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    The Highest Building in Europe is Developed in Istanbul!

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    The highest building in Europe is developed in the Istanbul Financial Center! Developed in the Istanbul Finance Center, the Central Bank which will be completed in 2021 will be the highest building in Europe!

    The Highest Building in Europe Is 360 Meters!

    The length of the Building of Central Bank, developed with the budget received from the Central Bank, is 310 meters. However, this length will be 360 meters along with the antenna towers.

    The construction plan and project design of the land of the Central Bank of 15.960 square meters stand out as having unprecedented construction rights in Turkey.

    A Touch of the Architect of Bestepe Complex to the New Central Building!

    The architect of the New Central Building which will be the highest structure in Europe has changed!

    A deal has been made with the architect of both the Ankara Presidential Palace and the summer palace in Marmaris for the architectural design of the Central Bank which will be the highest building in Europe.

    The architectural touch of Europe’s highest building to be located in the financial center of Istanbul is from Sefik Birkiye! A deal has been made with Vizzion Architects for the project which is developed by “Architect of the Palace”.

    Awarded as The Successful Businessman of the Year!

    Birkiye who was awarded as the Successful Businessman of the Year in Europe has won two Oscars. Designed by a world-famous architect, the Central Bank Building is still being developed by the touch of a world-renowned architect.

    The Central Bank building to be developed by Birkiye who is one of the 8 architects involved in the construction expansion of Disneyland Paris has grabbed all the attention.

    Project Images Have Not Been Publicily Shared!

    Images of the Central Bank building which is developed as the highest building in Europe have not been publicly shared yet.

    There will be 67 floors, not 55!

    The floor plan of the Central Bank building, the highest building developed by Sefik Birkiye, has been changed as well.

    The height of the Central Bank building designed as 55-storey initially has been increased to 67 floors. All of the land of the building which has 67 floors including the basement floor has also been reconstructed.

    The Highest Building in Europe Underbid of Limak!

    A ‘secret’ tender was carried out for the highest building in Europe. There were no tender notices. Limak has underbid for the tender. Bids were made for the project without any tender notice.

    The price was not announced. However, Limak which offered the lowest construction cost has won the tender. Central Bank officials have not made any statement about the details.

    Based on the Harmonization of Architecture and Aesthetics!

    All the buildings have been designed in harmonization with each other in addition to the Central Bank building which has been developed as the highest building in Europe to be located in the Istanbul Financial Center.

    Istanbul Financial Center Project Will be Completed in 2021!

    The countdown has begun for the Istanbul Finance Center Project! The financial liberalization is aimed in Turkey with the project which is planned to be completed in 2021.

    Turkey has become a global power and achieved growth in many fields by gathering its financial power under one roof. Turkey has taken another step in the way of the development of new instruments and institutions along with new markets.

    Turkey has become a global power with technological developments, innovations in health and informatics as well as having a rising value in the real estate trade.

    Istanbul Finance Center project will improve the banking sector in Turkey on a global scale. Turkey aims to be a gamechanger in the international arena with the Financial Center project that will be completed in 2021.

    The Process of The Istanbul Financial Center Project

    There are still some questions about the developments about the financial center project planned on the residential area located on the north of the Anatolian Motorway. There is also some curiosity about the process of the project and international financial institutions.

    The Istanbul Financial Center Strategy and Action Plan entered into force in 2009. Berat Albayrak, the former Minister of Treasury and Economy, stated that a project that reflects the silhouette of Istanbul was developed, and this development would positively impact the Turkish economy.

    The Highest Building in Europe is Located in The Middle of The Area!

    It is highlighted that it will be a center not only for conventional banking but also for digital banking. When reflecting the silhouette of Turkey in terms of architecture, the project will provide support to international capital flows. The project is supposed to be completed in 2021.

    In addition to development that has been provided by the investment in the real estate sector and urban transformation in Turkey, the financial liberalization and capital flow provided by the Istanbul Financial Center will increase the trade volumes. The banking sector and living conditions will improve as well. Besides, new tools and institutions are planned to be developed along with new markets.

    Meet the Land of Istanbul Financial Center!

    The Istanbul Financial Center project is planned to be completed in 2021. The buildings to be included and the details of the building to be constructed are a matter of curiosity!

    Istanbul Financial Center (IFM)

    • Project Type: Mixed-Use

    • Land Area: 3.200.000 m²

    • Location: Umraniye, İstanbul, Turkey

    • Investor: Republic of Turkey | Emlak GYO

    • Associated Financial Institutions: Central Bank of Turkey, Ziraat Bank, Halk Bank, Vakıflar Bank, Capital Markets, Board of Turkey, Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency

    The details given above are the current information about the project. The project consists of 4 main areas. The first major area is designed for buildings belonging to inspection organizations and private institutions. There will be banks and financial centers in the second main district.

    The third main area is allocated for congress and cultural centers. The fourth main area is planned for structures that provide support and service. These units are developed to serve the public such as police stations, fire stations, and mosques.

    400 meters to TEM Highway!

    The highest building in Europe is the center of economy and transportation with its distance to TEM Highway!

    The financial center that is located 400 meters from the TEM highway, is planned to be a junction point. Let’s examine the location of the project. It is 7.5 km to the 15 July Martyrs Bridge, 10.5 km to the FSM Bridge, and 2.5 km to the D-100 Highway. The region which is appreciated with the housing projects developed around gains importance.

    The Istanbul Financial Center is planned to be completed in 2021, and it is considered the heart of the financial sector. It will be a region in which the banking sector improves and increases employment. The demand for housing projects, infrastructure, social and cultural areas is expected to increase depending on employment.

    Restructuring for the metro, road transportation, and airport around the Istanbul Finance Center is planned within the scope of the transformation based on the Tenth Development Plan which has been designed in accordance with the development of the region in this sense. All details such as parking, junction works, and road works have been designed according to the action plan.

    Impact of the Project on Turkish Economy


    Remarkable as the highest building in Europe, the economic progress of Turkey is also outstanding! It is observed that developed countries significantly reduce their deregulation practices due to the process of opening their economies to international capital flows. Countries preferring deregulation are on the way to financial liberalization in order to develop their economies on a global scale.

    The development of the economies of the countries is achieved with the policies that lead to financial globalization. International capital might have a negative or positive impact on macro-scale economic policies, the banking system, and economic developments.

    Turkey has headed for financial globalization. Turkey also aims to increase the Turkish economy to international standards within the scope of the policies that are followed by the country’s economy and financial center project.

    Following the 2008 financial collapse, there have been several developments depending on the realistic evaluations made in the banking and finance sector.

    Economists have created new economic models and strategies. Turkey has made progress in terms of the banking and financial sector during this period.

    Turkey aims to become a global power by 2021 with the Istanbul Financial Center Project. The Central Bank Building is also riveting because of being the highest building in Europe and has made a great impact. It is aimed to achieve the level of global powers such as London and America. Firm steps are still taken towards becoming a rising value day by day.