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    Flights Start in Turkey: Reopening Plan to Tourism of Turkey

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    Flights start in Turkey! According to recent statements, the preparations for gradually-opening the doors are started as from June in Turkey. Simultaneous preparations for “new normal” are underway in Turkey and all over the world. Statements are made to take concerted action during the normalization process all over the world.

    The Flights Gradually Start in Turkey!


    Flights start in Turkey and all the world has decided to take action after the opening decision of the USA. Because the economic reflections of the crisis are correlatively felt all around the world. For this reason, the action decisions of countries affect each other. Turkey has quickly taken a precaution plan after the starting of the normalization process. Following the new statements, the flights gradually start in June.

    Flights gradually start at airports in Turkey and the preparations for tourism which will make us amazed are underway. Turkey aims to open doors for holiday tourism for countries such as Spain and Cyprus; however, there are still some concerns. So let’s examine the meaning of “new normal” and the precautions taken by Turkey.

    Turkey Reopens Doors with “Healthy Tourism Certification”!


    Flights start in Turkey and the precautions are underway. Turkey continues to open doors and make air travel preparations. During the normalization process which is gradually started, Turkey expands precaution measures with a Healthy Tourism Certification implementation. Foreigners who want to receive health services in Turkey can get it thanks to security measures because of the pandemic.

    Turkey has successfully carried the fight against the epidemic with measures in this process of the global health crisis. Turkey as a riveting country in the world in terms of tourism, plans to support the tourism industry with all safety precautions. Also Turkey takes economical and sectorial precautions. It draws attention with the precautions to be taken and the policies to be followed while providing entrance-exit in the airports.

    The precaution measures which will be implemented at airports in Turkey are an object of curiosity. Hygiene rules will be arranged in compliance with health regulations. As well as health tourism, the services on the beach and in historical places will be provided in Turkey. But there is a difference! All normals will be changed.

    Apart from traveling comfortably around the world, our daily routines will be also changed because of the pandemic health crisis caused by the Coronavirus epidemic. The positive reflections of these measures will bring the recovery process at short notice. With the possible ideological changes, it is a great possibility that the economic process has undergone a worldwide transformation.

    What is “Healthy Tourism Certification” ?


    Flights start in Turkey and reopens doors! High-security measures render holiday and health tourism safe. High-safety measures in Turkey might be a subject of curiosity. Health measures which Turkey has taken are tangibly recognized. With the decision taken by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, it becomes impossible for institutions to serve unless they receive a “healthy tourism certification”. The institutions and organizations that have the certificate which is provided by the Turkish Standards Institution (TSE) will make a difference in the national and international arena.

    Turkey influentially fights against Covid-19 disease caused by Coronavirus. In this context, it draws the attention of the whole world. The healthy tourism certification will be an effective factor to minimize the impact of the Coronavirus to make your holiday safe in Turkey.

    • Social distance
    • Food & Beverage
    • Mask
    • Along with the hygiene rules, the staff will also apply health rules. Businesses that have received a healthy tourism certificate will securely open their doors this year.

    Businesses Make Difference with “Healthy Tourism Certification”


    Along with the flights, influential health and safety measures started to be taken. Thanks to this implementation which will make a difference in the world, businesses with a healthy tourism certification will be preferred. The features that the companies which have this certificate to be provided by TSE will be as follows;

    • After the global epidemic, they will stand out as a safe place among businesses.
    • As a business that periodically controls health and hygiene by an accredited institution in Turkey, they will gain prestige and trust.
    • Businesses with this certificate prepared by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Turkey will be published on the official site. Businesses will gain recognition in this way.
    • The certificate logo provided by TSE will be displayed in certain areas of the businesses and the logo will be visible to the customers. The businesses that have the certificate, among pioneers all around the world, will have a QR Code. In this way, you will learn all the details about the business. This will provide transparency to businesses.

    You can have a great holiday in businesses which have this certificate in Turkey. Yes, we will no longer have the same comfort zone as before. But while we breathe comfortably within the businesses with this certificate, we will have the opportunity to get rid of stress.

    Look Details of Turkey’s Higher Health Measure in the 4 Title!


    Flights start in Turkey and has announced the reopening plan which will provide health measures. You can scrutinize the details of the measures which are taken in accordance with the Healthy Tourism Certification below.

    1: To Protect Passenger, Health Measures Are Taken During Flights in Turkey!


