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    $ 6 Million Villas by Richard Meier in Bodrum, Yalikavak

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    The villas worth 6 million USD in Bodrum Yalikavak are designed by world-renowned New York-based architect Richard Meier. The villas which are developed on a land of 5.000 m2 in total is one of the most flamboyant structures where you can watch the Aegean Sea!

    Nicolas Berggruen is the owner of the area where the project is constructed on a steep hillside.

    Bodrum Yalikavak is one of the most luxurious holiday destinations on the Aegean Cost of Turkey. Several celebrities own houses in this region!

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    The houses designed by many world-famous architects in Bodrum attract attention. Also, foreign investors buy a house both for summer vacations and to own a house in the attractive Bodrum.

    There are 21 villas in the project that is developed outside of Bodrum Yalikavak village. It is especially preferred by rich Turkish citizens and world-famous stars in all seasons.

    The Developer of The Richard Meier Villas Bodrum is PAMIR & SOYUER!

    Pamir & Soyuer is the developers of the project having the unique touch of Meier in Bodrum Yalikavak!

    Every millimeter of the houses has been meticulously developed and designed by Meier. All houses in the project have been calculated and placed to have the greatest view.

    Turkey’s First Pritzker Prize-Winning Design!

    The villas designed by Richard Meier in Bodrum Peninsula has spectacular and contemporary architecture!

    The project which is designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect in Turkey has one of the most ambitious architectural designs in Turkey.

    The Owner of The Project Area is The Billionaire Nicolas Berggruen!

    Become acquainted with the panoramic house in Bodrum where you will be amazed by the unique view of the Aegean Sea!

    The marvelous Bodrum villa, designed by Pritzker Prize-winner Richard Meier, is worth $ 6 million.

    Nicolas Berggruen, who owns 37 decares of the area, is a world-famous investor!

    Panoramic Yalikavak View of Richard Meier Signature Villas in Bodrum!

    The 5-storey villa which is designed by Meier has 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms! The ultra-luxury villa, where you can watch the panoramic view of Yalikavak through the long windows makes those who see it fall in love!

    Milas-Bodrum International Airport: 45 minutes

    Ultra-luxury villa having a guest suite on the garden floor provides the views of the Aegean Sea, Yalikavak, and forest! Moreover, you can even see the Greek islands provided the weather is clear.

    A Modern Design Equipped with Iconic Pieces!

    The yellow oak floors used in Meier’s project in Bodrum Yalikavak were imported from Germany.

    The ceilings of the Meier villas having fine white columns are 30 meters high!

    Special security measures have been taken within the scope of the project that is developed by Pamir&Soyuer. The plan of each villa remains fixed. There is a private garden entrance for the staff.

    The ground floors, middle floors, and upper floors have the same plan. The exterior architecture of the house has a minimalist design. The interior architecture is designed with refined tastes.

    Modern and iconic pieces in the Saarinen Tulip table and dining room used in the interior design of the house are among imported furniture. All pieces in these glamorous villas are included in sales.


    A Design with Healing Landscaping!

    Pamir is the developer of the villas designed by Richard Meier in Bodrum Yalikavak. Pamir has underlined that Meier has done healing landscaping by replanting the trees and plants.

    Pomegranate trees and olive trees add richness to the environment of the villas. In addition to being developed in Yalikavak where is the most popular and luxurious district in Bodrum, the villas are truly charming and fascinating!