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    Basaksehir Housing Projects: Istanbul Properties

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    You can find detailed information about the most popular and attractive ones among the Basaksehir housing projects here…

    1:Boutique Panorama    Bahcesehir

    2:Bahcesehir Park           Bahcesehir

    3:Seyran Sehir                 Basaksehir

    4:Park Mavera 3              Basaksehir

    5:Park Mavera 4              Basaksehir

    6:Onur Park Life               Bahcesehir

    7:Yalcintepe                      Bahcesehir

    8:Mavera Comfort            Basaksehir

    Boutique Panorama Bahcesehir | Feel Four-Season Holiday!



    Residential Type   : Apartment
    Company                  : Asoy Company
    m²                                    : 140 m² – 260 m²
    Delivery Date          : 2020, December

    Boutique Panorama, located in the 1. part of Bahcesehir, offers a unique investment opportunity among Basaksehir housing projects. The project, which will decorate the dreams of many residential buyers by location, is designed to turn your life into a holiday. Boutique Panorama, which is among the most valuable housing projects of Bahcesehir, one of the rapidly developing regions of Istanbul, draws attention with its horizontal architecture. It has a special design for residential buyers who are bored with tall buildings and want to feel away from the city.

    Boutique Panorama, located in one of the most valuable points of Istanbul as a location, decorates dreams as a hidden living space isolated from all the noise of city life. Unique offers are offered to housing buyers with different types of housing options suitable for every budget option. If you are tired of the crowd and noise of Istanbul, large and spacious residences will be a secret paradise for you..



    Bahcesehir housing projects shine like a star in Basaksehir region. Bahcesehir is a location where you will find luxury villas and apartments at an affordable price. You can find different types of apartments for variable prices. Bahcesehir housing projects have high investment value thanks to their rapidly increasing value. Boutique Panorama, located across the Bahcesehir Pond, where you can spend a pleasant time with your family, makes a difference with its large balconies. You can watch this natural habitat all day long from your large balconies. Boutique Panorama, which attracts attention with its social living spaces among Bahcesehir housing projects, has living spaces that will make you feel on holiday every season. Boutique Panorama, developed with security facilities and social facilities, was realized by Asoy Company and Alpha Projects to add value to your life.

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    Bahcesehir Park Residence | Control Your House Via Smartphones!



    Residential Type     : Apartment
    Company                  : Atmaca Group
    m²                                    : 82 m² – 234 m²
    Delivery Date           : Ready

    Bahcesehir Park, which has a high value among Basaksehir housing projects, was designed by Atmaca Group to add privilege to your life. The project, which was launched on the European Side, consists of two blocks, as 17-18 storeys. Bahcesehir Park, with a total of 147 apartments, attracts attention among its commercial units and mix life projects. Also, it adds high value to both the region and the project with its commercial units. Bahcesehir Park, which is valued for its smart home systems and social facilities, is shown as one of the most valuable housing projects in Bahcesehir.

    Bahcesehir housing projects draw attention to their basic ground features. Bahcesehir Park housing project is a dream with both its technical features and social facilities. Besides all these features, Bahcesehir Park Residence has smart home technology that carries technology to your life. When you leave your home, you will be able to direct all the technological devices from your phone. Combining all the details that will add comfort to your life, Bahcesehir Park will increase your life quality! Another feature of the social facilities is shopping areas. Bahcesehir Park, which combines the most important features that add value to the housing projects, is designed with the finest details.



    When choosing among housing projects, the first subject to be taken stock of location features. Basaksehir housing projects have the highest investment value in Istanbul with their location features. To get information about Bahcesehir Park or other Basaksehir housing projects, just contact us.

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    Seyran Sehir Basaksehir | A Peaceful Life Into 80% Green Space !



    Residential Type    : Apartment
    Company                 : Makro Construction – Akyapi Corporation
    m²                                   : 121 m²- 326 m²
    Delivery Date          : Ready

    Seyran Sehir stands out among the Basaksehir housing projects with its housing types designed following every standard and type of life. Seyran Sehir housing project has been delicately designed to add value to your life with Corporation Makro Construction and Akyapi. Seyran Sehir housing project has spacious living areas that will attract the attention of large families. Seyran Sehir housing project is equipped with all the amenities you can reach without leaving the site. It contains facilities that will add value to your entire life with street stores, restaurants, and cafés.

