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    25 Reasons for Turkish Citizenship by Investment

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    Turkish Citizenship by real estate investment is obtained by purchasing a minimum of USD250,000 worth of housing. Real estate investment is the most frequently preferred method by foreigners and investors planning to acquire Turkish Citizenship.

    In Turkey, hundreds of foreign investors buy property worth a minimum of $250.000 every year. They are choosing the easiest way to obtain Turkish Citizenship.

    Investing in real estate is the most advantageous investment instrument. It provides income due to increasing housing values.

    It stands out as the easiest and fastest method for obtaining citizenship in Turkey.

    Take a look at the incentives provided in Turkey for Turkish citizens and foreign investors and evaluate the investment opportunities by constant earnings.

    What is the simplest and fastest way to acquire Turkish Citizenship afterward?

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    What are the best property options for the acquisition of Turkish Citizenship?

    You can find answers to all your questions about acquiring Turkish passport by investment through our expert real estate consultants of Projescope. In order to make an appointment, just send your contact details with the form.

    We will contact you as soon as possible. By investing in real estate, you can acquire Turkish citizenship and open the doors of a privileged life without delay!

    We guarantee that we will find the right property for our customers by using our bargaining capabilities as your reliable solution partner.

    25 Advantages of Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate


    You can find hundreds of reasons to get Turkish citizenship in Turkey. However, there are 25 outstanding reasons we have gathered for you. One of the most important privileges offered to foreign investors is the power of the Turkish Passport. Strong industrialization in Turkey, employment power, and investments will offer several opportunities.

    Besides, you can review all the details and stages of the acquisition of Turkish Citizenship in detail. You can even request more information from your expert sales consultants.

    You can easily find a home at affordable prices. You will turn over a new leaf in your life along with several privileges!

    1. Affordable health services
    2. Quality education opportunities
    3. Prestigious employment opportunities
    4. Ample social opportunities
    5. Heaven-like holiday destinations
    6. International political power
    7. Modern social structure
    8. Young and dynamic population
    9. Geopolitical and strategic location
    10. Advanced living conditions
    11. 13th most advanced economy in the world
    12. Global competitive power
    13. Fast modernization
    14. Mega projects
    15. Advanced infrastructure
    16. Fast annual growth expectation
    17. Sectoral developments
    18. Increase in foreign investor volume
    19. Strong international relations
    20. Increasing welfare level
    21. Powerful Turkish passport
    22. Diversity of export products and strong agricultural activities
    23. Economic growth
    24. Developing urbanization activities and urban transformation activities
    25. Political stability

    How to Get Turkish Citizenship?

    Turkish Citizenship by buying property having a minimum value of $250.000 is enough to obtain Citizenship. In addition to providing citizenship for the whole family, you also have a valuable living space.

    There are many ways for foreign investors who want to acquire Turkish Citizenship. Among the investment methods offered for foreign investors, the real estate sector stands out as the most valuable method.

    You can choose the other investment instruments or marriage to acquire citizenship in Turkey.

    Living conditions full of advantages and privileges are offered for foreign nationals seeking exceptional acquisition of Turkish Citizenship.

    8 Remarkable Housing Projects for Turkish Citizenship by Investment Process

    You can easily find answers to the frequently asked questions by foreign investors who want to get Turkish Citizenship. Through our expert real estate consultancy services for sure!

    By purchasing a property with a minimum value of 250,000 USD, you will not only guarantee lifetime gains but also acquire citizenship in the simplest and fastest way.

    One of the advantages you will get with the Citizenship program is to own a property that will expand your comfort zone.

    If you wish, you can benefit from the rental income of the house you will buy.

    1. Piyalepasa
    2. Nevbahar Uskudar
    3.Taksim 360
    4.Tarabya Vadi Konaklari
    5.Elmas Istanbul Konaklari
    6.Denizistanbul Mercan Konaklari
    7.Locamahal Istanbul
    8.3S Topaz Topkapi

    Requirements of Exceptional Turkish Citizenship and Buying Property


    In order to get Turkish Citizenship, foreign home buyers must comply with the property purchasing conditions laid down by law.

    Only a foreign investor who purchases a property with a minimum value of $ 250.000 and his spouse, if any and a child under the age of 18 can benefit from the citizenship right.

    Get Citizenship by property investment will provide many privileges in Turkey.

    What to do for Turkish Citizenship?

