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    Sapanca as Your New Spot for Serenity…

    Explore the Beauties of Nature to the Fullest!

    We present you one of the most popular spots that is close to Istanbul yet full of calming elements. If you are looking for a place to visit that is not far from Istanbul but still close to nature and serenity Sapanca is the best spot for you!

    Sapanca as Your New Spot for Serenity

    Sapanca has become one of the most popular touristic spots so far. With its famous lake and forests, Sapanca provides everything you need for a comfortable and relaxing environment. As the region got popular the facilities around it increased. For accommodation, there are various opportunities.

    Being on an isolated environment that is full of green and peaceful atmosphere in Sapanca will make you have a fresh start for sure! You can either choose a standard hotel to stay in or a bungalow hotel to live nature to the fullest. Furthermore, there are hotels with wellness&spa services. The lake-view cafes&restaurants, walking paths in nature and outdoor activities will fulfill your need for change and relief. The bike path around the lake and the famous Sapanca breakfast are waiting for you to explore. There is no doubt you will enjoy your time in Sapanca with various options.

    There is more to find out about places close to Istanbul which are suitable for holidays and traveling! For more informative and lifestyle blogs you can follow us!

    To enjoy Sapanca fully and own property there you can explore the projects located there and also the ones that are close to region! To see the details and the projects you can visit our website.