    Seyran Sehir housing project has features that will add peace to your life with its landscape works and green areas. Located in the liveliest street of Basaksehir, Seyransehir draws attention as a project that carries all the heat of life into your home. You will feel both away from the city and at the most central point of the city as it is located close to almost all transportation tools.



    Distance to all points of the city will save you from loss of time with the metro, which is located in the European Side of Istanbul, close to the metro. It is important to use fast and large capacity transportation tools such as metro or metrobus to get rid of the traffic at every point in Istanbul and every hour. You can reach every point of the city in a short time by choosing the housing projects in the Basaksehir region.

    Seyran Sehir is one of the most valuable options among Basaksehir housing projects due to location. In addition to its proximity to the transportation tools, Seyran Sehir is far away from these places ;

    North Marmara Highway and TEM Highway: 4 minutes
    The Olympic Stadium and Metro Station: 3 minutes
    City Hospital: 2 minutes away.

    You can contact us for more detailed information about Basaksehir housing projects and payment options.

    Park Mavera 3 Basaksehir | First Planned City Square of Turkey!



    Residential Type      : Apartment
    Company                   : Makro Construction – TOKI
    m²                                     : 125 m² – 255 m²
    Delivery Date            : Ready

    Park Mavera 3, which is one of the most valuable options among Basaksehir housing projects, has become a brand. Park Mavera 3, a housing project designed as the new center of Basaksehir, draws attention with its location features.

    Basaksehir housing projects with large investment opportunities are valued by public investments as well as private sector investment plans.



    Basaksehir housing projects, which are located around megaprojects and whose value is constantly increasing, are increasing value every day due to being a central point located around the transportation axes. Park Mavera 3 project is a housing project located at the center of all these facilities. If you want to increase the value of your investment that is provided by the city planning, Basaksehir housing projects will be the best option for you. It will be enough to contact us to get detailed information about Park Mavera 3 and other Basaksehir housing projects. It is about time to take advantage of having one of the Basaksehir housing projects affordable for each budget option and life standard!

    Park Mavera 4 Lounge | Basaksehir Housing Projects



    Residential Type      : Apartment
    Company                   : Makro Construction
    m²                               : 233 m² – 370 m²
    Delivery Date            : 2022, December

    Another Park Mavera project, where you will feel the difference between Basaksehir housing projects, will be completed in 2022 with Park Mavera 4 Lounge! Park Mavera 4 Lounge, which is built on 380 thousand m², is evaluated in accordance with every budget and standard following the analysis of requests. The smallest apartment type in the Park Mavera 4 Lounge project is designed as 4 + 1. The common feature of all Park Mavera houses is that all of them have smart technologies. Park Mavera 4 Lounge gains value with smart technologies embedded in every apartment type.

    All Basaksehir housing projects have high investment value due to their location features. Park Mavera 4 Lounge is a mixed life project that constantly gains value. It meets every requirement with its commercial units.



    Basaksehir has a high value arising from the entire location of housing projects, but Park Mavera 4 Lounge project draws attention because it is close to Istanbul Airport. Thanks to the project located in the middle of TEM Highway and 3rd Bridge Connection Road, you will have a comfortable life without any transportation problem. With the closeness to Basaksehir Kent Square and connection roads, you can choose the most suitable apartment type for you and experience the opportunities of this privileged life, without missing the opportunities.

    For detailed information about Park Mavera 4 Lounge and other Basaksehir housing projects, just contact us here!

    Onur Park Life Bahcesehir | Bring the Comfort of Detached House to Your Life!



