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    How to Get Turkish Citizenship for Russians?

    Turkish citizenship for Russians is generally applied through simple investment programs and procedures. Significantly, the Turkish citizenship program is given the same conditions for all countries. In accordance with Turkish citizenship laws, the same procedure is applied equally. Furthermore, services on education, health and many more rights are given in Turkey.

    The easiest way of getting Turkish Citizenship for Russians is by investing on a property in Turkey. Russians who purchase a minimum of $400,000 worth of property in Turkey can acquire Turkish citizenship. What’s more; The family of the investor (Husband/Wife and children under the age of 18) who acquires citizenship through real estate also owns the right to have Turkish citizenship without any conditions.

    By investing on a property, Russian citizens will have important advantages. Apart from being a citizen, they will also benefit from their investment which is with a high investment value. It provides a lifelong benefit for sure.

    (To get more information from our professional consultants about Turkish Citizenship by investment for Russians you can contact us.)

    The Requirements of Turkish Citizenship for Russians

    The requirements and conditions are equal for any investors from any country who want to benefit from the Turkish citizenship program. They are as follow;

    • Reaching a lawful age
    • The ability of acting according to the law
    • Complying with the national security rules
    • Not to have behaviors and habits opposed to the social orders

    We have compiled detailed information on our website! Moreover, to find out more about Turkish Citizenship for Russians and get consultancy services you can contact our consultants.

    About Real Estate Investment | How is it Beneficial for Russians?

    Turkish citizenship by real estate investment for Russian investors has numerous advantages. We summed them up for you as below;

    • Investing on real estate in Turkey will be budget-friendly.
    • By fulfilling the necessary requirements you will be able to earn the right of Turkish Citizenship for the whole family.
    • One of the easiest ways of investing.
    • Real Estate investment is risk-free and also valuable.
    • You will have a lifelong income opportunity.
    • Can do the procedures by professional consultancy services and online transactions.

    The Process of Acquiring Turkish Citizenship For Russians

    Process of having Turkish Citizenship for Russians with real estate investment is actually easier than it is thought. It is a simple procedure period when the stages are known well. Russians who want to become Turkish citizens need to buy a property with a minimum value of $400.000. Other procedures will be simple and easy through our real estate consultants. Do not waste time and acquire citizenship by buying a property in Turkey!

    Select your property for investment in order to have citizenship! Do not miss out on the advantages of getting Turkish citizenship not only for you but also for your whole family by purchasing your property investment in Turkey.

    To have more information on the process and get consultancy service from our expert consultant team you can contact us! Furthermore, explore our website for investment value projects in Turkey and real estate in Istanbul.