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    Mixed-use Housing Project Close to Istanbul, Turkey

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    Mixed-use housing project close to Istanbul has started the countdown to offer a life full of privileges with its unprecedented ‎location! Rising in one of the unique districts, the mixed-use housing project has a special location where is close to Istanbul for ‎homebuyers who want to feel privileged.‎

    You can benefit from the regional characteristics of one of the ‎biggest industry and trade centers of Turkey and Istanbul at once. The mix-used housing project on the ‎most important transportation point has unique opportunities that make Anatolia precious.‎

    One of the Biggest Industry and Trade Centers of Turkey!‎


    Mixed-use housing project where is close to Istanbul has become a center of attraction with its high-quality modern ‎architecture and geopolitical location. The province which is increasingly valued in terms of ‎tourism is riveting with its newly developed branded housing projects. Branded residential ‎projects have been appreciated rapidly. The province has turned into an important industrial ‎and commercial area because of its strategic importance for the real estate sector.‎

    After you have detailed information about the region, you will want to have one of the newly ‎rising branded housing projects. The mixed-use housing project presents to the taste of residential buyers with its ‎fascinating sea and nature view close to Istanbul. Projescope real estate consultancy service has great prestige in ‎the market with a wide portfolio. If you want to benefit from these services, you can quickly ‎contact the professional team of Projescope here…‎

    A Giant Project with 10 Blocks and 750 Houses!‎


    Mixed-use housing project makes a name for itself close to Istanbul in terms of expanding your comfort area ‎offering high standards! It brings the new generation housing concept to the forth most ‎developed city of Turkey. With its social life opportunities, extraordinary location features and ‎unprecedented standards. The mixed-use housing project which consists of 10 blocks with horizontal architecture ‎continues to rise rapidly for 750 lucky home buyers close to Istanbul. The project which offers convenient ‎payment options and affordable housing prices has unique opportunities among the housing sector.‎

    The mixed-use project has housing types from 1 + 1 to 4 + 1, and from 89 m2 to 219 m2 that meet ‎different demands. Spacious and bright apartments with garden and terrace duplexes are ‎offered to the taste of housing buyers and sales continue rapidly. You should hurry before you ‎run out of the most suitable housing in the complex which includes houses as well as ‎commercial units.

    Why Are ‎Housing Projects Gaining Value?‎


    The province hosting many eye-catching housing projects has recently attracted the attention ‎of domestic and foreign homebuyers in Turkey. ‎ Apart from the architectural structure and ‎location features of the houses, the rapidly developing status of the region is also another ‎determinant. The city is the third most-developed city in terms of industry in Turkey.‎

    You may have many more reasons to buy an apartment in the province that stands out with ‎its industrial and natural beauties, after Istanbul and Bursa. The city has geopolitical ‎importance in terms of the real estate sector for Turkey. Because it has coasts on both ‎Marmara and the Black Sea. The reasons for buying a house in the city which has 13 districts ‎are countless.‎

    Housing Projects Have an Annual Value Increase of 3.72%!‎


    If we examine the mixed-use housing project prices in the region, the price increase rate of the housing projects ‎for sale during the year is determined as 3.72%. The average interior dwelling width is ‎determined as approximately 120 m2. Besides, if you intend to invest in housing in Istanbul, ‎the city offers unique opportunities for your housing investment with its rapidly increasing ‎value. The city is recommended if you intend to gain large volume gains in the long term. ‎With its close location to the most important industrial and commercial zones, the mixed-use housing project may ‎be the right choice for your investment close to Istanbul!‎

    Where is This Project?‎


    We explained the mixed-use housing project and the region. So, where is this project?‎

    E-5 Highway                             : 12 min – 7 km
    TEM Highway                            : 15min  – 3.5 km
    Sabiha Gokcen Airport     : 20 min – 20 km
    Osmangazi Bridge               : 15 min – 15 km
    Gebze OSB (Organized Industrial Zone) : 6 min – 4 km
    Tuzla OSB (Organized Industrial Zone)   : 12 min – 8 km

    Mixed-use housing project making a tremendous impact with the unique location is rising at the most ‎important transition and link point. Away from the chaos of city life, it provides the ‎opportunity to reach Turkey’s most important locations by the link roads! If you ‎work in the region, plan to start a business or want to evaluate investment opportunities, the ‎project is the key! Also, let’s mention the view of the sea and nature, one of the most ‎important details that add value to the project…‎

    Mixed-Use Housing Project Draws the Attention of Adrenaline Sports Enthusiasts!‎


    Mixed-use housing project adds a new one to its facilities with its location without slowing down! It stands ‎out as a dream-like project for investors who want to live close to industrial or ‎commercial areas, as well as adrenaline sports enthusiasts.‎

    Would you like to find paragliding, camping and trekking areas just minutes away from your ‎home without leaving the city? Or a boat ride… The areas that are only minutes away from ‎your home have started the countdown to open the doors to a life full of glamour. ‎

    Equal Female and Male Ratio in the Region!‎

    population-analysis-zone (1)

    Another detail you need to know before purchasing a house from the mixed-use housing project is the population ‎data of the region. If you aim to buy a house in the third most crowded city in Turkey and ‎want to know more about the region you will invest in… The population analysis will be the ‎best solution. With 1.906.000 people, the province has a high investment value in Turkey. If ‎we examine their demographic characteristics briefly, we can say that the ratio of men and ‎women is equal. The middle age group is dominant in the region, it has a young population of ‎‎38.7%. The remaining part consists of the elderly population.‎

    Mixed-use Housing Project Introducing the New Generation Housing Concept!‎


    Mixed-use housing project rises in a large area of 35.000 m2 part from the location features, the project is ‎riveting with its large project area. Drawing attention to its special landscape, the project is ‎the center of attention with its 450 m² indoor pool and 1.500 m² outdoor pool as well as cafés, ‎terraces and social areas located around 1.000 m² of a lake. The 100 m high waterfall is the ‎other outstanding detail of the project!‎

    The project which can be described as a new generation housing project stands out with its ‎social areas. It adds a different dimension to residential projects with its 500 m² amphitheater ‎area, bringing a fresh breath!‎

    The project is in the limelight with its close location to tourism and recreation areas. The project ‎offers the opportunity to reach the regions valuable for tourism in minutes, it attracts the ‎attention of housing buyers.‎

    ‎(You can contact us to get more information about the project here)‎