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    Online Real Estate Sales | 5 Virtual Steps

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    March 12, 2021

    Online real estate sales are more advantageous than traditional ways of buying property. The reason is that it is simpler and more flexible with a different understanding of sales. It is also cheaper, no need to pay extra! Decide on the right agency to buy real estate online, find the most ideal property for your purchase or residential investment in the fastest way! There are real estate agencies that provide face-to-face and online sales services in Turkey. Projescope is an international real estate consultancy service with professional sales representatives who will provide a great portfolio of the real estate market in Turkey.

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    We can keep up with the industry for domestic and foreign housing buyers due to our experience, cooperation and bargaining power.

    We guarantee that we will find ways for your ideal property in Turkey online. Moreover, Projescope professional online real estate services are free of charge! Get informed about online real estate sales and easily buy property online in Turkey!

    Virtual Tours and Online Real Estate Sales


    Online real estate sales method is a proven method to make a profit by taking advantage of methods. Buying a house online has emerged as a popular method in Turkey recently.

    It is crucial to find a reliable one among the expert real estate consultancy agencies that improve their digital services. Online methods offer reliable services as well.

    You send your contact details after examining the project pages and housing options offered by online real estate sales sites. Real estate search sites use innovative methods in this regard.

    Professional sales consultants contact you through your contact information and take you around the houses by organizing 3D tours.

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    Furthermore, different language options are offered. Projescope Real Estate Consultancy offers many language options such as Turkish, English, Arabic, Farsi, and French.

    Our sales consultants continue providing professional services for you. We also have strong references. You can pay securely and live in a different country where you will not feel like a foreigner.

    Online housing sales for foreigners are rapidly gaining popularity in Turkey and citizens take advantage of online methods.

    ∇ Filter to find your dream home using virtual tools through our search engine!

    And, our professional sales consultants will show you the houses you choose. There you get online real estate sales!

    We have cooperation with the biggest construction companies and brands in Turkey. If you are looking for online real estate sale services, we are just a few clicks away for you!

    5 Steps of Online Real Estate Sales


    The steps for online real estate sales are very easy to follow. You will not spend much effort as you get closer to buying a house step by step. Just decide on the house. No need to take a real step neither. You do not need to leave your house, change your slippers or wear your shoes. You will make a video call from your house. It is all good!

    Here are the 5 virtual steps you need to take during online real estate sales:

    Step 1: Fill in the contact form requested on the websites and answer the phone of the real estate consultant.

    Step 2: Start visiting the projects via video conferencing.

    Step 3: After the purchase decision, your payment schedule is prepared.

    Step 4: The remittance method is used for payment.

    Step 5: Your online application to the title deed is made right after!

    That’s all!

    Is Online Real Estate Sales Reliable?


    Online real estate sales are completely reliable. Traditional practices are out of date! You can even easily get your title deed online. Waiting in the queue or spending your time visiting house to house is a thing of the past.

    Online real estate sites are safe. Because we make agreements with housing projects for you. The rules of procedure and contracts are approved by the homeowners.

    As having one of the best real estate websites in Turkey, we will make deals with construction developers for you. When you send your contact information with the form, we will contact you in accordance with the law on the protection of your data.

    Your online purchases are carried out in line with your requests while protecting your privacy. Moreover, we will unite thanks to our free service mentality. Without wasting time and without allocating an extra budget!

    How Do Online Real Estate Sales Sites Work?

    Professional sales consultants and their experiences are of prime importance for online real estate sales. Demands of homebuyers who want to buy a house are the priority.

    ∴ Required agreements are made with the owners of the house to be sold.

    ∴ After the agreements under the legal rules, the catalog information of the house is shared that is open to the review of the house buyers on the websites.

    ∴ Real estate companies work in cooperation with expert researchers, content writers, and sales representatives collecting analysis and data.

    ∴ The data shared by the homeowner with specialist sales companies is kept up to date every second.

    ∴ Contact details are collected from the forms filled in by the home buyers and investors who visit the websites.

    ∴ Investors are systematically contacted via phone or e-mail.

    ∴ The house is chosen in line with the demands and conditions. In line with the demands of the home buyers, the house is visited together or live tours are organized.

    ∴ Online sales transactions are easily performed for the house.

    For detailed information about online real estate sale transactions, please send your contact details with the form. We will contact you in no time.

    Why are Online Real Estate Sales Advantageous?

    Online real estate sales are advantageous for sure! Why? There are several answers to this question.

    Just imagine! You are at home and sipping your coffee. While you enjoy your home wearing your bathrobe or running your business without interruption, some find a home for you. By making your payments safely, you benefit from special opportunities. Totally free of charge!

    1. Online Representatives Benefit from Online Data and Algorithms!

    Online data and algorithms are used for online real estate sales. Professional real estate consultants use special filters and data while finding the house that best suits your demands. They also choose up-to-date housing prices and new housing projects. Regional data, analysis and indexes become your roadmap when purchasing a house with digital methods.

