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    Buying a Property in Turkey | Important Things to Consider

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    What Are the Significant Topics to Look For While Buying A Property?

    Buying a property requires various aspects to consider.

    Are you thinking of investing on a new property? Or maybe you are chasing your dream property in which you can feel comfort and joy… There are several topics to consider before you invest! Keep scrolling to discover them!

    The location of your property, social facilities considered in the project and the design of the property are among the important points that should be considered before buying a property. Apart from this, you may want to have open spaces such as balconies, gardens and terraces in your home. Furthermore, when buying a property, first, you must determine what features you want such as;

    1. Number of Rooms
    2. Location of the Project
    3. The Size of the Apartment/Villa
    4. Kitchen Layout
    5. Purchase Price
    6. Finding a Trusted Consultancy Service
    7. Strength of the Structure

    1. Number of Rooms

    The size of the property you will buy has a direct effect on the price. It will be your benefit for you to know the difference between gross and net square meters in order not to pay more than its value and to determine the property according to your needs.

    While net square meters show the areas of the property you can use, the gross square meters include other areas such as walls, columns and balconies. For instance, when we compare a gross 100 m² apartment and a net 100 m² apartment with the same features and sold at the same price, choosing the flat with a net size of 100 m² will be the accurate thing to do.

    2. Location of the Property

    If your aim is only to invest then buying a property in a region close to transportation and the main roads might be the right option. In relation to that, the value of your property will increase day by day.

    On the other hand, if you consider buying a property in Turkey as a foreigner and living in it, you can choose a central point so that you and your family will be able to reach anywhere in the city easily.

    3.The Size of the Property

    When buying a property, you need to make the right decision according to your purpose and needs. If you prefer living with your loved ones, you can buy a 3+1 or a big villa in Turkey. Some projects give you the option to extend your home with renovation. Some foreign buyers prefer buying two apartments and request extending. For investing, a hotel concept project or a home-office may also be sufficient.

    4. Kitchen Layout

    If you are thinking about buying a property in Turkey, you need to pay attention to the kitchen layout as well. Especially if you like to spend time in the kitchen, you can choose a large area.

    Many types of kitchen layouts are offered to buyers in apartments and villas in Turkey. For instance; l-shaped kitchen layout, kitchen with island, u-shaped kitchen, corridor kitchen, pullman kitchen…

    5. Purchase Price

    Important Things to Consider

    The most accurate method for buying a property in Turkey is finding the purchase price by comparison. Furthermore, you can benefit from these methods ;

    • Calculating home value based on rental value
    • Housing value calculation by obtaining information from real estate consultants
    • Home appraisal value calculation

    6. Finding a Trusted Consultancy Service When Buying a Property in Turkey

    Before buying a property, it is significant that you get a service that can answer all the questions you have in mind.

    Projescope, the free project consultancy service where you can find all projects under one roof, enables you to have information about buying a property in Turkey. You can realize the most profitable purchasing process with the fast and reliable service you will receive.

    7. Strength of the Structure

    You may encounter a problem when you personally see any property you like on the published advertisement pages. Apart from many details such as whether the property is sunny or damp, the quality of the materials and workmanship used in the property you will buy is a point to be considered.

    What are the Advantages of Buying a Property in Turkey?

    It is very advantageous to buy a new property, as it both creates a living space and is a source of investment. It also;

    • Provides rental income if you sell.
    • Allows you to benefit from social facilities if you prefer to reside in.
    • Enables you to benefit from affordable prices.
    • Allows you to have the lifestyle you desire.