    At airports in Turkey, high-security measures will be provided. Turkey is prepared for reopening doors. The priority plan is to ensure the safety of passengers who will enter the country by air travel or highway. All domestic and international flights in the health crisis period in Turkey are canceled. At first, the medical controls of the passengers who will enter through the gates which will be gradually opened will be carried out. Also, there will be some precautions on the departure gates while passengers leave.

    Measures at Airports

    • Airports in Turkey will be kept under control with thermal cameras 24/7.

    • Disinfection service will be provided for vehicles that provide transportation at airports. All vehicles in contact with passengers and staff such as taxi, HAVAIST and vehicles providing Apron service will be disinfected within these precaution measures.

    • Informative posters, leaflets and audio records about COVID-19 will be required in transportation means.

    • Hand disinfection stations that passengers and staff can always utilize will be mandatory.

    • Staff health, which is one of the most important points in this process, will be meticulously controlled. For this reason, regular training is planned.

    • There will be mask and glove sales points in the airports but there is an important point. Since passengers are not allowed to enter the airports without masks and gloves, only those who want to take their backups will need these sales points. So forget entering or leaving these sales points without gloves or masks!

    • Finally, it will a necessity to be located thermal cameras at every point in passport control points and entrances-departures which passengers will stop.

    The shops and stores are the subjects of curiosity in this implementation. The opening of shops and stores in airports in Turkey are optional, it depends on employees. There will be shops and stores which are authorized in this regard. For this reason, stores that prefer to serve will be opened.

    2: Health and Safety of the Staff Working in the Tourism Center


    Flights in Turkey start but sanctions are imposed to take high-security measures. Turkey still takes plan of precaution. The reopening of airports in Turkey will revitalize tourism centers. With the opening of the tourism centers, there are several measures that the staff must take.

    Turkey plans to prevent the spread of the epidemic along with several measures in the normalization process. There are obligations that the staff and employees must obey after the reopening of tourism centers. These measures include not only physical but also some activities to protect the mental health of the staff. All these checks will take place regularly in facilities. These facilities include;

    • Transportation Service
    • Accommodation Service
    • Food&Beverage Service

    3: Customer Safety will be Provided with the Measures in Facilities!


    Along with the flights in Turkey, health safety in the facilities start to come to the forefront. The certificate measure which is taken after the COVID-19 will provide trust and prestige in the facilities. But how can you know that the controls are complete? The certification system which is launched under the leadership of the Culture and Tourism Ministry in Turkey will be provided by the TSE.

    The measures will be continuously provided without any interruption from customers’ entrance to exit. You can be comfortable with the processes and conditions of certification. The checks which are managed regularly will be carried to the next level with secret customers. The certificate of the facilities where the field inspection is performed will be provided within 3 days. The tourism industry is getting ready to serve with health and safety measures after the Covid-19 pandemic health crisis in Turkey.

    You Will Relieve in Tourism Centers! | Flights Start in Turkey

    For those who love the unique beauty of Turkey and relieve in gorgeous resorts, pleasing arrangements are being made. Let’s examine the measures to be taken in a fraction of the health in facilities;

    • At first, common areas will be constantly disinfected.
    • Arrangements that determine social distance areas will be made within the facility.
    • Disinfectants that have been approved by the Ministry of Health will be provided to common areas.
    • Staff will be trained about the usage of hygienic materials and equipment. Controls will be carried out in facilities where these rules are applied.
    • Information schemes for COVID-19 disease caused by Coronavirus epidemic will be hung on the walls of the facility.
    • During the entrance to the facilities, it will be mandatory for the customers to have masks and gloves. If this request is met at the facility entrance, it will be mandatory to be obeyed.
    • Also, written and verbal information about COVID-19 disease and hygiene rules will be provided at the reception.
    • The ventilation filters in the facility will be changed regularly.
    • It will be a necessity to use thermal cameras to control customers and employees.
    • In short, measures and precautions will be provided in all units within the facility in order to create a healthy facility.

    Health Measures Continiue Without Slowing Down!

    Rapid precautions have been taken to implement health measures. Health measures have very fine details in facilities. Each unit within the facility has its health measures. For example, precautions will be taken during the entrance and exit of products supplied in restaurants. An emergency plan will be created for employees and customers who show COVID-19 symptoms. Besides, isolation areas will be created.

    Briefly health measures will be regularly applied for all services. The precautions taken during the pandemic health crisis in Turkey are rapidly progressing and developing. Flights and many businesses start to operate in Turkey. Security and health measures continue without slowing down. Also, this process is presented as the beginning of a new period. Health measures will continue to be maintained as a new system after the global health crisis.