    2. The Services Offered Are Full of Practices and Privileges!

    We can ensure you that the most practical way to buy real estate online is to use digital services. The easiest way to complete your transactions without wasting time while purchasing a house is online purchasing. The service terms developed by experts for years are used for you to feel privileged. The houses you like are visited on your behalf right after the end of the call. And, you can make your decision after that. For this reason, online is the most comfortable way to buy privileged and practical housing. Moreover, you can decide whether it is reliable through search engines and choose the right real estate consultant.

    3. Buying Online is Cheaper! The Reason Is the Commission!

    It is cheaper to buy housing online than to buy housing in traditional ways. The reason is the commission. If high commission rates make you intimidated when buying a house, you can find the house of your dreams and benefit from powerful investment opportunities by using digital methods and free consultancy services.

    4. Different from Traditional Realtors!

    Online real estate consultancy companies have a new generation approach for real estate sales. Professional sales consultants are very different from traditional real estate agents. There are no region restrictions to find the newest housing projects. You will have the opportunity to make comprehensive research for the house you are looking for. Using digital data, you can easily find the house you are looking for without interrupting your work by participating in live tours.

    Real Estate Agency Providing Both Face-to-Face and Online Real Estate Sales Service


    For online real estate sales, face-to-face service is provided by the agents in line with the demands. Choose a real estate agent and trust to find homes for sale. Our best online real estate sales in Istanbul will offer several advantages for you.

    If you have a shoe-string budget, there will be special payment opportunities. Also, it will make the point for you without wasting time when buying housing. Client-oriented solutions will be waiting for you. A global service understanding is provided with different language options.

    Online real estate selling is a powerful solution, especially after the pandemic crisis. You can even make your payment with secure methods without any contact. We promote the city and the region through the eyes of locals for foreign home buyers as well as an investment recommendation.

    A system is applied in line with the demands in addition to online real estate sales. Some property buyers want to visit homes with expert consultants. In this case, expert sales consultants and investors visit the houses together. As the process proceeds, all interviews will be face-to-face. However, this is an online sales process! Because the home buyer usually contacts through the website and determines the project.

    There is no definite method for purchasing housing such as luxury properties for sale. The person who will buy the housing completely manages the process. Online real estate sales are completed in line with the demands.

    Online Real Estate Sales Recommendations for Turkey


    Online real estate sales are reliable and practical for home buyers. With the right choices for sure.

    For instance, you want to buy a home or sell house in Turkey. However, you do not know what to do. If you take advantage of digital methods, be sure to determine the right real estate agent and make sure to determine what you want correctly.

    If the real estate specialist knows you fully and knows what you want, the most suitable house for you will appear in your mind right away. Be sure to walk together with the expert real estate agent who captures the market.

    Be sure to request regional analysis, real estate index data, return on investment and all the details about the project. The right real estate expert will surely present the necessary information for you.

    In addition to your professional consultancy, there are some points to consider for online real estate sales.

    # Review Your Bare Necessities:

    The most common point we encounter during online real estate sales is the demands of home buyers. But you may need to quit some of them. Because sometimes your budget or living conditions may not be compatible with each other. Or, your budget may be insufficient for the house you like. You may need to make some sacrifices. And it goes for all real estate markets.

    # Dig Deep to Explore the Treasure:

    The house you are looking to buy may not be suitable for your budget or demands. If the region you are looking at does not meet your standards, you may discover other assets that are ideal for you. We recommend you not to limit your expert sales consultant at this stage. He will choose the location that best suits your standards. You should rely on the experience of your consultant.

    # Choose the Best Offer:

    A situation that applies to online real estate sales is the increase in home sales. The increasing sales process sometimes might be a danger to you. The house you like and good offers can be presented to someone else! Therefore, choose the best offer. The real estate market is invaluable to win. Make sure to evaluate the offers to gain. And don’t waste your time. There is strong competition in the market. Houses are rapidly sold and gaining value. Do not wait for the house you want to be sold, make it yours!

    # Know the Local Market:

    During online real estate sales, you can swim in the profit repository through accurate research and analysis. When you get the best offer, you will have time to examine it. Request property index data about the local market from your consultant. You will take safe steps with a real estate agent who has comprehensive knowledge of the local market.

    Note: Projescope Buyers Guide is the ideas repository for you. If you want to buy a home in Turkey, our expert sales consultants will use their experience and convey them to you. Your demands are always our priority.

    We Are A Real Estate Consultancy Company! We Work to Provide You the Most Efficient and Reliable Services!

    2021 Most Popular Online Real Estate Sales Websites


    Online real estate sales are powerful due to the experienced salespeople and advanced digital applications. It is a whole with extensive real estate portfolios containing millions of properties, comprehensive filtering tools and buyer guide content. In addition to advanced functions, there are entertaining and appealing contents on the websites. Transparency and reliability principles are the most important rules.

    There is a wide range of opportunities for those who benefit from online sales in addition to cooperativeness. Up-to-date project data are shared for you to research the online real estate sales stage. (We keep the Sample flat visuals, payment plans, discount up-to-date.) On the other side, our consultants are ready to contact you 24/7.


    Let’s look at the international market in 2021. Among the other companies in the world that make online real estate sales and get an award in 2021;

    Zillow, Realtor, Trulia, Foreclosure, FSBO.

    Projescope Real Estate Consultancy Services has been a leading company in the industry in Turkey in 2021.


    Watch out for strong references!