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    Invest in Turkey | Top 8 Reason

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    For domestic and foreign capital owners willing to invest in Turkey it is vital to perform sector analysis. Turkey, shown to be an ideal country for investment with population density and a young labor force attracts the investors with diversity of sectors. 

    The first thing to consider is that you can manage the returns that investing brings wherever you are with the right decisions. If you bring the income and expense balance proportionally, it is possible to earn your time and effort without spending time and effort while turning your expense into income with a small but high return investment. Finally, it is important to note that the investment is real only if it generates real profits.

    8 Reasons for Invest in Turkey


    The question of “why” comes to your mind first for anyone seeking to make plans to invest in Turkey or making comparisons. Before analyzing the sector to invest in Turkey to learn the basis of the resources that exist in countries where this sector is essential.

    We have listed 8 outstanding values to invest in Turkey briefly.

    Your Investment Will Strengthen with a Strong Economy!


    Today, if we ignore the unusual fluctuations in the global economy and when we consider the annual economy values Turkey is constantly evolving and is one of the world’s fastest growing economy When the real GDP growth rates are compared, the data that we see reflect the strength of the Turkish economy. The progress in the reduction of the budget deficit and the decrease in the public debt stock show a remarkable performance. In addition to all these, the table of job creation, that is, the increase in new business areas with each passing year, reveals the increase in employment.

    Another indicator of the growth in the economy is that Turkey Exporters Assembly figures for export numbers of 2020 increased for 6.1 percent such as 14 billions 765 millions dollars. While export values increase, diversity is obtained in terms of export destinations and exported products.

    Urbanization and Internal Market Volume


    According to the data we have stated in Turkey, depending on the development of the economy, there is an increase in the volume of foreign companies in Turkey investing and GDP Due to this increase, the growth of the economy and with the high per capita income the purchasing power increased With the increasing purchasing power, new sectors are increasing, as there are developments in the sectors. As a result, the ground for the growth of the middle class has been prepared. Along with the growth rates, urbanization is increasing rapidly. As a benefit provided by urbanization, we can see that the production of goods and services supports the domestic market.

    Geopolitical location of Turkey; Strategy for Your Investment


    Turkey’s geopolitical position for many years or even centuries remained critical and attracts the investors. Turkey attracts the attention of big capital owners in foreign markets because is surrounded on four sides by the sea and is the bridge between the East and West It is used as a center by many foreign companies in Turkey. Quick access to the foreign markets, the growth of the global connectivity provided by Turkish Airlines, multinational corporations and export factors and management facilities, the economy has a positive course and the rate of preference for investors increases.

    A Strong Labor Pool for Investment


    Do you know, Turkey investment opportunities? Turkey’s growing population and improving education level, there has been a visible development in the demographic structure Along with the dynamic and strong economy provided by the young population; a dynamic life that is profiting from the economic developments in Turkey as well as import and export value continues. Turkey is among the European Union countries determined to have the youngest population. Foreign and local investors who plan to invest in Turkey opportunities are fascinated because of the increase in employment, the growth of the economy, as well as the growth balance of the population.

    Agreements and Bilateral Invest Promotion in Turkey


    Investment regulations that exist in Turkey offers equal conditions for domestic and foreign investors. Applications for foreign investors are regulated in accordance with international standards and are carried out in accordance with the law. Turkey performs Foreign Direct Investment Law 4875.

    Due to the Law No: 4875;

    • Foreign direct investment in Turkey will be encouraged,
    • Investors’ rights will be protected,
    • It will be certain that the investment is defined and applied according to international standards,
    • Foreign Direct Investor volume will be increased by applying policies and procedures.

    The definition of foreign capital owners who will invest with the 4875 Law will be determined. In addition, the practices determined in the sub-texts attached to this law protect the rights of foreign investment Turkey, set the standards of treatment and for this reason, agreements must be executed by adhering to the law.

    Increased Public Budget Share to R&D


    Domestic and foreign investors who will invest in Turkey should take into account the public budget share allocated to Research and Development. In addition to having high quality labor and cost advantages, well-known global companies are known to have R & D incentives in Turkey. Offering great advantages for foreign companies to invest in and use it as a center of export, the interest of foreign investors in real estate to Turkey is visible Foreigners who prefer Turkey as a central management point for performing commercial applications are known to choose the districts close to the point financial and business district.

    Variety of Industries for Invest in Turkey


    Finally, the issue attracted the attention of the owners of capital to invest in Turkey sectoral diversity is increasing with each passing day. The positive progress of subjects such as developing technology and education level causes an increase in the sectors. At the same time, increasing economic standards, urbanization and all this positive progress have turned into an ecosystem with a dynamic structure.

    It is observed that fields such as automotive, machinery, aviation and defense industry, energy, infrastructure, finance are rapidly developing for invest in Turkey. The name of a new sector is heard every day. The international companies support with multinational financial globalization and with increasing interest in the commercial area of Turkey is seen widely. As a result of all this, economic growth and investment demand support and feed each other in a cycle.