    4: A New Journey Period Starts With Healthy Transportation Vehicles! | Information About Flights


    In Turkey, with the opening of airports, a new healthy transportation period starts in the vehicles. In addition to the measures to be taken at airports for flights, the traffic in the inner regions of Turkey also starts. In the meantime, health measures are taken for passengers who get on vehicles. Measures to be taken in vehicles have great importance for Turkish tourism. Arrangements about health and safety measures for the passengers who visit Turkey will be strictly implemented.

    Fight Against Coronavirus Epidemic Continues Successfully!


    Turkey successfully continues fighting against COVID-19 global health crisis caused by the Coronavirus. Exemplary measures are taken in Turkey. In particular, according to the last statements, airports will be operating soon in Turkey. Rapid and influential measures are being developed as a new service concept in Turkey.

    The measures and precautions described above are being developed for all businesses. As well as noteworthy achievements in holiday tourism, Turkey is successful at health tourism, either. Healthy “Health Tourism” practices have also been activated and are opened to foreign countries. Yes, flights start in Turkey and Turkish health sector services for tourists are always available.

    Flights Start in Turkey and Turkish Health Sector Services for Tourists Are Always Available


    The Turkish healthcare sector is increasingly in demand, especially by developed countries. The Turkish health system draws the attention of foreign tourists with its technological equipment and skilled doctors. Foreign people from all over the world, who want to get health services, had flocked to Turkey. In 2019, approximately 1 million foreign tourists came to Turkey to receive health care. After the pandemic crisis, flights were canceled all over the world. With the opening of the airports and the starting of the flights, the Turkish health sector is starting to serve again for foreigners. Calls for acceptance were made for foreigners who wanted to start or continue their treatment.

    The Turkish healthcare sector opens its doors to the world with its affordable prices and quality. It continues to provide medical services in all areas requiring treatment. Air travel and land journeys are available for all patients and their companions who come to Turkey for medical treatment.

    Coronavirus Outbreak: Safe Trip for Foreigners in Turkey!


    Airports in Istanbul, Ankara and the tourism paradise Antalya are open for transportation. Flights start in Turkey. Within the scope of a healthy tourism certification, security measures are taken along with staff controls. Thus, a safe trip for foreigners who want to receive health services in Turkey can be arranged.

    Turkish Airlines which has achieved great success with the number of passengers exceeding 74 million last year, will be operating international flights till the 10th of June. It is stated that the domestic lines will be operating until the 4th of June. Pegasus Airlines which is one of the prominent airline companies in Turkey has announced that international flights will be operating till the 14th of June and domestic lines are expected till the 3rd of June. High-security measures are rapidly taken at airports in Turkey. All measures are taken into account for the health of citizens and foreigners in Turkey. In the period we are in, the only way to relieve the mental fatigue because of the Coronavirus epidemic seems to be a safe holiday. A safe and peaceful holiday with health measures is not far away!

    New Trend for Tourism in Turkey: Private Property for Rent or Buy


    (Denizistanbul Marina – Istanbul)

    Taking a vacation in one of the private, luxurious and sheltered villa options in Turkey, offers great privileges. Flights start in Turkey in June. Even if you get all the health precautions, you can take a vacation in a luxury villa with a unique view of Turkey.

    The number of villas located in the resort captivated by the natural beauty in Turkey is increasing. After opening the doors, the popularity of private properties will increase. You can have a holiday in any season by purchasing one of the affordable luxury villas in Turkey.

    Turkish tourism has drawn the attention of foreigners in recent years. Villas with unique sea and nature views in regions such as Bodrum, Antalya and Izmir are riveting. Every year, thousands of people flock to these regions to invest and take a vacation. The tourism industry is globally under threat due to the Coronavirus outbreak this year. But resorts in Turkey protect their unique beauty and offer safe holiday plans thanks to new measures. If you want to take a secluded vacation and be unthreatened, you can have one of the villas with a unique view in Turkey.

    You can contact us to buy a villa and find a living space where you will take your summer vacation. Enjoy your holiday with your loved ones in your villa with a private pool, away from crowded hotels!

    We list some of the villa options in Turkey below. Ask our consultants to get more info!

    Tarabya Vadi Konaklari 


    Residential Type     : Apartment
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    Flights start in Turkey! How about getting rid of the tiredness of the whole year in your private villa in Turkey? You can buy a house that you can use for a lifetime, not just a summer, so you can have a peaceful holiday for 4 seasons at any time. You can have a comfortable living close to the settlements.

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