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    8 Factors That Determine Istanbul Home Prices!

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    Istanbul home prices are charming for home buyers. Do not let your budget restrictive if you want to buy a house in Istanbul! Your Projescope real estate consultant will provide the most suitable house for sale in Turkey.

    Do You Have A Shoe-String Budget?

    To buy properties for sale in Istanbul, your demands will be the determining factor, not your budget. Istanbul home prices offer a wide range of real estate portfolios for you to find suitable housing options according to your budget.

    Also, we will ensure that you will find the most suitable property for your budget through our strong bargaining skills as well as special solutions and discounts. Free of charge!

    You can find hundreds of housing options to make strong real estate investments within the Turkish real estate market.

    Besides, you can buy your dream home to have a new living space. The first question coming to the minds of capital owners who will buy houses in Istanbul is the average prices.

    The real estate price range in Istanbul is very wide. You can examine the Istanbul housing price index or the factors that add value to the house in our article.

    If you want to make an appointment now, send your contact information with the form. Get Professional service with the special solutions provided by the expert sales consultants of Projescope.

    Without delay, find the ideal house in Istanbul that best suits your living conditions and your budget. Additionally, it is free of charge!

    8 Decisive Factors for Istanbul Home Prices



    The decisive factors for Istanbul home prices give the most accurate average values for houses.

    Here are 8 factors that determine home prices in Istanbul:

    1. Land Value
    2. Location – Neighborhood
    3. Width
    4. View (sea / Bosphorus / forest / city)
    5. Transportation Opportunities
    6. Construction Age
    7. Facades
    8. Number of Floors

    If you are looking for houses for sale in Bosphorus Istanbul, our sales consultants can offer you a portfolio with options suitable for your budget. Moreover, if you allocate a small amount of money, we will present special solutions for you.

    No need to waste your time on old apartments for sale in Istanbul. We will give clues for you to find suitable Istanbul home prices.

    You can take a look at the visuals of sample flats, list prices, region analysis, Istanbul house price index on the project pages.

    You Can Acquire Turkish Citizenship Through Istanbul Real Estate!

    Istanbul home prices are rapidly increasing however they offer strong investment opportunities. You can earn a lifetime income by purchasing a property. Besides, you can acquire Turkish Citizenship right after purchasing one or more houses with a minimum value of USD 250,000.


    A large number of housing options are offered in Istanbul to benefit from the Turkish Citizenship program. You can buy one or more residences worth USD 250,000. Not only you but also your family will have the right to citizenship. There are many housing projects in Istanbul that will enable you to benefit from this program.

    Average Istanbul Home Prices 2021


    (Yedi Mavi-Istanbul)

    Istanbul home prices offer suitable housing options for different living conditions and budgets. We can look for an extraordinary city apartment or an accessible luxury villa on the European and Asian Side of Istanbul.

    Average Istanbul home prices: TL 494,000
    Turnaround time: 20 years

    You can find and buy your dream home at affordable prices among the apartments for sale in Istanbul. In addition to being affordable in Istanbul, private payment options are offered by housing projects.

    Hundreds of housing options with different price ranges are offered in Istanbul. If your budget is limited, it might be appropriate to buy an under-construction house. You can take advantage of discounted housing options or buy the home of your dreams by taking advantage of the payment options offered for you.

    There are housing projects having different price ranges. For instance, cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul, villa for sale in Istanbul, Bosphorus view homes for sale in Istanbul…

    Also, there are prestigious duplex apartments, charming penthouses with extraordinary architecture…

    Let your dreams determine the house you will buy, not your budget!

    Determine your budget and expectations.

    Istanbul real estate for sale provides several options for you. You should set your demands as well as your budget.

    * Villa
    * Residence
    * Office

    Just choose the property you want to buy in Istanbul! We will provide special and attractive offers for you.

    – Mixed-use Projects
    – Discounted Housing Projects
    – Malls in Housing Projects
    – Ready Housing Projects
    – Under-Construction Housing Projects

    Expert real estate consultants of Projescope will be your guide to find the ideal property. You can find more info to find the most suitable house for your housing investment in Istanbul European Side and Istanbul Asian Side.

    2021 Istanbul European Side Home Prices


    (Taksim 360 – Istanbul)

    Istanbul home prices will fascinate you… You can easily find cheap property for sale in Istanbul European Side. As you get away from the city center, you will find more affordable ultra-luxury villas or a house for sale in Istanbul European Side.

    Are you looking for the right location to buy an apartment in Istanbul?

    You have money and you think of investing it… You can take a look at the apartments for sale in Istanbul European Side right now.

    We guarantee that you will find a home that fits your budget. You can have both a strong investment and a home where you feel the dynamic atmosphere of the city every single day.