    Residential Type   : Residence
    Company               : Onur Construction Company and Onur Cement Company
    m²                                : 132 m² – 253 m²
    Delivery Date        : Ready

    Grabbing- attention with its attractive location, wide and spacious apartments among the Basaksehir housing projects, Onur Park Life offers attractive options for those who are looking for a comfortable life! Offering the key to a natural life, Onur Park Life project is located in Bahcesehir which is the most prestigious area of Basaksehir. Transportation without any traffic problems with transportation tools is accepted as a factor that will increase your quality of life in Bahcesehir. Onur Park Life aims to raise both your investment and living standards with the mixed living facilities it offers among Bahcesehir housing projects. It offers a privileged life in the center of the city with its specially designed warehouse and parking areas.

    Onur Park Life is a housing project that is valued every day with its valuable location and interior and exterior features. There are open and closed pools, open-air stores with exclusive brands, and many restaurants if you buy an apartment from Onur Park Life. It will be enough to contact us to buy an apartment from Onur Park Life housing project, which gives an extraordinary design to Istanbul.



    Basaksehir shines like a star among Istanbul housing projects with its central location. Onur Park Life is located in Bahcesehir, the most prestigious area of Basaksehir. Onur Park Life is located in the middle of Ataturk Airport and Istanbul Airport. Basaksehir region is shown as a mini-city designed for you to reach all of Istanbul at short notice with its newly built and continuously developed connection roads.

    Contact us to learn about other Basaksehir housing projects where you can find all these opportunities!

    (Click here for further information)

    Yalcintepe Bahcesehir | Feel Prestige and Luxury in the First Step!



    Residential Type     : Residence
    Company                  : Yalcintepe Construction Company
    m²                                    : 80 m² – 86 m²
    Delivery Date           : Ready

    The number of luxury housing projects which are constantly increasing has become a center of attraction for home buyers with both luxury and affordable options in the Basaksehir region. The project developed by Yalcintepe Construction Company, there are many options to make you feel different and special. It is vital to review the investment potential before purchasing a home. Yalcintepe Residence, which increases the advantage of a location that provides value increase without pausing in Istanbul, attracts great attention from the house buyers.



    Combining the advantages of location features with smart home technologies, Yalcintepe Residence has a design that aims to meet all your needs and expectations. You can manage your home with devices such as tablets and phones. You can turn the electricity on-off or change the heat. Directing your apartment remotely will provide great comfort to your life! Moreover, you can make this comfort irreplaceable with affordable housing projects. If you want to get detailed information about Yalcintepe housing project, you can find answers to all your questions by contacting us here.

    Mavera Comfort Basaksehir | First Seismic Isolated Housing Project in Turkey!



    Residential Type    : Apartment
    Company                    : Makro Construction – Akyapi Corparation
    m²                                      : 93 m² – 202 m²
    Delivery Date             : 2023, September

    Mavera Comfort is not only makes a diffrence in Basaksehir but also among the entire housing projects in Turkey. Turkey’s first seismic isolated housing project, Mavera Comfort, “Continuous Comfort” has been designed with the principle. The project offering a safe and comfortable life, is located in the most valuable region of Istanbul even Turkey. Located 2 minutes away from Cam Sakura Hospital, which is accepted as the biggest Hospital in Europe, the project has gathered all the opportunities for your health and safety. Mavera Comfort, which you can meet all your needs without using public transport or any tools of transportation, has a design which gives its name credit for!

    The project, which has separate gyms for women and men, aims to raise your living standards with the pool and similar social facilities you can use every season. There are children’s parks for large families, walking trails embedded in nature and resting areas for those who expect to return to their home to get rid of the the fatigue. Let’s scrutinize this seismic isolated housing project which is implemented for the first time in Turkey!

    What is Seismic Isolator?

    We have also Turkey’s first seismic isolator housing project but what is seismic isolator? What is it and which system does it have? It is an isolation system that provides protection from all damages that may occur during the earthquake. Features such as waterproofing or sound insulation are now applied in almost all housing projects. Seismic isolation has a similar structure to these systems. Briefly, we are talking about a housing project that has insulation against earthquake. Mavera Comfort will prevent your building from swinging left and right and will provide insulation against all damages. Mavera Comfort has a total of 392 isolators. You will feel safe during all your life with the insulators used at the basic level of your building. Just contact us for information about Mavera Comfort and other Basaksehir housing projects!