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    Foreign Companies in Turkey | The 4 Most Powerful Actor

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    Making a sector analysis by conducting a comprehensive research about the most powerful foreign companies which are among the leading investors in Turkey, is important to understand the conditions. It is vital for local and foreign investors to investigate the economic conditions of Turkey before making an investment. The balances are constantly changing with financial and commercial globalization, which enables free circulation of foreign capital, and along with international economy, political and economic policies change direction.

    Although the number of foreign investors in Turkey is seen as inadequate, their number is quite high in many industries, ranging from property investment, automotive, oil distribution to advertising. In fact, the contribution of foreign investors to the economic development of the countries increases greatly due to the effective use of their powers worldwide.

    Butterfly Effects | The Most Powerful Foreign Companies in Turkey


    We can see solidly that the economies that set aside their conservative policies and follow liberal policies are rapidly completing their economic development nowadays and are in the category of developing or developed countries. As a result, in addition to the interest of local investors in the sectors, the capital investments of foreign investors have created a butterfly effect in Turkish economy, enabling it to progress in a positive direction and become a powerful global actor.

    We have compiled for you 4 most powerful foreign companies dominating in Turkey for years and the data of their fields of operation. It is obvious that these companies have a wide range of consumers by appreciating in value because of the fact that they have known Turkey for a very long time and responded correctly to the demands.

    Mercedes-Benz | The Most Powerful Foreign Companies in Turkey


    Mercedes-Benz has not only contributed to manpower and employment in Turkey but continued its operations for many years, among the 4 most powerful foreign companies operating in Turkey, and it’s a company with a major contribution to financial development. Globalization is experienced in the field of economy with flow and free circulation of foreign capital, and employment provided by the strongest capital owners makes the growth in the Turkish economy sustainable.

    If we examine the history of Mercedes-Benz, a German company, in Turkey, it was founded under the trade name Otomarsan in Istanbul in 1967. It rapidly developed and gained respect and recognition in Turkey as well as in the countries worldwide to which it exported its products and hence changed its trade name to Mercedes-Benz Türk A.S. in 1990.

    Mercedes-Benz, which is one of the largest and most powerful foreign companies as capital investors in Turkey, increases employment in Turkey with an employee volume of more than 7,000. At the same time, it makes a development path available for its employees with the social space inside the company and training packages it offers. If one considers that the path to development in Turkey requires that employees do their job fondly and with enthusiasm, by virtue of the strategies Mercedes-Benz has followed in the business area in Turkey, the number of developing individuals is increasing, in addition to Mercedes-Benz’s contribution to the workforce. Mercedes-Benz, which does not ignore the fact that a developing economy requires continuous training, has an important volume in the Turkish market.

    BSH Turkey : Brings The Comfort You Are Looking For To Your Home


    BSH, which is one of the largest manufacturers of home appliances in Europe, is one of the 4 most powerful foreign companies in Turkey. It’s also one of the leading organizations of the sector in Turkey and worldwide. BSH, headquartered in Germany, realizes its technological products in 48 countries through a total of 80 companies. BSH brand has 42 factories, and the one with the largest volume is located in Turkey.

    BSH Turkey conducts product development, manufacturing, and then export operations in Turkey, and it’s a market leader with its energy efficient products in Turkey and worldwide. It progressively increases its service potential allocated for R&D in Turkey. BSH Turkey, having the first R&D Center certificate, sheds light on the path of the sector in Turkey with its research and productions made in the field of technology in Turkey. The BSH Group, a foreign company that is the largest white goods company in Turkey, continues to develop Bosch, Siemens, Profilo and Gaggenau brands in Turkey as most powerful foreign companies. BSH Turkey granted the authority of the control mechanism for its products in 86 countries and 7 production facilities in the world market to Turkey.

    JTI : Turkish Tobacco for World Famous Brands


    JTI, which is the international tobacco division of Japan Tobacco, one of the 100 Most Successful Companies in Turkey, can be shown as one of the 4  most powerful companies operating in Turkey due to its contribution to Turkish economy and representation.

    JTI, which is a Geneva-based company, carries the status of being the first private company in Turkey exporting tobacco. Additionally, it has a significant power and share in both domestic and foreign markets in Turkey. Its showing interest to its employees and its working principles focused on enhancing their skills help the economy to develop and add value to manpower. JTI Turkey, which earned Turkey’s Best Employers Award and many other awards, is known as one of Turkey’s leading tobacco companies.

    Using Turkish tobacco for production in its factory in Torbalı, Izmir for 12 world-renowned brands, it has provided dignity for tobacco, which has been one of the elements representing Turkish culture for centuries. Turkey is known to be the production location of the first cigarettes produced. With its factory established in 1990 in Turkey, JTI has moved this situation to the top level. Local or foreign investors planning to be investors in many areas, ranging from property to automotive, in Turkey, should carefully review their export volumes in the world economy.

    With the values it has added to the Turkish economy, JTI Turkey began to find a place in the domestic and foreign markets with the Middle East and Russia. JT Turkey, which continued its progress in the US and European countries, continues to export to 37 countries in 5 continents.

    ISS Turkey : Facility Management Services


    ISS, one of the leading institutions providing facility service in the world, was established in Denmark in 1901. Its services include real estate, catering, security and facility management. It entered Turkish market by acquiring two facility management companies in Turkey in 2005.

    It has been the address of quality service in many areas , ranging from fast food production, pest control, security services to facilities provided for cleaning. It’s one of the most powerful foreign investors operating in Turkey as well as worldwide, and continues its life with more than 40,000 employees.

    Capital Mobility with Foreign Investors in Turkey


    Multinational companies, which have a major impact on economies of all companies worldwide, have increased in number in Turkey to date and provided commercial balances, contributing to development. It is known that the stability achieved in export and import balances is a means of development for all countries. The  4 foreign companies operating in Turkey and contributing greatly to Turkish economy, which we referred to as the most powerful investors, also add positive value to their business in a variety of sectors. Turkey’s branding and foreign trade volume, which enhance its growth potential, significantly increased in size, which indicates that Turkey has increased from the category of developing country to the category of developed country.

    Finally, in addition to Turkey’s development under the influence of multinational companies in the globalization process, progresses in many areas, such as the fact that Turkish companies increasingly grow day by day, property investments appreciate in value or developments take place in the automotive industry, have become solid. While Turkish companies are developing the country’s economy with the activities carried out in foreign countries, they have started to provide both economic and innovative developments in the world.