    You can look at houses for sale in Bosphorus Istanbul in addition to a housing project with a forest view, or a prestigious villa project. What about a 3-bedroom apartment for sale in Istanbul?

    5 Popular Settlements on the European Side of Istanbul:

    • Beylikduzu
    • Bahcesehir
    • Kagithane
    • Buyukcekmece
    • Zeytinburnu

    2021 Istanbul Asian Side Home Prices


    (Kasr-i Ala Cengelkoy-Istanbul)

    Istanbul Asian Side home prices have a wide range. There are several homes for sale in Istanbul. Flamboyant or totally reflecting Turkish architecture.

    Istanbul Asian Side is a region where you can find affordable housing options. You can find special places having a historical value at almost every part.

    You will be enchanted by the historical streets lined with colorful old Turkish houses, the amazing structures where you can watch the glow of the Bosphorus and modern housing projects.

    5 Popular Settlements on the Asian Side of Istanbul:

    • Kadikoy
    • Kartal
    • Cekmekoy
    • Atasehir
    • Maltepe

    Luxury Istanbul Home Prices for Sale


    Istanbul home prices are ideal for making your dreams come true. Luxury home prices have the concept of affordable. Luxury villas in Istanbul are sold at affordable prices in the most valuable locations of the city.

    If you have enough budget to buy Istanbul homes, we can offer you a villa project with a Bosphorus view. Or we can show you a luxurious apartment from a valuable residential project in one of the most central locations.

    You can buy an ultralux house that is still under construction for cheap. Or, we can suggest old apartments for sale in Istanbul.

    Set your dreams and let us find the luxury Istanbul home for you.

    It is very easy to find the house of your dreams, the view of which you choose!

    A residential project with a sea view, close to the marina away from the city center or a villa with a Bosphorus view in the city center!

    You can choose a location such as Beylikduzu, Bahcesehir, Basaksehir, Zekeriyakoy, Cekmekoy which are far from the city center but where luxury / ultra-lux housing projects are developed.

    Or, we can find the house beyond your dreams that will enchant you. In locations such as Sariyer, Beykoz, Tarabya, Emirgan and Beylerbeyi which are among the most luxurious areas of Istanbul…

    About Istanbul House Price Index


    There are certain things that domestic and foreign investors who want to make a housing investment in Istanbul should pay attention to the housing price index for Istanbul average home prices. Our expert sales consultants can take care of all the things to be considered.

    Also, you need to know this:

    How Are Home Prices Determined in Istanbul?

    • The home prices in Istanbul is determined according to the rental price.
    • You can learn the depreciation period and the value of the house and its real value.

    The House Price Index in Turkey gives the mean values for determining home price and prices per square meter and this analysis important for home buyers in Istanbul. You should follow the Home Price Index data reported by the Central Bank in order to sell or buy a home.

    The house price index is determined by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey since 2010. The house price index which determines the actual price of the house is the real estate valuation report.

    The price index is an important valuation report where you can learn the determinants and average values for Istanbul housing prices.

    You can request this report from your expert sales consultant regarding Istanbul home prices.

    How to Find an Affordable House in Istanbul?


    As Istanbul homes prices are rapidly gaining value, new housing projects are increasing as well. If you are looking for Istanbul properties, the location you choose has a greater impact than the physical features of the house you will buy!

    While the land stocks are rapidly depleting, especially the lands located in the city center and close to the sea are becoming attractive for developer companies. Therefore, as supply and demand increase, housing prices increase.

    The determinant of housing prices in Istanbul is generally not the housing size. Istanbul home prices are gaining value, particularly in regions where transportation opportunities are improving in a fast way.

    The simplest 3 ways to find an affordable home in Istanbul:

    1. Be sure to set off with an expert real estate consultant!
    Your expert real estate consultant will have the biggest role in buying the ideal home by making comparisons for you and using their strong bargaining capabilities.

    Do not hesitate to cooperate with those who know the way. You will never lose!

    2. Set your budget, dreams and demands!
    Your budget should not be decisive for real estate in Istanbul. Just determine your living conditions and demands. Determine the location or type of building you want to live in. It can be a brand new or old Istanbul apartment. It can be a house with a garden or an apartment where you watch the sea from its terrace.

    We will offer floor plans, the visuals of sample flats, prices and suitable opportunities for all projects.

    3. Don’t Waste Time!
    Request an appointment from the expert sales consultants of Projescope at this very moment.

    Get free consultancy service and turn your time into cash!

    Get more information about Istanbul home prices by taking advantage of the free professional real estate consultancy services of Projescope. Send your contact information with the form to request an appointment without losing time!