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    Yalova Properties | Housing Projects with the Sea and Nature!

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    Yalova properties have been recently enjoying a dense interest. Yalova is a city that is continuously evolving and has the potential of becoming a center of attraction in Turkey.  The region, which attracts people from all age groups, whether young or old, to itself, gets attention with its thermal springs and beaches. Yalova properties drawing the attention of those wishing to buy a house with a sea or forest view in Turkey are gaining value due to their high investment value.

    If you are planning to invest in one of Yalova properties, which are constantly gaining value, Projescope consultancy service will offer the most suitable options for your budget and living standards.

    Yalova Properties | In the Middle of Three Large Industrial Cities!


    Yalova of which investment value is increasing day by day is very valuable with its geographical position and regional richness. It is surrounded by the Marmara Sea to the north and west. It is adjacent to Kocaeli, to the east, and Bursa, to the south. When we examine the location of the city, the increasing value of the green island, which is located in the middle of the three big industrial cities, becomes obvious.

    If you are investing in real estate in Turkey, the first feature you should examine is the location of the house. Yalova is a place that is still being discovered owing to its regional richness and geographical position. The city primarily draws the attention of foreign investors.

    Yalova properties are steadily evolving due to the constant influx of migration to the city. The city is increasing its attractiveness with modern architecture and housing projects rich in views.

    Yalova Population Analysis | Yalova Properties


    You want to buy a house in Turkey but you have no idea about cities? It is, for sure, too important to examine population analyses of cities. This will be a key for having a detailed idea about living standards.

    Yalova is a city seeing a constant influx of migration and its social structure is constantly evolving. The region is predominantly populated by immigrants from the Black Sea region and the Balkans. Yalova is a cosmopolitan province where people from all regions and different cultures come together.

    The continuous increase in the population density in Yalova has caused a rise in the workforce, paving the way for the development of the region. Also, this has helped the region improve from a cultural standpoint. The construction sector has thrived along with the increasing population. Let’s look into investment value of Yalova which has a great value in the field of tourism.

    Cost of Living Yalova | Yalova Properties


    Choosing one among Yalova properties will provide you with many advantages. If you want a life that is peaceful and quiet, yet not so far from Istanbul, Yalova promises a life away from hustle and bustle. Living standards could be defined as ultimate comfort and peace. Known as the spa center of Turkey due to its thermal springs, Yalova does not offer high living standards, yet life here comes with many privileges.

    Do you want to buy one of the terraced houses in the city center? Yalova has plenty of affordable housing options with a sea view. Daily life will not be too costly for you in Yalova. Looking for a modest and comfortable life? Yalova is an ideal city offering such a life to you with the most suitable options.

    Is It Profitable to Make an Investment in Yalova? | Real Estate Investment in Turkey


    Investing in the real estate sector in Turkey, with accurate region analysis and the right timing, means hitting the bull’s eye. Want to hit the bull’s eye? If the answer is yes, let’s focus on the target. Projescope team provides you with a professional service in this regard.

    Sectors that come to the fore in Yalova according to socio-economic status data are healthcare tourism and chemical products manufacturing. Also, Yalova makes a great contribution Turkey in the field of greenhouse cultivation and agriculture. In recent years, Yalova, which has a great share in Turkish domestic production, has been getting the attention of investors due to developments taking place in the industrial field and added value created by the city. Also, in terms of flower production and export of Turkey, Yalova follows Izmir and Antalya. If you’re planning to invest in the industry or agricultural production, Yalova could be your goal.

    Yalova properties may be an investment instrument meeting your expectations, enabling you to make a great profit. Let’s carry on! Yalova is a region with a high tourism value. It attracts attention with its museums, forests, geographical features, housing projects with sea views, means of transportation and thermal springs. However, most importantly, the city has a high investment value for it evolves all the time and is home to housing projects suitable for all types of budgets.

    Foreign Investors Number is Steadily Increasing in Yalova!


    Yalova has been drawing the attention of foreign tourists in recent years. The number one reason for this is the thermal springs and beaches of the region. The cost of living in Yalova is remarkable. It is imperative that you conduct research about the region where you’ll make an investment. This balance is one of the factors showing the value you’ll derive from the house you are to buy in the long term. Also, it will provide information about the increase in value.

