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    Amazon’s New Investment in Turkey

    It is now officially announced that Amazon is planning on a new investment in Turkey. Besides, the company’s plan is to open it’s first fulfillment center in Istanbul, in autumn 2022. It will be a logistics base and will provide job opportunities to a good number of people. Amazon’s new base will directly affect the e-commerce sector for sure.

    The New Investment and It’s Benefits to Turkey

    The planned investment for the logistics base of Amazon is over $100 million. Opening this base will lead to creating quality job opportunities for the local communities and providing customers with a faster and more reliable delivery potential. Given these points, it is certain that it will help the customer demand grow. With this base, the e-commerce sector, will be stronger on the global and also in the domestic market.

    Amazon's Investment in Turkey

    The Plan and The Process

    Amazon’s logistics base will be in Istanbul, Tuzla district. While building this huge investment project, Amazon will also continue working with the company’s business partners in Turkey. During the first year the company plans on creating job opportunities for over 1000 employees.

    The company underlines their will to show the trust they have towards Turkey. Additionally, they emphasize that they are happy about the opening of this center. They see it as a great opportunity for both sides. Needless to say, the company’s investment will lead to new opportunities for both the employees and for the e-commerce sector. Furthermore, the employees who will work for the new logistics base will have great working conditions and a good work environment. In relation to this, professional growth will happen for sure.

    In order to keep up with the developments that will happen on this fulfillment center of Amazon and for more news updates, you can follow us.