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    Art Galleries in Istanbul: Increasing Level of Globalization!

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    The concept of art galleries in Turkey has appreciated in value with the progressively increasing level of education and globalization and with especially the art in Istanbul. In addition, the level of awareness in Turkey improves depending on developing level of culture. This revives Turkey’s economy and connections with abroad. All areas built for art scenes, art galleries and artistic events in Turkey have developed the regions and particularly expanded trade volume in Istanbul, shown as the center of art.

    The concept of art is related not only with culture but also with economy and education. Art is incompatible with commercial concepts, but works of art, which continue to exist as from the past, are turned into a commercial tool by auctioning through auctions or art galleries.

    This is a madness created entirely by capitalism. However, the art and the artist remain standing and survive, which allow promotion of the tradition and social life in their country to the outside world. Allowing continuation of tradition and promotion of cultures for centuries, art galleries in Turkey are particularly located in Istanbul in and around Taksim.

    Istanbul Biennial | The Most Prestigious Form of Contemporary Art!


    Artistic events, art galleries, museums and art festivals in Turkey are usually held in Istanbul. The most popular festival is known as Istanbul Biennial. Istanbul Biennial has made a great impression all over the world and aims to bring together the works of many local and foreign artists.

    The events that take place within the scope of the festival generally continue in synergy and even in dialogue between the artists and the audience gathered to watch. This is known as the most important part of the concept of contemporary art.

    Organized in Istanbul as the most prestigious form of Contemporary Art, the Istanbul Biennial is famous worldwide as one of the few distinguished exhibitions. Having continued its activities since 1987, the Istanbul Biennial has been the scene of 15 art activities so far. Creating a global cultural network in the name of art, this event has become a brand that brings together new trends.

    The Istanbul Biennial, sponsored by Koc Holding, is held in Beyoglu Tophane district in Istanbul and in museums and art centers in Buyukada.

    Salt GALATA | Art Galleries


    Salt GALATA is a notable venue bringing together art exhibitions in Istanbul and even many cultural activities about art under the same roof. Salt GALATA is especially impressive due to its architectural structure. It goes beyond being an art gallery or art center with its architectural details.

    Having a magnificent architecture and historical atmosphere, the library in Salt GALATA serves as a cultural temple for those who want to generate ideas or make research. This architectural masterpiece has 3 floors and includes meeting areas, workshops, an archive room and, of course, an area where art exhibitions are organized.

    Also we’d like to give a hint that the collection of Osmanli Bank Museum is protected with high security measures on -1 floor of Salt GALATA. Salt GALATA is an area that art lovers or learning enthusiasts would not want to leave.

    Rahmi Koc Museum | Art Galleries


    Rahmi Koc Museum is the most special museum or one of the most spectacular art galleries in Halic region of Istanbul. In fact, this museum can be said to the best form of areas, like transport and industry, displayed for the purpose of art, which can be visited in Turkey.

    If you want to see the most special values of transport and technology that have reached today, you should definitely visit this museum. You can learn about all the collections you will see in the museum by listening to local or foreign guides and broaden your horizons.

    Don’t think we’re exaggerating! If you come to Turkey, especially if you have children, you should add Rahmi Koc Museum in Istanbul to your tour of art galleries. There are Turkish and French restaurants inside. This museum has a special play area for children, and is the realized form of a major economic rise and of historical events among the art galleries in Istanbul, even in Turkey. We say don’t miss it…

    Ara Guler Museum 


    Bomonti is also the fastest rising district in Istanbul in terms of social, cultural and art events as well as commercial area, and the Ara Guler museum, which is the newest among art galleries , is located there. First of all, we have to say that Bomonti is the new popular district of Istanbul, and it has become the center of attraction with its most trendy venues, newly rising housing projects. Ara Guler is known as a valuable artist, who is often mentioned by art lovers due to his world-famous Turkish photographer identity.

    The exhibition area was established in Istanbul in cooperation with Dogus Group and it’s perhaps the one with the greatest spiritual value among the art galleries in Istanbul. As you know, spiritual value is of great importance in art.

    We recommend you to visit the exhibition, which will create a hypnosis effect for photography enthusiasts. Once you’re there, while you are drinking something in one of the restaurants or pubs in Bomontiada, you’ll widen your horizon while talking about art! We should also mention that the entrance to the museum is free…

    Sabanci Museum | Art Galleries


    Sabanci Museum, the first one among the most spectacular properties located in Emirgan, is one of the places you definitely must visit in Istanbul, even in Turkey. Because Sabanci Museum is the museum with the greatest historical value among art galleries, art centers and art scenes in Istanbul.

    The mansion, which was transformed into a museum by the Sabanci family, has painting exhibitions, art shows as well as collection items. Sabanci Museum, which has a great reputation globally, has gained a reputation with its temporary exhibitions and museum conservation style. In addition to all these, we can say that it has the most beautiful view among the art galleries in Istanbul.

    We recommend that you leave the concepts of museum and art exhibitions aside and go out into its spectacular garden to watch the beauty of the sea and have a fresh breath of Bosphorus air. You can have long conversations about what you see in the museum while having a meal in the restaurant named MSA inside. Do not forget that you will fall in love with Emirgan, which is the site of the most beautiful and spectacular property and housing projects in Istanbul.

    Be sure to take a tour after leaving the museum! If your love turns into a great passion, you can contact us, we can introduce you to our comprehensive portfolio of dreamy houses to unite you with your endless love