    Vira Istanbul | Beylikduzu

    • Residential Type: Apartment
    • Company: Gul Proje
    • m2: 70 m² – 200 m²
    • Delivery Date: December 2020

    International Real Estate Company in Turkey, Istanbul


    Is the price of the house that best suits your standards too high? No need to worry, as your real estate consultant, Projescope will provide free international consultancy services! Discounted housing projects in Turkey, housing options, making comparisons, and more…

    Your budget or your standards is no problem, we will provide affordable property in Turkey.

    The concept of affordable property in Turkey has different meanings for all housing investors. You will benefit from the housing options and campaigns we will offer you exclusively.

    You will be able to buy affordable property in Turkey. Take advantage of our special offers to go beyond your standards!

    Is the price of the house that best suits your standards too high? Do not worry, your Projescope real estate consultant, which provides free international consultancy services, is with you!

    Discount housing projects in Turkey, housing options, have your partner for comparisons, and more. Whatever your budget for you, no matter how high your standards will provide affordable housing options in Turkey.

    Let’s Find Affordable Property in Turkey!


    What is the exact meaning of the affordable luxury property concept in Turkey? The important thing will be to describe and identify this concept properly!

    The concept of affordable luxury property in Turkey means a house that suits your budget and your social living standards. What about luxury property in Turkey with a terrace and sea view at an affordable price? It is absolutely possible. Or a private property with a garden, pool in the city center? Maybe you can choose among cheap villas in Turkey with private pool.

    Let’s identify the definition of your luxury at first.

    Especially the location can increase housing prices in Turkey! However, we have a big portfolio of alternatives providing discounted housing projects, special payment options. We guarantee that we will make your dreams come true by bargaining!

    Send your contact information to our expert real estate consultants. Our sales consultants who provide international consultancy in 5 different languages will contact you!

    It’s also totally free!

    Get your dream affordable property in Turkey without wasting your precious time!