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    Housing Projects Close to Metrobus: Properties of Istanbul

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    Housing projects close to metrobus are one of the pioneers for those who looks for a house in Istanbul. As the housing projects in Turkey are increasing day by day, location comes forward as an important feature. You will get benefit when the housing stocks are rapidly consumed and the people who looking for a house are increased. For you, we have gathered the housing projects that will gain value by time and make you save time by travelling easily in Istanbul.

    The List of Housing Projects Close to Metrobus


    Housing projects close to metrobus grab attention due to advanced substructure in Istanbul. The numbers of the projects that have alternatives protecting your budget and time are gradually increasing. When choosing between housing projects, you can eliminate according to closeness to metrobus, metro and other transportation tools. Because of the geographical and demographical features of Istanbul housing projects having rapid and easy transport options are preferred. At all hours of the day and night housing projects draws attentions due to close to metrobus.

    For you, we have listed among the sale apartments close to metrobus within walking distance:

    Fortis Sinanli Kadikoy                         20 steps
    Yenitepe Kadikoy                                1 minutes
    Sunpark Evleri Beylikduzu                  5 minutes
    Brand Istanbul Beylikduzu                 2 minutes
    Azur Marmara Beylikduzu                 5 minutes
    Arena Nuans Beylikduzu                    5 minutes
    Arifoglu Residence Beylikduzu         2 minutes
    Westside Istanbul Beylikduzu           2 minutes
    Nef Bahcelievler                                  1 km
    Collet Avcilar                                       15 minutes
    Mesa Cubuklu Beykoz                        5 minutes
    Alya Life                                                 2 minutes

    Just contact us to get information about the metrobus and other transportation tolls in Istanbul.

    Housing Projects Close to Metrobus | Advantages of Life and Investment


    Housing projects and managements close to metrobus are preferred because of easiness of travel and reselling. In Turkey, Istanbul is always preferred as a property investment. Also, Istanbul is an attraction center for location features and various opportunities.

    In addition to these, you can arrive your station with also buses, private car and vessels, all across Istanbul. It just takes few times for you to reach far points of Turkey by new roads and extended transportation lines. Well what is the point of this? This question should be asked before doing an investment for your life space. Because in Istanbul, it will greatly affect your life and investment if you waste most of your day on the roads.

    Come, Let’s look deep into the effects of transportations in your life and investments!

    1: Rapid Transportation with Innovative Design | Housing Projects Close to Metrobus


    In Istanbul, work places and the housing projects close to metrobus will effectively decrease the time you spend on roads and it will get your wasting time level to the lowest point. Having a payment in advance system, high carriage capacity vehicles provide you a non-stop transportation. Forget about the time waiting for buses and other vehicles. Metrobuses provide you a fast get on- get off compared to other transportation lines. Also, metrobuses bypass traffic issues. Thanks to main arterials, you can reach effortlessly to every point of Istanbul. Considering all of the opportunities, we can figure out that high-speed metrobuses and improved innovation are advantages.

    2: Budget and Time Savings | Housing Projects Close to Metrobus


    Living in Istanbul is high cost. Due to the density of population and geographical features of Istanbul, just one vehicle to a district will greatly affect your budget and time. The distance between your house and workplace may be long. So, you have to get up early and be exposed to heavy traffic after work. However, this will be no longer a problem as increasing transportation tools and newly- constructed connection roads. Housing projects close to metrobus are a solution to this issue.

    Housing projects close to metrobus constantly increasing. Without any transferring you can easily reach to your daily needs. In addition, hospitals, schools and public services will be nearby. So, when you have to travel in day time, your time and budget will be protected. You can get more info about housing projects within walking distance to pocket- friend metrobuses and metros.

    3: Comfortable Transportation | Housing Projects Close to Metrobus


    Managements, shopping malls, public spaces, streets and housing projects close to metrobus stations are always excepted as a comfort zone. In Istanbul, traveling in your private car, bus or taxi may steal your time and push you out of your comfort zone. But metrobuses and metros provide a comfortable transportation with high traveler capacity and get on- get off comfort. Also, pros of air-conditioning are non-negligible. Every season you can preserve your physical and spiritual energy. Thus, while deciding on purchasing housing close to the metro will save you from traffic and protect your budget.