    It is important to familiarize yourself with cost of living in Turkey beforehand. This information will enable you to make a comparison, showing the rate of appreciation. You can get professional service if you want, and you can leave all these analyses to us and breathe a sigh of relief. Projescope team will bring together the information on the property market for you.

    We have conducted research on foreign investors in Yalova. According to data, Russians, the English and Germans are the foreign investors who have made the highest amount of investment in Yalova. Besides, investors from the Middle East and South Asia have shown a remarkable increase. One of the most profitable and reliable investment sectors in Turkey is the real estate sector. Yalova properties get attention as an appealing choice. Instead of renting an apartment in Yalova, buy one that steadily increases in value and make a profit all the time!

    What are the Average Houses Prices in Yalova?


    Want to buy a house in Turkey? Istanbul real estate sector not suitable for your budget? It is possible to find the same standards in Yalova bringing all beauties of the nature to your living space at affordable rates! Yalova offers you appealing options.

    Recently, house prices in Turkey have started to show a downward trend and now is shown as the right time to buy a house in Yalova. Instead of renting a house in Turkey for the summer months, you may buy one of the affordable properties in Yalova region.

    Known as a first-class location that offers all the wonders of nature, Yalova offers a quiet life away from the crowd. In order to enjoy these privileges for 4 seasons, all you have to do is asking!

    It is possible to find a house similar to the luxury detached properties with a sea view in Istanbul which you have admired in Yalova at half price. If you aspire to a quiet life in touch with nature instead of city life, you can contact us here and get further information about Yalova properties that are more suitable for your budget.

    Alesta Yalova | Yalova Properties


    Residential Type: Apartment
    Company: Uysal Insaat
    m2: 111 -226 M²
    Delivery Date: Ready

    Alesta Yalova offers one of the most affordable options for those wishing to buy a summer house in Turkey. Ciftlikkoy region of Yalova gets attention in terms of transportation. A passage point for Marmara, Ciftlikkoy promises a privileged life.

    It is so easy to travel to Bursa, Istanbul and Kocaeli from here! Despite being only one step away from the heart of Turkey, you’ll find yourself in a quiet place away from the crowd. Alesta Yalova, offering a peaceful life filled with fun, brings you a peaceful life on the Yalova coasts.

    Alesta Yalova is a 30-minute drive away from Istanbul. Thanks to newly built bridges and connection roads in Turkey, it is possible to travel from one city to another in a short time. Owing to Osmangazi Bridge, it is a 40-minute drive to Kocaeli and Bursa apart from Istanbul. If you wish to buy one of Yalova properties, Alesta Yalova might be the best decision for you.

    Alesta Yalova offers 8 housing alternatives at Yalova coastline. You can contact us and get further information in order to find the house type best suited to your living standards and budget.

    Kent Plus | Yalova Properties


    Residential Type: Apartment
    Company: Emay Insaat – EPP
    m2: 52 – 285 M²
    Delivery Date: Ready

    Kent Plus offers a luxury and peaceful life in Armutlu. If you want to have your vacation somewhere near Istanbul, you can buy a house from among Yalova properties. Kent Plus Armutlu offering luxury and comfortable house options suited to every budget is located at a place within vicinity of thermal springs. Kent Plus bringing an amazing and glittering sea view and a lush forest view to your house promises a peaceful life for 4 seasons.

    Kent Plus Armutlu offers many facilities such as a house, thermal hotel, mosque, school, hospital, timeshare property in Yalova. If you want a comfortable and luxurious life for 4 seasons, Kent Plus might be the best option for you. Surrounded by a pond with an area of 1200 m2 and lush woods, the project will be a spot-on decision for taking a healthy breath. Kent Plus Armutlu offers you the chance of having a vacation for 4 seasons. Kent Plus Armutlu provides plenty of activities, both socially and culturally, comes with options well suited to every budget.

    Also, the project consisting of amenities such as grocery store, walking trails, physiotherapy center, sports fields offers dedicated spaces for children. If you want a peaceful and healthy life with your family and beloved ones, you can find further information on Kent Plus Armutlu here.

    In order to get information about Yalova properties or housing projects with the same standards as Turkey’s housing projects, contact us and ask our consultants!