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    Sea View Properties in Kadikoy

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    Sea view properties in Kadikoy have started the countdown to offer decent and high living standards on the Asian Side of Istanbul! The project developed by Sur Yapi is being implemented in Kadikoy which is valued by urban transformation activities. Kadikoy is one of the most central locations in Istanbul. The project which has 184 apartments is appreciated by the buyers with its stunning view. The project which is planned to be delivered in August 2021 is already drawing the attention of the home buyers.

    Sea view properties in Kadikoy are one of the most special alternatives to own a house in Kadikoy. Kadikoy is the life center of the Asian Side with its modern silhouette! To have the pleasure of living in Istanbul with the highest return on investment for a lifetime, you need to hurry up! The project whose sales are ongoing is already branding in Kadikoy as an opportunity for home buyers. With special payment options for your budget, affordable apartment alternatives, and all other facilities!

    The Project That Will Add Value To Your Life with 700 Million TL Investment Value Will be Delivered in 2021‎!

    Sea view properties in Kadikoy shine like a star with its 700 Million TL investment value! The project is developed on an area of 25.000 m2. The project is also riveting with apartments suitable for every budget, living standards and demands. 4 + 1 duplex units open the doors of a luxury living. However, affordable luxury apartments with 2 + 1 and 1 + 1 residential types are dreamy!

    Among Istanbul housing projects, a new star is born with opportunities. Not only to strengthen your capital but also to invest in your life! While sales continue rapidly in the project developed by Sur Yapi, there are some questions of the home buyers about the details.

    Where Exactly is The Project?

    Sea view properties in Kadikoy make a name with their architectural structure that carries all the glimmer of the sea to your home on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul. The countdown for the delivery of the project developed by Sur Yapi to carry the view of the Islands and the Historical Peninsula to your apartments. Also, the project which has a view of the famous Maiden’s Tower and the 15 July Martyrs Bridge is rapidly gaining value in the Istanbul housing sector. With being close to the most central locations, it offers the opportunities of being close to the most important link roads and bridges. Thanks to its central location, it gathers the advantages of being close to both transportation vehicles, and public and official institutions in your life.

    The project is very close to;

    • Yenikapi IDO, Harem-Sirkeci Ferry,
    • Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge,
    • 15 July Martyrs Bridge,

    Besides, it draws attention with its location close to transportation lines such as the Eurasia Tunnel.

    The Project is the New Address of Luxury Living at the Center of Commercial Activities!

    Sea view properties in Kadikoy is dreamy for homebuyers with housing options suitable for every budget. Why should you choose Kadikoy which gathers the most affordable housing projects in Istanbul? This question is one of the first questions to be considered before buying housing in the area. The answer is simple! It has a central location that connects the Asian and European continents in Istanbul. It is the most valuable region of Istanbul with its high-rise housing projects, luxury villa projects, seaside houses with Bosphorus view as well as social activities. Along with the most profitable real estate investment tool in Kadikoy, it is the pioneer of the existing sectoral development in Turkey.

    Sea view properties in Kadikoy have districts such as Atasehir, Fenerbahce and Caddebostan. These regions offer a luxury living suitable for every budget. The recent social and urban transformation has increased commercial activities in the region. Special areas such as shopping malls, market areas, art centers, galleries, opera houses or education institutions carry your living needs to your comfort zone. Kadikoy housing projects have the largest share of the real estate sector in Turkey and its value is increasing every day. Besides the rental income, it is one of the most advantageous regions for living. Transportation vehicles are the preferred elements due to proximity to ferry docks and other alternatives. As the supply increases, the value of housing projects and business centers in the region rises. With this alternate increase in value, you can turn the value of your investment into a profit all the time.

    Population Analysis of Kadikoy: A General Review

    Sea view properties in Kadikoy, before purchasing an apartment from there, it would be reasonable to analyze the population of Kadikoy. At first, determine its compliance with your standards. When examining Kadikoy housing projects, population analysis should be made about Kadikoy and the mentality of the municipality should be known. The current situation of the region where you will live or carry out your commercial activities will be understood with these data.

    The population of Kadikoy county is 451.453 according to the Turkish Statistical Institute. The area of the district is 25.09 km2. The average household consists of 2.5 people. The average age of the people in the district is 42.3. The average education period is 10.9 years, 45% of the population is university graduates. When the mentality of Kadikoy municipality is examined, it is observed that practices such as representation, participation, fairness, transparency and accountability constantly improves in line with the principles of good governance. This means that the development of Kadikoy progresses rapidly on an ascending line. While Kadikoy housing projects attract attention in the Istanbul real estate sector, they are also riveting for those who see the clean and neat streets.

    Why Should You Choose The Sea View Properties in Kadikoy?

    Sea view properties in Kadikoy ‎stands out as one of the fastest developing areas of Istanbul. It turns the route of home buyers to itself. Apart from the newly rising branded housing projects, it has started a great development with urban transformation activities. It also rechannels the real estate market in Turkey. Every year, hundreds of domestic and foreign housing buyers purchase houses in this region for investing. The project is one of the newest housing projects in the region whose value is increasing day by day. It embellishes the dreams of homebuyers with affordable prices and favorable payment conditions.

    Along with the urban transformation, social transformation also continues in Kadikoy. Social activities in Kadikoy are constantly developing due to the strong local government. Kadikoy is located at the most important and strategic point that connects Europe and Asia. Getting involved in transformation with the project and many other Kadikoy branded housing projects will change your life entirely.