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    Vadistanbul – More Than A Shopping Center!

    Let’s find out more about Vadistanbul…

    For this blog, we picked Vadistanbul, which is one of the most popular shopping centers in Istanbul that worth talking about with a constant rise in relation to the brands and the privileged services it has. But not to bore you with numbers and unnecessary information we are sharing our own experiences.

    Vadistanbul is a well-known shopping center which is in service for almost 5 years. The mall has world-famous brands and cafes&restaurants which are suitable for every taste. You can shop indoors or you can explore the luxury brands that are on a wide street which will enable you to enjoy the fresh air while shopping. We say fresh air since the Belgrad Forest is close and Vadistanbul has enough greenery for visitors to feel relaxed.

    Unlike the other shopping malls, Vadistanbul gave great importance to the landscape areas. When you get out of the mall you can see the greenery in front of you. Furthermore, interestingly Vadistanbul has water shows with music and lights according to a specific timeline. So while having a walk or enjoying your meal you can witness the exclusive show. One of the significant issues about landscape is, there are separate playgrounds for different ages so that the children can enjoy the parks suitable for their ages and spend fun times.

    Vadistanbul is the new favorite of Istanbul not only because of its shopping potential or various cafes & restaurants with high service chances but also the important spots and facilities around it. Vadistanbul also includes a hospital (Liv Hospital) and also a hotel (Radisson) in it. Furthermore, there is a concert area that hosts concerts and events with the contributions of famous singers and artists. At the same time, the boutique concert area (JollyJocker) in the mall is appropriate for events/concerts even on winter days.

    Make the Most of Vadistanbul by Owning a Property Around the Region!

    To make the most of Vadistanbul and to visit it anytime, you have every transportation opportunity you need. Since the surrounding&region is valuable by being close to important&popular spots in Istanbul, you will easily reach this comforting place that serves its purpose to the fullest.

    You can follow us for the upcoming blogs & news on Instagram! Also, as we already mentioned the region where Vadistanbul is located has many advantages and one of them is the investment value that rises day by day. You can own a property here by catching the advantageous prices of the projects! To find out more you can contact us and visit our website as well…