    6 Main Metrobus Codes and Lines in Istanbul Easing Transportation


    We have examined the benefits of managements and housing projects close to metrobus in Istanbul. The other point that must be touched is line length. You can reach every point of Istanbul by metrobus transportation that services for 24 hours a day.

    Fortis Sinanli | Watch Istanbul in the Center of Kadikoy!


    Transportation to Metrobus: 20 steps
    Address: Egitim, Yildirim Sokak. No:3, 34722 Kadikoy/Istanbul

    Residential Type  : Apartment
    Company               :Yigit IDK Group
    m²                                 : 50 – 330 m²
    Delivery Date        : Ready

    Shining like a star among the housing projects close to metrobus, Fortis Sinanli is a dream for having a unique view. Fortis Sinanli unfolds the whole Istanbul view. You can see the both sides of Istanbul, this project is just 20 steps from metrobus. Also it is nearby metro and Avrasya Tunnel. This project is identified as “new heart of Kadikoy” because located in the cross line of Kadikoy Square and Bagdat Street.

    20 Steps from Metrobus!

    Fortis Sinanli Kadikoy besides providing fast transportation, offers unique opportunities with apartments plans redescribing comfort. As a complex life project, you can change your life from head to toe by buying an office or house with Fortis Sinanli. High ceiling and wide apartments open slightly a luxury life’s door. A great Istanbul view! In addition to the close to the metrobus, you can provide your needs in the stores located in the streets. Also, Fortis Sinanli is located on the main arterial roads, so you can increase your investment value. Shown as a pilot region for urban transformation, Kadikoy is the most precious and preferred district. It is 20 steps away from metrobus, 5 minutes to Avrasya Tunnel, 23 minutes to Sabiha Gokcen Airport. Also, it just takes 3 minutes to Bagdat Street where you can get all of your needs.

    Housing projects close to metrobus offer an investment opportunity as a constant increasing value. Always improving and getting crowded, Istanbul is the city which takes the most of time on roads. Thus, metrobuses and metros are the pioneer features while deciding on which house to buy. Fortis Sinanli Kadikoy, is in the center of life because it is close to metrobus and other transportation tools. Fortis Sinanli will be in the uppermost on your list. You can contact with us to have info about housing projects close to metrobus like Fortis Sinanli.

    (Click here for further information)

    Yenitepe Kadikoy | A Modern Designed Life in the Center of the City!


    Transportation to Metrobus: 1 minute
    Address: Dumlupinar Mahallesi Ucar Sokak No: 78 Kadikoy/ Istanbul


    Residential Type      : Apartment
    Company                      : Nuhoglu Construction
    m²                                       : 73 – 307 m²
    Delivery Date              : Ready

    Yenitepe Kadikoy consisting of 1100 apartment is a housing project close to the metrobus and only away 1 minutes from metrobus. Offering different types of apartments, Yenitepe Kadikoy is a dreamland with its location. Not only It draws attention with its closeness to the center, but also with your private car or buses you can get wherever you desire. Giving solutions to all of the transportation problems in Istanbul. Yenitepe Kadikoy will be in your dreams after examining project details. Also, Yenitepe Kadikoy is important as an investment tool.

    Modern designed of Yenitepe Kadikoy, arising in Kadikoy. It carries all of the advantages of city life. Yenitepe Kadikoy formed deltoid draws attention with its aesthetic architecture reflecting the silhouette of the city. Yenitepe Kadikoy whose every facade has different views is an eco-friendly project. Environment-friendly projects are valuable in terms of urban sustainability. If you still ask why should I choose Yenitepe Kadikoy, a relief life in a crowded region might draw your attention. You will find the same comfort in different apartments. Thanks to deltoid form, you can watch the magnificent view of Istanbul from every facade.

