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    Penthouse Apartment | Istanbul Penthouses for Sale

    Penthouse is a type of apartment generally implemented in luxury towers or residential blocks. A penthouse apartment is mostly present on the top floor of the buildings.

    10 Characteristics of a Penthouse Apartment

    Penthouse Apartments for Sale

    When we examine the features of a penthouse apartment, there are some points that come to the fore;

    1. The most distinctive feature of a penthouse apartment is that it is luxurious.
    2. Secondly, a penthouse apartment draws attention its high ceiling structure.
    3. Safe penthouse apartments provide fingerprint or card entry systems.
    4. A penthouse apartment offers special elevators from the parking lot to the floor where the penthouse apartment is located.
    5. Because of being on the top floor, panoramic views and wide terrace are among the remarkable features of penthouses.
    6. Today, several luxury housing projects presenting contemporary architecture include penthouse apartments on terrace floors.
    7. A penthouse apartment might not be only on the upper floor but also on the mezzanine floor.
    8. Penthouse apartment is more often called the ‘king suite’ among the people due to its luxury.
    9. A kitchen is mostly on the focus of a penthouse apartment.
    10. A penthouse provides a spacious area as much as possible.

    What Are the Advantages of a Penthouse Apartment?


    Penthouse apartments provide several benefits and privileges to its owner. While making a profitable investment in a central location in the city, you will be able to take advantages such as;

    1. A living space that dominates the landscape
    2. Outdoor comfort with a terrace
    3. High ceilings that create spaciousness
    4. The selections of quality material
    5. Functional kitchens with different designs

    1. A living area dominating the landscape

    The design of a penthouse apartment, located on the top floor of the structures, is aimed to bring the view to the interior space at a maximum. For that, there are large windows extending from the ceiling to the floor. As in Istanbul penthouses, a rest area placed against the windows opening to a unique sea view reflects the calming and meditative effect of the sea on your living space. The wide sliding windows in the penthouse apartments allow the natural light, and the feelings of infinity and freedom when opened, take the comfort of the living space to the next level.

    2. Outdoor comfort with a terrace

    Penthouse apartment has design arithmetic that dominates the landscape in a living space bordered by the sky. Terraces are one of the most important architectural elements of this design arithmetic. Penthouse apartments might be preferred in order to be able to watch the view to the fullest on the terraces, which combine outdoor comfort with luxurious details. Furthermore, a hot tub on the terraces is among the luxurious details for you to relieve the tiredness of the day in front of the fascinating view.

    3. High ceilings that create spaciousness

    The high ceilings created in the architectural setup of the living space are among the important factors that reinforce the feeling of vastness and spaciousness in a penthouse apartment. These high ceilings, which also allow the use of big and deluxe e chandeliers, are among the privileges of penthouse apartments.

    4. The selections of quality material

    A modern penthouse apartment includes natural materials combined with quality craftsmanship and timeless choices. So, these increase the appeal of a penthouse apartment. Classic doors and wooden parquets that are a good example of traditional marquetry craftsmanship, or marble surfaces are just a few of the design details that make penthouses outstanding.

    5. Functional kitchens with different designs

    Described as the heart of the home, kitchens gain new functions in the wake of changing lifestyles. Functional kitchens placed with various layouts make your home much more useful while offering extra storage and space.

    The Price Range of Istanbul Penthouses for Sale

    Penthouses for Sale

    Penthouse apartment prices vary according to the square meter, location and luxury it offers.

    Penthouse apartments generally have tight security systems, private elevators from the parking lot to the penthouse and great sceneries. So, their prices might be higher than other houses. In particular, Istanbul penthouses are large and spacious residences that provide privileged life. The price range of Istanbul penthouses varies between $550,000 – $900,000 as of 2022.

    You can also enjoy the privileges of living in penthouse apartments located on the top floor of the buildings and dominating a unique view.

    Penthouse apartments, by definition, contain luxury features. Top floor locations offer the best view.  A penthouse also includes special amenities such as private elevators, roof gardens, large terraces, high pools or hot tubs. Large windows that make the view a part of the living space, high ceilings, specially designed furniture and quality craftsmanship are just some of the elements behind the charming features of penthouse apartments.

    If you are one of those who cannot be indifferent to the unique beauties of a penthouse apartment and prefer to limit your living space to the sky, contact us.

    Istanbul Penthouse Apartment Projects

    With many types of flats, villas, lands and offices for sale, the Turkish real estate market also offers many opportunities to those who are looking for luxury residences. Among these opportunities, there are also Istanbul penthouses. If you want to buy a penthouse apartment, you can review the projects in the Projescope portfolio.

    42 Maslak | Istanbul Penthouses for Sale

    42 Maslak

    Penthouse apartment in 42 Maslak offers a ceiling height of 8 meters and a magnificent panoramic view.

    There are 16 luxury penthouse apartments that are in duplex form in 42 Maslak. So, they promise a life beyond your desires in Istanbul Turkey.

    For example, as a resident of 42 Maslak project, you can organize the parties on your 140 square-meter sky terrace while enjoying the city view.

    VIP elevator going directly up to your penthouse apartment will enable you to lead a luxury of life.

    Moreover, you can benefit from social privileges such as a swimming pool, fitness, massage and sauna at 42 Fitness-Pool&SPA, located on the 25th floor, while watching the clouds. There are also special concierge services.

    Contact us to get further information about 42 Maslak.

    Acar Blu | Istanbul Penthouses for Sale


    Acarblu project has one of the biggest penthouses in Istanbul. Acarblu penthouse apartment, which has an area of ​​approximately 2100 square meters, is among the favorites of those who are looking for luxury.

    You can enjoy the pleasure of swimming in the pool at an altitude of 338 meters and enjoying the green view as well.

    While offering privileged services, the project promises an advantageous life in Istanbul.

    With the project located in Beykoz, one of the most natural settlements on the Asian Side of Istanbul, you can experience luxury to the fullest.

    This penthouse apartment, which offers concierge services such as dry cleaning, car call and house cleaning services, also offers a large storage area. Technical service services will make your daily life easier.

    Your vehicle will be safe thanks to valet and vehicle maintenance services and parking area. There are charging points for electric vehicle owners.

    Contact us to get further information about Acarblu.

    Has Delta | Istanbul Penthouses for Sale

    Has Delta

    Has Delta project with 8+1 and 6+1 penthouse apartments adds value to Istanbul. Penthouse apartments have a living area of 450 – 480 square meters. The project, which attracts the attention of big families, is also very popular with its amazing social facilities.

    The penthouse apartment concept in the project, which has 81 flats, draws attention. Located on the European side of Istanbul, one of the world’s largest cities, the project appeals to elite buyers. The project in Bahcelievler offers a privileged life.

    The project, which includes smart home systems, does not compromise on stylish design.

    With the project, which is close to the E5 highway, which is one of the main arteries, you can invest in real estate while enjoying the luxury in a penthouse apartment.

    Contact us to have further information about Has Delta Bahcelievler.