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    Don’t Wait For Real Estate Investment! Invest and Await!

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    Don’t wait for the right time to make a real estate investment, make your investment and wait for gaining! Start gaining without wasting your time. No matter where you live in the world, there are certain situations that you need to know when investing in real estate!

    What does real estate investment mean exactly?

    How will you get full efficiency, not just passive flow through a real estate investment in Turkey?

    How will you determine the investment project as you add value to your life?

    There are some golden rules for making a profit through real estate investment! You can both gain fast and have a valuable living space thanks to these golden rules.

    With these 8 golden and universal rules, you can have a real estate investment not only in Turkey but all around the world. You can always gain profit at anytime and anywhere.

    Initially, learn the 8 wide-world rules! Then, make a strong real estate investment in Turkey by reviewing our regional analysis and firm steps we recommend. Contact our professional sales consultants in no time and start gaining from now on.

    Ugly Duckling!


    The right step for real estate investment might be to find the “ugly house”. You can focus on strong real estate investment in Istanbul by choosing an ugly house in a warm neighborhood rather than a lovely house in an unpleasant neighborhood.

    Instead of the most lovely house in the ugly neighborhood, you can prefer a house that you do not find charming, or consider valuable, even substandard… Depending on the development of the region, the value of the house may increase rapidly, or gain value depending on the increase in demand.

    The ugly duck with a high investment potential might allow you to earn a lifetime income. The potential value of the region is the most important step during your investment. For this reason, one of the most important things to consider is the potential value of the region.

    Changing Dynamics with the New Generation!


    There is another important thing for real estate investment in Turkey!

    Each generation starts a new era after the first home buying process. Previously unconsidered, unnoticeable needs and habits shape the purchasing market.

    As the purchasing power of the new generation develops, new trends and standards are improved. Thus, along with new dynamics, there are changes in line with market requirements. For this reason, you need to anticipate new trends when investing in real estate.

    You should go beyond your expectations and analyze the market and act with foresight. Predicting the habits of the new generation is crucial for your real estate investment and for pinpointing your location.

    Increasing value and income should be considered. Indeed, when choosing a tenant and determining the location, you should put a point by scrutinizing everything.

    Through An Accurate Real Estate Investment, You Can Earn Lifetime


    You can earn a lifetime income by investing in real estate, but there are important points you should consider such as the rate of rental income of the house you will buy.

    By determining the rate of rental income, which is one of the aspects that you can significantly understand the value of the house, you can determine the return you will get in the long or short term.

    You need to choose the best real estate market for rental property.

    With a high and guaranteed rental income, you will never lose. Now, you can start to examine the 8 golden rules we have determined for you.

    8 Golden Rules!


    1. Educate Yourself, Prevent Passive Flow!

    At first, you should educate yourself about real estate investment companies. We recommend that you start by setting your investment goals.

    Housing investment is an important instrument for rapid and strong profits. So, you should get informed to strengthen your predictions before investing your capital.

    Take advice, research, and learn. Remember, if you are a good investor, you can earn more than you expect through a good real estate investment. Real estate investment can assure lifetime profit for you, but there is another important thing!

    You should know well enough to evaluate the pieces of advice to avoid passive flow!

    2. Set Your Investment Target!

    You need to set a clear and specific investment target.

    Expert consultancy services will be great guides for your real estate investment. However, you should transfer your goals and expectations accurately through the right cooperation with your professional consultant. You have to analyze the market to discover your target.

    To become financially independent, you should analyze the market accurately. You need to know many issues such as the number of properties, the cash flow, and location. You can review the data and determine your specific investment targets.

    3. Don’t Assume, Get Accurate Data, Perceive and Use!

    Never assume any sector you will invest in because you cannot know which sector will peak when.

    Instead of assuming, you can take firm steps through accurate data for your real estate investment in Turkey.

    4. Investing for Positive Cash Flow!

    For real estate investment, instead of considering the passive flow, you should be careful about your real investment return which we call positive flow which is free from effects such as inflation.

    Cash flow is the most important thing for the depreciation of loans or appreciation. Thus, aim for real flow as well as nominal cash flow.

    5. Be Free, Know the Dynamics of the Sector!

    The most important thing is being free for your real estate investment. When determining the location in which you will invest, do not just stay focused on the region where you previously purchased a house or lived.

    Keep track of the market dynamics and make free decisions. There is only one thing you need to perceive. You should wait for the right time to invest in the market and determine the right location and right type of dwelling.

    6. Don’t Make This Mistake!

    The most important thing is to focus on the region rather than the dwelling. It is of great importance that you examine the dynamics of the region.

    Investors generally focus on housing during a housing investment when keeping the region analysis in the background. You should analyze the population and housing values in the region accurately. You should even know the rates of employment and unemployment.

    7. Create Diversity in the Market!

    The most important thing for a strong investment is not to be limited to investing in a single residence! Keep in mind that if one market is not enough, other markets might be! Your presence in different centers of the economy will never let you down!

    8. You Can Increase Your Investment Capital!

    Increasing your investment capital may be the best decision to be a good investor. You might have the advantage of transforming a single property into more properties by cash-investing!

    Through a real estate investment, you can provide positive cash flow and get rapid returns by regarding important things such as accurate analysis and determining the right tenant to avoid default while benefiting from rental income. By providing a fast cash flow, you can carry your strong real estate investment out for a lifetime.

    If you choose the right tenant and the right house, you will invest in another property for sure. Not buying another property where you can make more income might be unwise. Real estate which is an income-generating investment tool makes you earn constantly.

    Real Estate Investment Strategy Checklist


    We have presented the strategic notes for property investment. But, there are some certain things to know and use these notes efficiently!

    Before investing, you should have a strategy! Examining all scenarios is crucial to control your money regardless of the industry.

    Don’t Let Your Real Estate Investment Turn into Regret!


    Real estate investment is not the right investment instrument if you want to get rich overnight. It is a method of profit that can be achieved thanks to accurate market research, investment strategies, strong market research, and long-term investment.

    It is an instrument of earning by turning the time-consuming real estate investment into a chain. You will experience it as the most reliable investment method in a short time.

    How Do You Know That Real Estate Investment Is Strong?


    We have provided many clues for real estate investment. However, you will be able to reach the exact point with data on how to evaluate all these clues.

    You need to determine important factors for strong investment. To implement all the clues most accurately, you need to evaluate these things.

    Analyze Well the Local Factors, Determine The Most Accurate Location!


    Is It Improving, Stable, or Dropping in? Ask this question over and over again if you want to find the right answer!

    • Increase in Population and Employment in the Region
    • Ratio to National Average
    • 1 Year Valuation Amount
    • Increase and Growth of Transportation Facilities in the Region
    • The Ratio of the Region’s Rental Average to the Average of the Country
    • Strong Market Analysis
    • Income Level of the Region
    • Annual Value Increase
    • Cost of Living
    • Purchasing Power in the Region
    • Student Rental Rate
    • Closeness to Power Centers of Banks, Construction and Engineering Companies
    • Regions with the Lowest Default Rate
    • Annual Rental Increase Rate and Rental Occupancy Rate
    • Environmental Conditions
    • Life and Work Value
    • Low Unemployment Rate
    • Median Income

    Well, the most important clue for your real estate investment might be