    Yenitepe Kadikoy is identified as a housing project close to metrobus. It draws attentions with its heavenly design and location. No need to tally the points you can reach when you live in Yenitepe Kadikoy because all your needs will be a few steps away from you.

    (Click here for further information)

    Sunpark Houses | In the City Center, Away from Noise!


    Transportation to Metrobus: 5 minutes
    Address: Dereagzi Mahallesi Sultan Fatih Cad. No : 67 Beylikduzu / ISTANBUL


    Residential Type      : Apartment
    Company                   : Oryal Insaat – Ozyap Construction
    m²                                      : 75 – 184 m²
    Delivery Date            : June, 2020

    Among housing projects close to metrobus, Sunpark Houses that is attention-grabbing because of closeness to sea, is a valuable investment with its precious location. One of the most valuable housing projects in the Beylikduzu region, Sunpark Houses is shown as a project that can be found every opportunity in this favorite region. It is a dream project with wide apartments with sea view and offers social options for house buyers.

    If you want to have an isolated life in the middle of the city, Sunpark Houses will be the uppermost in your list. You can reach lots of your main needs away from 2-3 minutes easily. Sunpark Houses is just 2 minutes away from hospital. Making your life easier due to close to the important points like Metrobus, E5, IDO, marina and beach. This project is designed for saving your time. 70% green part of the project guarantees you a peaceful life located just minutes away from Buyukcekmece! You can contact with us to choose the best suitable apartment for your budget and life standards from 6 blocks

    Sunpark Houses draw attentions as housing project close to metrobus, located properly and special design. If you want the road through your house, Sunpark Houses will add value to your life in the most precious region in Beylikduzu.

    (Click here for further information)

    Brand Istanbul Beylikduzu | Life at the Most Central Point of Beylikduzu!


    Transportation to Metrobus: 2 minutes
    Address: Buyuksehir, 34520 Beylikduzu Osb/Beylikduzu/Istanbul


    Residential Type   : Residence
    Company                  : EMS Construction
    m²                                    : 82 m² – 132 m²
    Delivery Date          : 2021, June

    Brand Istanbul is the newest housing project that decorates dreams its close to metrobus and other transportation tools! The only solution for traffic, which is the biggest problem of those living in Istanbul, is rapid and high-capacity transportation vehicles such as metrobus and metro. Brand Istanbul, which was developed by EMS Construction, has offered a solution to housing buyers with a project that will solve the transportation problem.

    Brand Istanbul is a project among the housing projects close to the metrobus. Brand Istanbul, which is the most central location of Beylikduzu, attracts attention with its social reinforcements. Brand İstanbul consists of 4 blocks with 4 different concepts. The mixed project, each of which is separate from the other, offers a peaceful life with its green areas and special landscaping. In addition, there are facilities such as playgrounds for children, playgrounds, walking areas for families with children. Brand İstanbul is shown as a project to be a brand for Beylikduzu.

    The biggest advantage of the Brand Istanbul project is for you to be at an elevator distance to the most privileged stores. The Brand Istanbul project has gathered all the needs under a single project with its open stores, commercial units, office and suite blocks. If you want to buy an apartment from the project that is unique in Istanbul and where all your needs are gathered under one roof, the only thing you should do is to call us! In this unique project, apartments are rapidly running out. You can contact us for information about Brand Istanbul or other projects that affect the buyers due to being close to metrobus or the living center.

    (Click here for further information)

    Azur Marmara Beylikduzu | Luminescence of the Sea in Your House All Day Long!


    Transportation to Metrobus: 5 minutes
    Address: Kavakli, Havadar Sokak 15/1, 34520 Beylikduzu Organize Sanayi Bolgesi | Beylikduzu-Istanbul


    Residential Type  : Apartment
    Company               : Azur Group
    m²                                 : 126 m² – 236 m²
    Delivery Date        : Ready

    Among housing projects close to metrobus, Azur Marmara aiming you to meet with the nature redescribes the luxury. Azur Marmara offers a joyful life for families away from noises and crowds in the city center. Azur Marmara gives you a life head-to-head sea. You can arrive West Istanbul Marina by walking and you can walk along the seasides or deep breath. All of the noises of the city will be out of your doors. Azur Marmara is a dream with its wide balconies.