    • Attaining Maturity: A person who wants to acquire Turkish Citizenship must be of age according to the laws. According to the Turkish civil law, this age is determined as 18.

    • Mental Competence: Foreign nationals who want to acquire Turkish Citizenship by investment program must have mental competence.

    • The property should comply with the laid down conditions and limitations: You can obtain the citizenship right with the requirement to comply with the text of the law by purchasing real property or properties valued at a minimum of $ 250.000 in Turkey.

    • Get Informed About the Sales Agreement: According to the law on acquiring Turkish Citizenship by investment rules, it is necessary to go to the Land Registry Directorate for the transfer of real estate ownership. The deed and registration to be signed at the land registry offices are needed.

    • Complete Necessary Documents: While gathering the necessary documents, you should make sure that all documents are proper and complete. Also, it is very important that you do not pose a threat to National Security.

    Do you know that you have a Turkish name and surname right?

    Turkish Citizenship by investment 2021 enables you to change your name and surname. While filling out your application form, you must state this request during the application.

    Necessary Documents for Turkish Citizenship by Investment


    Foreign investors who want to acquire Turkish Citizenship through real estate investment must complete the necessary documents.

    Foreigners who have received a letter of approval should have complete these necessary documents for obtaining a residence permit:

    • Application form to be filled by our experts
    • Certificate of the title deed of the property
    • 2 photos of the buyer, 1 photo of the seller
    • Passport, the notarized Turkish translation of the passport
    • Birth certificate
    • Fee receipt
    • Your marital status (regarding the citizenship of family members)
    • Health report
    • Document regarding your income status
    • Original and photocopy of valid residence permit card

    Let us consider and apply all the necessary details for obtaining Turkish Citizenship. Let’s complete all the necessary documents for the Turkish Citizenship process.

    Turkey Passport Visa Free Countries 2021


    Turkish Citizenship by investment, you only need to buy a house worth a minimum of USD 250,000! In addition to getting Turkish Citizenship through the house you buy, you will have the right to enter many countries visa-free on simple terms.

    Visa Right for Entrances to More Than 42 Countries:

    If you have a Turkish Passport, you will enter over 42 countries such as Lebanon, Bahrain, and Kuwait by obtaining a visa upon arrival.

    Visa-free Entrances to More Than 72 countries:

    If you have a Turkish passport, you have the right to enter many countries such as Qatar, Tunisia, Jordan, Iraq, Japan, Brazil, Ukraine, Cyprus, South Africa, Serbia, Thailand.

    Online Visa Right:

    In addition to all these, you can enter many countries such as Australia by obtaining an online visa! You can make your application with online services and log in with your e-visa that will be sent to your e-mail within 48 hours.

    Easy Visa Obtaining Conditions:

    If you are a Turkish Citizen or acquired, some countries give you a visa easily because of having a Turkish Passport. Turkey making certain international agreements with the European Union offers a passport right to provide extensive rights.

    You will not waste your time going to the consulate or completing documents! Turkish Passport is strong for visa-free travel. Your visa request will not be rejected or you will not waste time on all these procedures.

    Just buy your flight ticket and travel.

    Also, if you have acquired Turkish Citizenship, you can travel to some countries without a passport. It is enough to just use your identity. You can obtain Turkish Citizenship by having the title deeds of houses having a minimum value of USD250,000!

    Turkish Citizens had the right to reside and establish a business in the UK according to the terms of the Ankara Agreement. After the end of the 5-year process, the right to reside indefinitely in the UK and the right to apply for British Citizenship were provided. (The validity of the Ankara Agreement expired on December 31st, 2020.)

    There has been a governing decision on Turkish Citizenship for foreigners who buy a house worth only USD250,000 since 2018. Take this opportunity to enjoy your strong Turkish passport and the advantages of being a Turkish Citizen for a lifetime.

    Just Decide on the House of Your Dreams!


    The most important advantage of acquiring Turkish Citizenship by buying property in Turkey. If you wish, we will organize live tours to all Turkish properties that are suitable for citizenship, or we can visit them with you step by step.

    You will not waste your precious time and realize your dreams in no time through the online or live services provided by the expert consultancy services of Projescope!

    In order to acquire Turkish Citizenship now, find the house or houses with a minimum value of $250.000. If you desire, choose more than one property and take advantage of the offers we will provide according to your special preferences!