    Azur Marmara presenting comfort in every detail redescribes the luxury for you. Azur Marmara is apt to give different colors to your life with its modern designs and aesthetic lines while offering a comfortable life with its location and transportation lines while saving your time.

    (Click here for further information)

    Arena Nuans Beylikduzu | Privileged Residence Life!


    Transportation to Metrobus: 5 minutes
    Address: Barbaros Hayrettin Pasa Mahallesi 2289. Sok. No:9 Esenyurt/Istanbul


    Residential Type    : Apartment
    Company                 : Pusula Insaat
    m²                                   : 70 m² – 363 m²
    Delivery Date          : 2022, March

    Arena Nuans probably offering the most privileged life among housing projects close to transportation tools is located just 5 minutes away from the metrobus. Arena Nuans is designed for changing your life standards offers you a life-long holiday opportunity.

    It amazes everybody with its majestic and meticulous unites that provide every need inside it. If you desire to have an isolated and relief life in Istanbul, we introduce you to Arena Nuans as a dream and favorite project. Located in 8.532 m2 estate, Arena Nuans might be the best option for a distinguished life.

    (Click here for further information)

    Arifoglu Residence Beylikduzu | An Elegant and Comfortable Architecture


    Transportation to Metrobus: 2 minutes
    Address: Adnan Kahveci Mah. Atakent Cad. No:31 Beylikduzu/Istanbul


    Residential Type  : Residence
    Company               : Arifoglu Insaat
    m²                                : 69 m² – 142 m²
    Delivery Date        : Ready

    Arifoglu Residence making you feel like home as soon as you step into with its concept and design is nearby the seaside. If you want to feel the unique beauty of the beach right next to you, Arifoglu Residence is designed for you. Beylikduzu that the region always gaining value is a precious field for property investment. Arifoglu Residence containing all of the functions for your happiness and peace is close to the transportation lines and sea. All you need is at your elbows.

    With its central location, you will get a rapid investment back and you will get all of your needs immediately. To have this comfortable life, all you need to do is to call us! To have one of the rapidly depleting residents, send us a communication form here and get a free consultancy and have a housing project close to the metrobus.

    (Click here for further information)

    Westside Istanbul Beylikduzu | A Gorgeous High Forest Life Nearby E-5


    Transportation to Metrobus: 2 minutes
    Address: Baris, Mehmetcik Caddesi No:10, 34520 Beylikduzu/Istanbul


    Residential Type    : Apartment
    Company                 : Sahinler Holding
    m²                                  : 38 – 212 m²
    Delivery Date          : Ready

    Among the housing projects close to metrobus, Westside Beylikduzu amazes people with its location moves the peace of high forest to your houses. In addition to special location, Westside Beylikduzu consists of 10 storey blocks and 1152 apartments and offers you all of the budget and life options.

    Dream of life both far away from the city center and close to it. Every step you take will change your whole mood. You can do your morning exercises in a green high forest. With its social reinforcements, it is a dreamy project.

    Westside Beylikduzu is designed to save your time because it has metrobus and other transportation options line in front of it. No need to hurry up when going out your house! Without any stress and tiredness, Westside Beylikduzu that is embowered in high forests waits for you. You can invest your future and life by purchasing one of the apartments.

    (Click here for further information)

    NEF Bahcelievler | Pool Houses Gaining Value with Central Location


    Transportation to Metrobus: 1km-15 minutes
    Address: Bahcelievler Mahallesi, Adnan Kahveci Bulvari, Eski Londra Asfalti, No:5, Bahcelievler, Istanbul


    Residential Type : Apartment
    Company              : Timur Gayrimenkul
    m2                               : 61 m² – 289 m²
    Delivery Date       : 2020, September

    Among the housing projects with its central location and social reinforcements, NEF Bahcelievler materializing the term of luxury will increase your life quality. Changing your location enough for you to alter whole life on its own. So, before buying a house, the first feature you should consider is location features. For this reason, housing projects close to metrobus or metro are great investments with their value increase in the long term. All of the housing projects close to metrobus list we made for you offer you great options.

    Nef Bahcelievler provides different social opportunities like pop-up stores, a square café and small greenhouse. Also, Nef Bahcelievler offers you something different: You will pay for the services that only you use in the Foldhome concept. Thanks to the Foldhome concept, you can save your budget by not paying for the functions that you don’t use. This system is called as post-pay in short. You can have a luxury life place when you save your money in terms of maintenance fees.

    Nef Bahcelievler takes place near the top among the housing projects close to metrobus and metro and eases your life due to its central location. Always gaining value due to location in Bahcelievler, no need for you to use any transportation tools to arrive shopping malls and hospitals.

    (Click here for further information)

    Collet Avcilar | An Investment Opportunity in the Middle of the Mega Projects


    Transportation to Metrobus: 1km – 15minutes
    Address: Firuzkoy Mah, Firuzkoy Bulvari No:210, 34325 Avcilar/Istanbul


    Residential Type : Apartment
    Company                : Bati Construction
    m²                                 : 56 – 184 m²
    Delivery Date       : December 2020

    Collet Avcılar takes place near the top in the rivalry of housing projects close to metrobus and other transportation lines goals to add value to your life. Collet Avcılar draws attention with its magical sea and lake view. In Avcılar, this housing project fills sea luminance in your apartments. Life in Collet Avcılar which One of the Mega Projects in Turkey, Canal Istanbul, Kucukcekmece Lake and Marmara Sea gathered offers you unique options. Reflections of the lake and sea, unique blue, high ceilinged duplex apartments, garden…

    Avcilar is one of the most crowded cities in Istanbul, yet this project provides you an isolated life as you come in your house. If you want to live a peaceful and calm life in the middle of the crowd, Collet Avcılar is designed for you.

    If you plan to have an apartment from Collet Avcilar, you can easily reach hospitals, health centers, education centers, shopping malls and other places.

    Health Centers Close to Collet Avcılar:

    • Avcilar Hospital, Doga Hospital
    • Etik Life Medical Center
    • Medicana Avcilar
    • Murat Koluk Public Hospital
    • Liv Hospital

    Education Centers Close to Collet Avcılar:

    • Istanbul University
    • Esenyurt University
    • Gelisim University
    • Doga College
    • Isik Schools
    • Bahcesehir College

    Shopping Malls Close to Collet Avcilar:

    • Pelikan Mall
    • Torium
    • AkBati
    • City Center
    • Otoport Mall
    • 5M Migros

    To have further information about the Collet Avcilar and other housing projects close to metrobus, Projescope offers you unique opportunities.

    (Click here for further information)

    Mesa Cubuklu Beykoz | A Life in the Center of the City with a Sea and Forest View


    Transportation to Metrobus: 5 minutes
    Address: Soguksu, Karadut Sk. No:2, 34800 Beykoz/Istanbul


    Residential Type   : Apartment
    Company                 : MESA Mesken Sanayii A. Ş.
    m2                                  : 79 – 416 m²
    Delivery Date         : Ready

    We left the housing project close to metrobus offers us the most private options last. Mesa Cubuklu is a dream as the most favorite housing project for the house buyers in Istanbul. Mesa Cubuklu moves the magical atmosphere of Beykoz has privileged functions for the house buyers! 5 minutes to metrobus, Mesa Cubuklu is also located next to Anatolian feet of YSM Bridge. You can reach at every point of the city via buying forest and Bosphorus view apartments at ease.

    One of the features that add value to housing projects in Istanbul is easy transportation. Projects that protect your budget with their investment value and fast return time are generally designs close to the means of transportation. For this reason, before purchasing a house in Istanbul, you should carefully examine the environmental conditions. Mesa Cubuklu project is one of the most centrally located among housing projects close to metrobus. Bosphorus in the west and Sile in the east. Mesa Cubuklu is also a neighbor to the Northern Forests. If all these functions meet your requests, you can contact us and get more detailed information.

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